There isn’t much that might divert our attention away from the unfolding drama in the Middle East.

Then, we read this:

The idea of wanting attention and accolades for doing nothing more than offering another vantage point sickens me, and serves to highlight just how one-dimensional and pseudo-fascist much of our social discourse has become in an era of political correctness and special interest tyranny.

Rasky’s post is relevant, topical and on the money. Read it, here.

We’ll have more to say tomorrow.

So the UN and the EU believe the Israeli response to the Palestinian and Lebanese is ‘disproportianate’?

To that, we say poppycock!!

Where are the rules for a ‘appropriate’ response written? What exactly is the appropriate response to regimes that pose an existential threat to a free society?

How dare the Europeans, after the Holocaust, deny Jews the right defend themselves with all the might they can muster? How dare the French, with the history of the collaborator Vichy Government, tell the Israelis what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to their well being? How dare they lecture Israel!

In France, Jews have been targeted for violence and have been killed, even as the French government allows extremists to preach hate, bigotry and violence from religious pulpits and stae supported religious schools. Notwithstanding the French government’s feigned pain and indignation at the growing violence directed at Jews, the Rabbis in France have told Jews not to wear identifying clothing and head coverings. That is the painful reality. While it is clear threat to French Jews is very real, it is equally as clear that the French response has been less than stellar.

The Russian response is not as surprising. From Stalin’s ‘Doctors Plot to the gulag, Jews have always been the target of modern Russia. Old habits die hard, it seems.

Israel has every right to defend herself every way she sees fit. It isn’t as if Europe has a great track record of defending Jews. As Jews were trying to leave Germany prior to the war, European countries blocked their borders to increased immigration. The Swiss were kind enough to send them back to Germany. Undoubtably, the EU member states (and America and Canada) have forgotten their own shameful behavior that allowed for the death of uncounted souls.

Day in and day out, for decades, the Israelis and Jews are bombarded with vicious and vile hate from the Arab world. Day in and day out, Israel is promised destruction, violations of the most heinous kind and ‘rivers of blood.’ We are told that thousands of volunteers are ready to bring mayhem and violence to the Israelis.

The UN is up in arms as the Israelis bomb empty building and runways. No word from the UN on the ongoing rapes and slaughter in Darfur by the Arab Janjaweed. That’s no real surprise. The UN didn’t care when a million were killed in Rwanda, either.

Europe and the UN have no business talking about ‘restraint’ and ‘disproportionate’ responses.
Here’s a reality pill: The Israelis have been remarkably restrained.

The Palestinians and Hizbollah wanted to play. Now, they will have to pay.

As in the previous post, this post will offer further insight and clarification into the Middle East Realpolitik.

We will continue to post throughout the day. Hugh Hewitt and Euphoric Reality offer up realtime updates of events as they happen.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Everyday, we are inundated with a barrage of news of pictures, so perfectly edited and contrived, that we believe we instinctively know how to react and how to emote. We see beyond the pictures, or so we think. We are led to believe that we are able to comprehend the issues that surround the photos and film with great certainty and sureness.

Of course, nothing is further from the truth. News is no longer an honorable profession, it has it’s own agenda. We think of news as slanted to either the Right or the Left- and if the news is actually reported accurately, someone is there to tell us it’s really biased.

Some politicians, like news anchors, think a few glib words and catchphrases can provide the answers, or can reduce issues of the day to a simplistic slogans and ideas. Certainly political correctness has a hand in mitigating the truth.

SC&A will address the reality of of the challenge of our times, (Radical) Islam and the impact it is having on our lives. There are no pictures, no videos and we will not quote any news reports. No filters, no airbrushing.

We will present a snapshot in time- realtime. As the current situation in the Middle East escalates, we will allow for the and unadorened image of reality in the Middle East to emerge.

Notwithstanding the navel gazing and pontificating of a biased media, America and Israel are not the problem in the Islamic world. Despite what the nightly newscasts would have you believe and the Stalinesque ‘useful idiots’ that insist is the case.

Iraq and Iran fought a war that resulted in the death of over a million people, many of them children, used as fodder by the Iranians. What is happening in Darfur, the massacre of Christians and Animists by Muslim militia, was not brought on by America or Israel. It has been going for years and and over 2 million have been butchered.

In Algeria, the GIA did not rape and dismember thousands of children because of America or Israel. Saddam did not invade Kuwait, or threaten Saudi Arabia because of America or Israel.

Poison gas was used in Yemen, in the 1960′s. The perpetrator? Our friends, the Egyptians.

Universal laws no longer exist in the Arab world. What was once assumed to be understood as universal expressions of civilized behavior is no longer a reality in the Arab world.

The civilized world understands the rule of law. The ideals of human rights are meant for all, rights that include free speech, a free press, and the need for rules that cross borders and languages. The fact of the matter is that today, we face an enemy that that uses hospitals and schools to shield terrorists, and Houses of Worship are used as armories.

Children become a means, used human fodder, to throw in front of an enemy, as they are in Israel, for propaganda purposes as they shield gunmen, or they become disposable chattel, as they were in Beslan.

Beheadings and kidnappings are celebrated with equal fervor and joy. The mutilation of corpses takes place within view of frenzied, dancing mobs (one Israeli that was decapitated had his head used as a soccer ball and displayed on a table during on a Palestinian TV talk show. How civilized). Palestinian terrorists and rogue regimes are racing to develop weapons of mass destruction- and proudly announce their intent to use them.

The Nazis attempted to hide their evil and deny it. The Palestinians, including the newly elected Hamas government, can’t be bothered.

In plain view, they proudly pronounce their aims and intent. They want to destroy us Israel and kill as many Jews as possible. Officially appointed Palestinian government clerics reiterate those goals in mosques and on television. School curriculums educate from an early age, the Islamic destiny, to be fulfilled by a never ending Jihad. These aren’t matters of debate or issues up for discussion. They are facts.

In facing these realities, it is not enough to discuss them or even fully ‘understand’ them. They must be dealt with and in doing so, we must be prepared not only to ask the questions, but to answer them clearly and unequivocally.

Can the Israeli be expected to fully extend equal civil rights to those who’s stated aim is to destroy them? Should they be obligated to respect the sanctity of a Holy Shrine if it is being used to as a military base from which to shoot and bomb?

Should they target schools and hospitals used by terrorists? Should the Israelis refrain from searching women, knowing that terrorists have used pregnant women to smuggle explosives? Now that women have publicly volunteered and formed a brigade of wanna be suicide bombers, should the Israelis exercise restraint? In a time and place where ambulances are used to transport murderers and ammunition, can the excuse of ‘cultiral differences’ be considered adequate?

All these scenarios are examples of what the Israelis face, day in and day out. To be clear, it isn’t just the Israelis that face the collapse of universal laws in the 21st century. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan face the same challenges.

Desperation is not the magical elixir that makes weapons, explosives and rockets appear out of nowhere. Neither does despair turn a whole society into one that supports and rejoices at the death of innocents.

Africa has had centuries of despair, and there are no suicide bombers. Tibetans, long under China’s iron boot, have not resorted to suicide bombers. The same can be said for many societies living under cruel circumstances. Suicide bombers and those deliberately taget innocents are calculated, cold and vicious. They are cruel, well funded terrorists, with no regard to human life, including the life of their fellow countrymen.

These behaviors are taught. They do not come naturally or spontaneously. Terrorists leaders and their enablers- some in this country- however, care a great deal about themselves and are entirely focused on their own power, control and wealth. This is not, and has never been about a religious endeavor. It isn’t really about a political endeavor. It was and remains, the misuse of a religion- a calculated attempt to realign a religion to serve the needs of a few evil men. It is an effort that is succeeding, largely because of the backwardness of a people, and their willing, desperate search for an escape from their dark medieval prisons. As has often been repeated, there are no sons or daughters of Arab religious or political leaders to be found among the legions who claim to want to blow themselves and others up, in the name of Allah. The promise of heavenly sexual delights and pleasures apparently, is a message that does not get passed on to some.

The promise of the respect and recognition by a grateful Ummah, are also not enough to inspire the children of religious and political leaders in the region- or here. It is enough to send money or support the cause as loudly as possible, and to divert attention away from the reality. Those to whom the message is passed, are the easily influenced. The poverty stricken (the promise of money for the shahid’s family has been referred to more than once as a motivating factor), children or women somehow disgraced, are offered redemption instead of ‘honor killing.’

Terror organizations and terror supporters are using our own language to defeat us. Suicide bombers and terrorists are now ‘military factions,’ while those that plan and pay for the crimes are now referred to as ‘political factions’- as if patterning themselves after the IRA will somehow camouflage their identity and objectives. Ever dutifully, the media parrots these ridiculous assertions as credible. Unlike the murderous IRA, however, Palestinian objectives are the Trojan Horse. There are other objectives, more global and they will not recede after a military victory over Israel or the exodus of US troops from Iraq and the Gulf. Palestinian strings are being pulled by others that have paid the Palestinian ‘leaders’ a few pieces of silver. All the while, the Palestinians are made to suffer because their leadership sold them out.

We are still working on the premise that we in the west and the Israelis are somehow contributory to the problems of the Middle East. Well, here’s a reality pill. If there were free and democratic governments in the region, the problems they face would have been long since overcome. The problems remaion because those despots and tyrannical regimes want those problems to remain, to deflect attention away from their own evil.

We- and the Israelis- have allowed ourselves to be ‘dumbed down,’ in an attempt to negotiate a way out of an impossible situation.

Sooner or later, we’re going to have to deal with reality and deal with the problem clearly and substantively– and we’re not going to be able to talk our way out it. Until the Arab community deals with the reality that we and the Israelis and our support for Israel are not their biggest problem they face, they cannot possibly contribute or achieve their own salvation and redemption.

With each passing day, the distance between the Arab world and universal laws of decency and behavior, grows greater.

As tension in the Middle East escalates, SC&A have determined that we would offer a refresher course on the Middle East. Some of the material we will present may seem familiar, some of the material is new. We will be posting throughout the day. We want to extend our appreciation to Hugh Hewitt, for acknowledging our efforts. In addition to Mr Hewitt’s exhaustive roundup on the situation, Euphoric Reality serves as an excellent clearing house of links, opinion and insight (including our own!) on the rapidly developing situation. Part Two of An SC&A Refersher Course on The MIddle East can be found here.

This is important, folks.

As events unfold at breakneck speed, we are somewhat perturbed at how history is being ‘spun,’ so much so, that even the most basic of facts as they relate to the Middle East are being lost or rewritten by media pundits.

We will not attempt to opine on history or it’s after effects. We will only provide the facts as they are, all documented and verifiable.

In 1967, Egypt kicked out UN peacekeepers from the Sinai Peninsula. They massed troops on israel’s borders and threatened her destruction. Radio broadcasts at the time, monitored and recorded, exhorted Arab troops to an orgy of destruction, rivers of blood and rape- literally, saying these was Islamic destiny. Syria followed suit, massing borders on Israels northern flank. The Gulf of Aqaba was blockaded (an act of war in itself) and despite pleas from Israel to Jordan’s King Hussein, he too was to enter the fray.

In response, Israel called up it’s armed forces and reserves and on June 5, 1967, launched a preemptive strike against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. It was over in 6 days. By then, Israel has crossed the Suez Canal and had taken Gaza (Dayan said, “Give me 12 hours and I can be in Cairo.” Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed). Syria lost the Golan Heights (their soldiers were chained to their positions, literally) and Jordan lost the West Bank and Jerusalem. We’ll skip around a bit, time-wise.

Israel offered the land back, for peace, secure borders and mutual recognition. The Arab countries said no and ratified that ‘No’ in The Khartoum Declaration of 1968. There it was decided that violence would not cease until Israel and her inhabitants were destroyed. Their words, not ours.

Back to the time line. What Israel found in the West Bank and Jerusalem was appalling. Despite repeated promises and agreements, Jordan had never allowed Jews to their holy sites and Houses of Worship. There was a reason for that. Every single Jewish House of Worship was destroyed- all of them. The tombstones of the Mount Olives Cemetery, millennia old, were desecrated. Many were used to line latrines and as sewage conduits by the residents and the Arab occupants of Jerusalem. The area in front of the Wailing Wall, the most sacred of Jewish holy sites was a garbage dump, some 60 feet deep, by some estimates. Yes, there are photos and other documented evidence of these realities.

This should not be a surprise. Amin al Husseini, mentor to Yasser Arafat was an unabashed supporter of Hitler and the ‘Final Solution.’ He once bitterly complained that the Jews weren’t being killed fast enough. Ever the true believer, his most treasured possessions were the photographs he had taken with himself and the Fuhrer. For Husseini, it wasn’t only a theoretical exercise- he arranged for thousands of Muslim Bosnians to volunteer to serve the Reich. As an aside, Arafat on more than one occasion related his admiration for Husseini.

Much has been made of Israeli treatment of Palestinians, so let’s examine that. When the Israelis entered Jerusalem, they found the few Christian schools forced to teach the Quran. The found unreliable electricity, schooling (girls were forbidden to go to school), virtually no health care and a non existent economy. While we do not wish to get into lists, the Israelis provided to the Palestinians- the very ones who tried to destroy their ancient and proud history with deliberate malice- schools and universities, health care, sanitation, electricity, an economy and an infrastructure they had never known.

Don’t think the Palestinians don’t know it. Daniel Pipes has an interesting article called “The Hell of Israel is Better Than the Paradise of Arafat.” While some of you may not like Pipes, his piece is interesting and accurate.

In point of fact, the Israeli ‘occupation’ has been the most benign occupation in history.

Remember, the Israelis were willing to give all the land back for peace and hade made that offer for over 30 years. (which they did with Sadat of Egypt, and King Hussein of Jordan- who promptly turned over the West Bank to Arafat).

Palestinian terrorists are not the IRA. The IRA wanted a political settlement, the Palestinians see this as a religious fight, a Jihad to eliminate the ‘Jews.’ Weekly mosque sermons, some broadcast on ‘secular’ PA TV drive home that reality. They end with calls of ‘Itbach al Yahudi!’- ‘Slaughter the Jews!’ Often, followed up with calls to ‘Slaughter the Americans’ or ‘Slaughter the Kafirs! (non Muslims) Again, this all a matter of public record.

In age of destruction that is unparalleled in history, the Israelis have been remarkably restrained. If they really wanted to kill Palestinians, they have the firepower to do so. The Israelis would appear to be most inept when it comes to genocide.

The rest of the Arab world never gave a damn about the Palestinians in the past, and they don’t really care about them now. In Saudia Arabia, Imams talk about how it is incumbent on Muslims to rape and take as slaves, Jewish and Christian women and girls. Darfur is ignored as tens, if not hundreds of thousands die at the hands of the Janjaweed, the Arab militias- not before the women are raped as the Janjaweed women sing in joy.

For the most part, the Arab world had nothing to do with the Holocaust- yet every day, they attach themselves to it and worship the evil doers. They have the chance to take the moral high ground vis

The obsession with Israel as a moral failure is absurd. If it weren’t for the Israelis, the Palestinians would still be in the dark ages, without heath care, education or even sanitation. One has to ask oneself, what is the obsession with Israel all about? Well, if you say you don’t know, think again. At least be honest with yourself. A transparent sheet is still a sheet.

Further, let’s get real about who we are dealing with. The PA, past and present, rival the UN in it’s level of corruption. Arafat squirrerled away billions while Israelis provided health care. Since the Oslo Accords, the PA did not build one hospital or school- not one. They did however, manage to build a casino- for themselves.

Lastly, we are going to talk about the (in)famous settlements. Have you ever wondered why there were never any demonstrations against the building of the settlements? Can you imagine the PR value of a hundred little blue eyed school girls, sitting in the road, shaking in terror as they blocked bulldozers? The reason those images never materialized is because PA ministers own the construction companies that build the apartments. It’s been going on for years and only recently, has the matter been discussed in the Arab press. Sadly, ‘Cementgate,’ as it was called, is no longer on the Arab press agenda. Israeli settlements are being built by Palestinian companies, owned by PA ministers and big wigs- including Hamas bigshots. They are in no rush for a peace deal- the Israelis pay, other Arabs don’t.

The Arabs call the creation of the State of Israel the Naqbah, the ‘Catastrophe.’ As one Arab friend bitterly said, ‘The real

Lastly, but no means least, Shrinkwrapped highlights- and puts into perspective, exactly who it is the Palestinians consider heroes. Here is an excerpt:

I emphasized the joy and hatred in their voices for a reason. It is hard for anyone with normal sensibilities to comprehend how someone can feel joy and hatred while smashing in the head of a 4 year old child. What kind of pathology can cause a society to celebrate such evil? The myth of the poor, wretched Palestinians, driven to suicide bombings by despair, persists among the foolish of the West. For Palestinians, murderers are not wretched, they are heroes…

A Palestinian grade school teacher was interviewed on BBC radio this morning and the interviewer asked if perhaps it was a mistake to elect Hamas, considering the hardships the teacher was facing. He has five children, there is no food in his house, and he doesn’t know when he will be paid because the donor countries have cut off funding for the PA until Hamas gives up their dream of murdering Jews. His response was that Hamas represents the Palestinians highest aspirations; they are willing to give up their lives for freedom. Noble sentiments; however, the freedom they seek is the freedom to murder, not to build, and no one should mistake their goals.

The post is a must read.

As we noted yesterday,

We are all too willing to attach ‘root causes’ to immoral behavior and actions only after the bad acts and immoral behaviors. Before they occur, we are told the perpetrators are ‘just like us.’ Well, you can’t have it both ways. Either the perpetrators are ‘just like us’ or or they are dysfunctional. The Palestinians are either ‘just like us,’ people from whom we can expect civilized behavior, or they are dysfunctional. While poverty, child abuse and politics may influence a person or society, in the end, the ‘root cause’ of most ugly and immoral acts is an immoral character.

Welcome to the real world, ladies and gentlemen.


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