Pay Per View War, Taking Care Of Business And June 10, 1967 Redux

July 27, 2006

Pay per view changed the Saturday Night Fights forever. If we are going to pay top dollar to watch an exhibition of the ‘sweet science,’ we want the main event to go more than a round or two. If the fighters don’t ‘go the distance,’ we feel we’ve been snookered.

The same might be said for the ‘Just War’ being fought in the Middle East.

Fans on either side want to see a fight.

There is the perception that the Israelis are ‘facing stiff resistance’ and that Hizbollah fighters are ‘far more stubborn fighters,’ than anticipated.

Some pundits note that Israel is ‘fearful’ of a full scale ground invasion- afraid of a never ending ‘quagmire.’ Hizbollah fighters it is said, are offering up ‘fierce defence’ against a legendary foe. The Arab street takes pride in Hizbollah, so much so that they have come to believe that Hizbollah is acting as their proxy, heroic in battle and defending Arab ‘honor’ (which has come to mean not bleeding to death or successfully portraying oneself as a victim, crying on demand for the cameras. That actually occurred).

In fact, those perceptions serve Israel well.

As long as there is a perception (real or imagined) that the battle is more ‘equal’ than anticipated, there is a reluctance on the part of many Arab supporters of Hizbollah to demand a ceasefire. In fact, much of the Arab street encourages Hizbollah to continue it’s ‘heroic struggle.’ All the while, the Israeli armed forces are perfectly content to have things play out as they are. If the perception is the Hizbollah aren’t being steamrollered by the Israelis, well, so what if the ceasefire is delayed a few days?

The world has come to expect a different war kind of war from Israel- and not meeting those expectations serves Israel very well. While the media anticipated the Israelis to make a run for Beirut at 70 MPH, the Israelis threw them- and Hizbollah, a curve.

The Israelis learned that threatening Beirut will not rid that country of Hizbollah influence in the south. By leaving remnants of Hizbollah functional, the Israelis are now facing the very kind of opposition they naively hoped they might have avoided. Had the Israelis done to Hizbollah then what they are doing to them now, neither the Lebanese or the Israelis would  have to deal with current realities. Courtesy of Seraphic Secret, comes this map, indicating exactly where Israeli bombs have fallen. You’ll be more than a little surprised. Lebanon is not burning.

Hizbollah did not acquire thousands and thousands of rockets and missiles they never intended to use. Hizbollah’s struggle against Israel is not political in nature- It never was. Hizbollah sees the conflict with Israel as an existential one, having nothing to do with politics or borders. Indeed, Nasrallah, Fadlalah, et al, have made clear that the existence of Israel, with any borders, will not be tolerated. There was no pretense, no diplomatic dance. Hizbollah is not a government, any more than is Aq Qaeda.

We noted in a comment, that

…In fact, Hamas and Hizbollah miscalculated- they believed a low level, low grade assault on Israel would no provoke an Israeli response. They Israelis, they believed, would not upset and endanger their western sytle, middle class existence, by going to war.

They believed that Israel would allow herself to be consumed by the same kind of cancer that ruined Lebanon and that has deprived Palestinians of a state of their own… (as usual, SC&A were ahead of the curve)

Hizbollah and the Arab world are still behind the curve. The Israelis are not bogged down. This time, the Israelis understand that rather than go around their enemy on the way to to Beirut, they are going to go through Hizbollah. They are going to cut any Hizbollah forces they encounter, to ribbons.

This is very different than any war Israel has ever fought.

For example, the Israelis have surrounded a few villages in southern Lebanon. Hizbollah is claiming ‘resistance.’ In reality, the Israelis have rendered those Hizbollah members Hizbollah impotent in their ability to do Israel harm. The Israelis in turn, will wait them out- they aren’t going anywhere. In the past, they would have simply moved forward. This time, the Israelis will not leave until they have eradicated as much of Hizbollah as possible.

The Israelis could be in Beirut tomorrow, if they so desired. Unfortunately for Hizbollah, that is not on the Israeli agenda. Israel is more than happy to be ‘bogged down’ for the next two weeks, taking care of business.

At the end of the 1967 Six Day War, the Arab world was stunned to find out they had lost. Arab media had been broadcasting breathless reports to a joyous Arab world of Tel Aviv under attack and falling, Haifa burning and Jerusalem Juderein once and for all.

Of course, none of it was true. The Israelis had crossed the Suez Canal, Syria lost the Golan Heights and Jordan said good bye to the West Bank and it’s illegal hold on Jerusalem.

When this war ends, it will be ‘

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2 Responses to “Pay Per View War, Taking Care Of Business And June 10, 1967 Redux”

  1. Bilgeman Says:


    “The Israelis could be in Beirut tomorrow, if they so desired. Unfortunately for Hizbollah, that is not on the Israeli agenda. Israel is more than happy to be ‘bogged down’ for the next two weeks, taking care of business.”

    I have to disagree with you here. If Israel really wanted to take care of business, they would be heading for Damascus.

    And if we were hip n’ down with the GWOT, we would meet the IDF there.

    But all that aside, oh to be in the international arms sales biz…

    Whattaya wanna bet that the Druze and the Phalangists are re-arming?

    Methinks that as soon as the Israelis are done smiting the Hizbollah mightily, it’ll then be time to settle some accounts in the Lebanese ‘hood?


  2. SC&A Says:

    You are re taking care of business, in Damascus.

    If the Phalange rearm, woe unto Hizbollah.

    If the Druze rearm, woe unto Hizbollah.

    Walid Jumblat knopws just how far he can push- and that means he won’t take on the Israelis.

    There’s business to be had

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