Qana’s Tragic Karma

July 30, 2006

The events at Qana this morning are nothing less than tragic. About 50 civilians, many of them children, were killed by an Israeli missile.

The magnitude of the tragedy at Qana is magnified by the reality that it was an event that need not have happened.

Still, the images being broadcast won’t go away. The Israelis, as has been noted, have lost the PR war. That is nothing new. The Israelis have been at the short of the media stick for decades. In a way, that has worked in Israel’s favor, because they do not have to overly concern themselves with an endeavor they cannot win.

Notwithstanding that, Israel has the ‘goods.’ There are videos from drones that show Hizbollah rocket launchers adjacent to civilian occupied buildings.

In fact, the missile that knocked down the apartment building today did not actually hit the building- it landed adjacent to the building. Hizbollah fire missiles from mobile rocket launchers- in this instance, those launchers we set up less than 30 yards from the building that was hit.

Hizbollah, Hamas and like  Saddam not so long ago, all have a long history of shielding themselves behind civilians- women, children, mosques and hospitals. Hezbollah bases itself in residential areas, places arms depots in urban areas, and has missile launch sites that are backyards- literally.

Hizbollah is not the noble, long suffering Arab ‘victim.’  Nor is Hizbollah a political, social or military organization. From it’s inception, the principles that the organizations claim to follow, are religious. The Hizbollah political, social or military ideologies are an extension of what they claim to be religious principles. It is important to understand that the schools and social services provided by Hezbollah first and foremost serve to promote and expand Hizbollah ideology. Simply stated, that is like the Nazi Party establishing schools, nurseries and providing other services. Hizbollah, like Hamas, have never bothered to hide their bigotry, hatred and racist ideologies.

Further, Hizbollah is not an organization of guerrillas- they are terrorists. Guerrillas are irregular soldiers- that is, not a part of a regular army, fighting against an opposing army. For decades, the vast majority of Hizbollah ‘operations’ have been directed at civilians. That makes them terrorists.

Clearly, any negotiations with a terror organization are a waste of time. They are not bound by the same rules and regulations that govern civilized society. Hezbollah actions, stated ideologies and long held beliefs, undermine every Hizbollah claim to legitimacy.

Despite their political influence, Hizbollah refuses to identify itself as a political entity, in the same way as other legitimate political organizations. Instead, Hizbollah continues to define itself, by actions and words, as a terrorist organization. By definition, terrorist organization are not bound by civilized convention and the established rule of law. By definition, terrorist organizations operate outside those conventions and outside the rule of law.

Qana’s bad karma proved one thing: much of the Arab world remains deluded by the serenades that equate terror and slaughter to dignity. In the end, after after the smoke clears and the bluster and concocted hysteria of the day dies down, the Lebanese, Hizbollah and the Palestinians will have learned two very important lessons.

First, neither Israel or the western world will tolerate another Arafat like era- 40 years of no movement and doublespeak leading to more hostilities, all designed to preserve te status quo. The west will not tolerate billions upon billions of dollars in aid, to be sucked up by corrupt regimes. Those days are over.

Secondly, Hizbollah and the Palestinians have learned that there are consequences to bad behavior and from now on, there will be accountability. Playtime is over.

Time to grow up.

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11 Responses to “Qana’s Tragic Karma”

  1. charlotte Says:

    I’d like to share your optimism, but if history is any guide, the Lebanese, Hizbollah and Palestinians will be reinforced in their belief that the West is evil and Jihad is the answer. The Levant is a violent paranoid. Violent paranoid individuals are medicated or interned. You cannot do that with a whole region of the world. The West is similarly deluded into thinking that being nice and helping violent paranoids will make them realize the error of their way and amend. Simply put, I do not see any solution to that problem. I just hope that the moral clarity we see in (some parts, including you, SC&A) of the blogosphere gets to influence politicians for effectively cutting these billions and billions of aid to people that would be happy to see us dead.

  2. SC&A Says:

    Charlotte, I’m less optomistic than I am realistic.

    Neither the west nor Israel will tolerate the situation to go on as is.

    The Arab world, including the Palestinians, will have to decide which side of history they want to be on.

    Remember, everything comes and goes in cycles- everything.

  3. Bilgeman Says:


    “The events at Qana this morning are nothing less than tragic. About 50 civilians, many of them children, were killed by an Israeli missile.”

    Nope, they weren’t killed by an Israeli missile. They were killed by the Hizbollah firing Katyushas at Israel from their front yard.

    They were being used by Hizbollah as human shields, and they fulfilled that function EXACTLY as Hizbollah intended.

    There is NOTHING tragic about it.

    If you support and vote in a band of terrorists, it’s no different than if you support and vote in a party of Nazis.

    You die squashed like a bug in your own cellar.

    Your unwise decisions can have fatal consequences.

    They would do well to remember that the next time they mob together to chant “Death To Israel” and/or “Death to America”.

    What they are really chanting for is their own deaths.

    I have as little sympathy for the dead of Qana as I do for the dead from the fire-bombings of Hamburg or Tokyo.

    And if any of you think that THEY would have ANY compassion for US if the situation was reversed, I’d refer you to her:

    …remember her? Remember when you saw her face?

    If I was the IAF commander, i’d have hit that collapsed building with a napalm strike…make sure any Hizbollah trapped inside were roasted alive.


  4. MaxedOutMama Says:

    Even necessary tragedies remain tragic. As for the rest, I agree with Bilgeman. Hezbollah killed these people. The Israelis told them to get out beforehand. I have heard reports that Hezbollah is preventing evacuations.

    The world should get up and tell the truth, or more such tragedies are inevitable.

    By the way, the Israeli strategy of trying to warn the people in the areas first is backfiring on them. Hezbollah has enough time to pull out the launchers first. The Israelis are going to have to stop it.

    But we should remember that many of these people ARE innocent – Hezbollah is a gang of thugs, and they have used intimidation and threats to get their way. The only recourse for the Lebanese is a civil war. However, if we claim that Israel is wrong because some innocent people are being killed, then we should first apologize to the world for our part in WWII, and I’m not going to do that.

  5. SC&A Says:

    MOM- you and Bilge are both right, of course. That said, as I noted, it was an event that need not have happened.

    That is the tragedy.

  6. Bilgeman Says:


    Sez MOM:

    “But we should remember that many of these people ARE innocent ”

    That is what makes war such a profane endeavor. That the innocent must suffer.

    Sez SCA:

    “That said, as I noted, it was an event that need not have happened.”

    Is war always avoidable?

    Judging by our species’ history, it is within our nature.

    And isn’t one of the paths to ending up on your professional couch is to deny that which we are?

    “That is the tragedy.”


  7. SC&A Says:

    War is indeed, a part of human nature- and as you note so is profanity.

    Also, any war becomes immoral the momemt the first innocent dies. That said, that does not mean a war cannot be a ‘just war.’

    Wars that endeavor to defeat tyranny- real tyranny- are just wars.

  8. Bilgeman Says:


    “That said, that does not mean a war cannot be a ‘just war.’”

    Then is it really war?

    “any war becomes immoral the momemt the first innocent dies”

    Then there are no “just” wars.

    If one judges a war to be “just”, then those who support and aid the “unjust” side are they not then “unjust” as well?

    And can the “unjust” also be “innocent”?

    (One of the things I like about being a seaman, it’s a fairly “clean” sort of warfare out on the water, although not always).

    It’s kind of like when people get all twisted up about “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    The only definition I could give for a punishment that was NOT “cruel and unusual” would be a “reward”.


  9. SC&A Says:

    WW2 was a just war- and plenty of innocents died.

    What determines a ‘just war’ is the nature of the enemy. Som,e wars are political in origin, some religious and some wars are a matter of good vs evil.

    This is one such war.

  10. Bilgeman Says:


    “What determines a ‘just war’ is the nature of the enemy. Som,e wars are political in origin, some religious and some wars are a matter of good vs evil.

    This is one such war.”

    I disagree.

    If that was indeed the case, than why would Qana specifically be a “tragedy”?

    All war is a tragedy, and I would impute no ethics or morality upon it…no more so than we would impute motives to weather.

    It is what it is.

    And what it is is “Us against Them”.

    Nothing more and nothing less than that.

    Trying to weld morality onto it will drive you nuts, Sig.



  11. SC&A Says:

    Fair enough.

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