And Now, Another Crisis

May 31, 2006

From Neo-neocon, a look into an escalating crisis.

And now–quelle horreur!–I read that petite clothing sizes may be in jeopardy. Yes, three stores–Neiman-Marcus, Saks, and Bloomingdale's–have suddenly and simultaneously eliminated their petite departments.

That's right- there are changes at the department stores taking place in the dead of night, right under our noses- and Neo is calling for all petite women to stand together, in solidarity (you can take May Day away from the girl but you can't take the girl away from May Day).

In the interests of full disclosure, SC&A must admit that the gravity of the tragedy that has befallen Neo, escapes us. That said, we are sensitive enough to realize her pain is real- notwithstanding our own obtuseness. 

So that we may better 'share' with Neo her 'feelings,' we are attempting to equate the crisis she is experiencing with a past crisis of our own.

To that end, we can say we can relate. SC&A have been in mourning Samuel Adams refused to make their White Ale a part of their year round offerings.

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3 Responses to “And Now, Another Crisis”

  1. expat Says:

    I didn’t expect your lack of sympathy on this. It’s a question of keeping clothes buying in the right perspective to the rest of your life. When you learn that a few stores carry lines of clothing that appeal to your needs and tastes and also fit, you can simplify your life and spend your time writing blogs to enlighten us as Neo-neocon does. But when you have to do the Mall of America from top to bottom to get a new jacket with darts that hit at the waist rather than the hips, you get frustrated. It’s really a mental health thing, and in a country that offers upteen flavors of coffee on every corner, is it to much to want a jacket that fits? OK, it’s a girl thing. Have pity on us.

  2. SC&A Says:

    I’m trying. Really, I am.

  3. smmtheory Says:

    Having lived with a petite person for 29 years I think I know how to put it into perspective for you SC&A. Imagine shopping for a pair of pants and being able to find pants that fit you in the waist, but all those pants have legs that are 4 to 5 inches too long. Why are all the pant legs too long? Well, because you’re you know, suppose to be 4 inches taller, eh?

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