SC&A Unload Again: So It’s Only Anti Semitic If You’re Drunk?

August 2, 2006

The deep divide between reality and insanity grows ever deeper. We want to pick up where we left off.

Liberal pundits, having failed to depose George Bush, have set their sights on a lesser and easier target- Mel Gibson. His moronic, drunken anti Semitic tirade is apparently the cause for much concern and chest beating. Never mind that Gibson was drunk- and like most drunks, who at one time or another, say things they regret. Never mind that even in his drunken stupor, Mr Gibson never threatened anyone- unlike the hordes that have threatened the President and others who disagree with them, with death when sober, and never mind that the Liberal pundits ignore and are less concerned with blatant and deliberate anti Semitism that has become mainstream in much of the European and American academic and media community.

The real problem is Mel Gibson.

Never mind the blatant anti Semitism that emanates from the Arab world. We are told to believe that represents nothing more than a ‘differing worldview.’
Well, listen up. The societies in which 100 million women have suffered FGM, abuse women and children, and continue to engage in behavior that is nothing short of murderous and barbaric (acid attacks on women, gang rape, honor killings, violence directed at religious minorities), is a failed and dysfunctional society. A culture and society that has those done nothing or little to eradicate those behaviors, has no credibility or ‘differing world views’ when it comes to Jews and Israel.

Arab opinions on civilized society, Jews or Israel are like opinions on what is pornography, culled from a society of sexual deviants.

If Mel Gibson’s stupid, drunken anti Semitic remarks are of such concern, why aren’t the vile and repugnant anti Semitic ideologies and theologies of the Arab world aren’t addressed? What makes rabid and vicious anti Semitism from the Arab world, so much more acceptable? Is it because that kind of anti Semitism is deliberate?

Here’s another thought: There was a time when if a child misbehaved, an entire neighborhood would keep that child in line. How a child behaved was the neighborhood’s business, because it reflected on the neighborhood. We wrote,

…most immigrants have always been ashamed of their criminal classes- and in fact, went out of their way to be better than average. They had something to prove. That’s why Irish beat cops beat the crap out of little red headed boys that stole apples. The cop didn’t really care about the kids. He cared that the kid’s mother and family would be ashamed. The Irish weren’t all shanty, you know. Italian family females were more formidable than most weapons of mass destruction. There was a mother, grandmother, aunt or cousin to keep you in line- and they didn’t have to be related to you. Success in Little Italy was a community event. Jewish immigrant parents made sure it was understood that primary education ended with a Bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree was OK, but a doctorate was preferable. If you weren’t so inclined, that was OK, too. It didn’t matter if mama died a few years early, of grief.

Every success was a neighborhood and community success and every failure was a neighborhood and community failure. Why? Because we cared about each other and we knew the difference between right and wrong.

Can anyone imagine an Italian or Polish kid that might bring rockets or weapons into the neighborhood, with the deliberate intent of hurting innocents? Every Mama, Babcha and every male would drop what they were doing to beat the living hell out of that kid.

Well, not so in the Arab world. It is clear they are proud of their criminal class. If the Arab world is willing to stand by, shield and support their criminal classes, they ought not be surprised if they get caught in the the crossfire.

It not ‘collective punishment’ when communities that have offered criminals safe shelter and passage are targeted for their complicity, any more than the get away driver is not guilty of bank robbery. That get away driver is as guilty as the gang member that pointed the gun in the tellers face. There are no special rules for those who commit crimes in the name of ‘slaughtering Jews.’

Mel Gibson isn’t the problem. In fact, every Jew, Israeli, American and citizen of every civilized country, wish he were the problem. The liberal pundits and MSM however, don’t want you to see that.

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3 Responses to “SC&A Unload Again: So It’s Only Anti Semitic If You’re Drunk?”

  1. March Hare Says:

    My thoughts on the Mel Gibson affair:

    And speaking to your point about communities, sticking together, and discipline, that’s part of the great subtext in the movie “Cinderella Man.” Even though the family is starving, the father makes his son take the salami back to the butcher. In another scene, the parish is celebrating the birthdays of all the kids born during a particular month. One dad shows up drunk and starts beating his wife. The other men step in and stop him, while the women take care of the wife and comfort the frightened children. Thus are the rules of civilization enforced–even when dad is a professional boxer.

    A great and thoroughly underrated movie, IMHO!

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