SC&A Go To War: Here Comes The Artillery

August 1, 2006

Israel has lost the war in Lebanon. The south of that country has been reduced to cement dust, half of that country’s infrastructure is a memory and parts of the area south of Beirut look like a moonscape, but hey, if Hizbollah says Israel has lost the war, it must be so. Hizbollah has always had Lebanon’s best interests in mind, right? Look for the Israeli government to insist on losing as may wars as they can, in the future.

Israel has won the war in Lebanon, according to others. Of course, Israel has to explain how ruining the southern Lebanese sewage system will contribute to peace and security in the future and they will also have to explain how they support the delicate Lebanese democracy- and insist on explaining that support with a hammer. To reiterate, ridding Lebanon of the Hizbollah pigs (and make no mistake, that is what they are) will take the finesse of a shrewdly played political chess game. In the entire history of chess, no game has ever been won with a bulldozer.

In the civilized world, putting a child in harms way means the child might run out into the street. In southern Lebanon, and in the world that is Hizbollah, that means putting your child in proximity to artillery or rocket launchers. There is no explaining that, no excusing that and no apologizing for that. The people who do that (including wailing, fat grandmothers, are equally guilty of murder in the death of children) are degenerates who need to have their children taken away from them
The war in Lebanon is not the problem. What happened before the war in Lebanon is the problem. No country, not even Israel, needs to tolerate terrorism. Hizbollah is a terrorist organization. Any group that calls for the annihilation of another group of people, are terrorists. If that makes you uncomfortable, then we can refer to Hizbollah as Nazis.

They were elected in free and fair elections you say? So what.

National political parties and social service agencies do not have offensive weapons. National defence falls under the purview of a national government, not terror/Nazi organizations. National political parties and social service agencies do not attack third parties or countries they do not like.

National political parties and social service agencies are not organizations that should be controlled by outside regimes.

National political parties and social service agencies that insist they are humanitarian in nature and are victims of cruel aggressor that want to disarm them, cannot be trusted or taken at their word. Why? Because When political parties are led by or are under the influence of racists, bigots and tyrants- religious or otherwise- attempt to justify their actions, we can rightly assume that justification is false. Racists, bigots and tyrants do not make moral choices, because moral choices can only lead to the demise of their racism, bigotry and tyranny.

National political parties and social service agencies like Hizbollah, that want to be considered moral equals to with those in the western world, cannot preach and teach hate. Hizbollah makes no effort to hide it’s bigoted and racist agenda. In fact, Hizbollah is no different than the Ku Klux Klan and other racist organizations.None whatsoever.
Israel needs to understand that much of the Arab world is held hostage by Arab regime bigots and tyrants. While it is tempting to plaster the Arab world with one brushstroke, it is unfair and irresponsible. Notwithstanding the idiots who defend, support and otherwise stand up for these bigots, racists and tyrants, Israel has a moral and biblical obligation to ‘not surround the enemy on 4 sides,’ but rather, must allow those who wish to leave, the opportunity to do just that and to be recognized.

To be a ‘lamp unto the nations’ is no easy business.

The Arab world ought to be ashamed of itself! A once great nation, is now reduced to far too many supporting and identifying with the most dysfunctional regimes and leaders in the world.
Shame on you for supporting the likes of Nasrallah and Bashar Assad!

Shame on you for attempting to mitigate the likes of bin Laden, Zawahiri and Zarqawi!

Shame on you for allowing your kids to venerate these murderers!

Now, some of you will say our criticism of Israel and the Arab world is not equal in measure. You are right. Our criticism would be equal if the problems were equal. Only an idiot would say the problems are equal.

If the Arab world were on 1/3 as successful as Israel, they would not be languishing in the 19th century, dreaming about the 12th century.
What kind of stupidity does it take to insist that a war go on, so that ‘honor’ can be preserved? What ‘honor’? Where is the ‘honor’ in insisting more innocents die so Hassan Nasrallah can declare ‘victory’ from some cave, overlooking the destruction and cement dust? What kind of perversity is that insists that babies who die needlessly are ‘martyrs’- and therefore absolves those who caused children to be put in harms way to begin with.

Suicide bombers go off to kill women and children- and are told to celebrate ‘with the joy of a wedding.’

The Arab world, is desperate to deny the Holocaust, because whoever does declare Auschwitz as a myth, can successfully transform Jews into the enemy of mankind, manipulators of history to serve their own end. The Jews control the media, the Jews control the banks and the Jews control the universities.
That explains why the Arab world is in the fix it is. Every Jew- and ‘Crusader’ wakes up every day and makes his priority the subjugation of Arabs. Jews and Christians don’t care about their jobs, their children, their businesses or anything else. That is what passes for reality in the Arab world. All the while, decent, hardworking Arabs and Muslims, suffer because of the stupidity and phony religious self righteousness of others.

Anyone who defends the Arab world status quo, is defending bigotry, racism, corruption and tyranny. Anyone who defends those things are not moral equals to the Israelis or any other free nation.

Defending the status quo is defending this (translation of Lebanese website, courtesy of Fausta)

Hezbollah . . . put in place a Machiavelian plan by creating an event that would cancel the [deployment of the Lebanese army to South Lebananon, which would disarm the militia of the party of God]. Knowing very well that Israel will not have a state of heart to bombard civil targets, Hezbollan militants of Hezbollah installed rocket launchers on the roof of a building in Cana and brought in crippled children with the firm intention of creating a new situation, using the massacre of these innocent to take again the initiative of the negotiations.

Words cannot express the revulsion.

One cannot claim to defend democracy and defend the Arab regimes, aims and agenda at the same time. They are antithetical to each other.

Democracy does not have to justify itself. The west does not have to convince anyone that as imperfect as it might be, democracy is still the preferred mode of government- and in any event, far superior to the governments of any Arab regime. Those who refuse to understand, acknowledge or accept that truth, are engaged in deceit and nothing more.

SC&A have long defended Arab and Islamic interests, and we will continue to do so, vigorously. We will not defend, however, those ideologies and behaviors that have brought about the ruin of a nation.

We will have more to say, later. We realize that some foolhardy armchair jihadi will attempt to justify stupidity- and begin by saying there is a war against Muslims and Islam. As it happens, Democracies Don’t Care about Islam or anything else you believe in.

We love when that happens.

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