‘Unter-menschen,’ The Left And The Cameras Are Rolling

August 4, 2006

We received some email concerning our post, Useless Ceasefires And The Tragedy Of The Unter-Menschen, most of which rejected our idea out of hand – and in every case but one, the strongest argument rejecting our thesis was the threat of bodily harm. Of course, those letters were the equivalent of Ed McMahon showing up at our doorstep.

We noted that

In the Arab world, hatred of Jews is taught, encouraged and rewarded- and that is why a ceasefire is meaningless. The hate, racism and radicalization of Arabs is nothing more than basic training for the next generation of terrorists. The deliberate and concerted effort to make anti Semitism a fundamental and basic tenet of Arab identity is a sickness- a deliberate attempt by dysfunctional political and religious leaders to create a lesser person, someone incapable of thinking for themselves and incapable of controlling their own destiny…

Adolph Hitler wanted to create the uber-mensch- the ’super-man.’ It is becoming more and more apparent that the Arab world has deliberately set out to create the unter mensch- the ‘lesser-man’.

Only profound differences in morality can explain Arab world rejection of all the tenets that makeup what is civilized society. Satellite TV and the Internet bring the world into Arab living rooms and still, the basic tenets of freedom are rejected in favor of more vile and bigoted expressions, much of it couched in religious terms.

With astonoshing brazeness, the Arab world sees itself not only as equals to the rest of the civilized world, but as superior.

While western liberals espouse moral relativism, the Arab world makes no secret of it’s racist ideologies. In unison, western liberals have adopted and accepted much of the Arab world ideologies, because the Arabs present themselves as victims- and that negates and camouflages their stated agenda. In fact, that is the equivalent of the leftist community picking up the cause of the Ku Klux Klan, because the KKK present themselves as ‘misunderstood’ and as ‘victims’ of the Southern Poverty Law Center. To the Klan, Maurice Dees is Ariel Sharon, a vile figure that prevented them from implementing their promised rain of death.

(Of course, the left would never admit to that truth, here. That said, they are perfectly happy to ignore the deaths of millions of blacks in Africa. They can’t be bothered with the death of a few million blacks when they can go after Jews. It’s all about priorities. Political outrage and supporting Ned Lamont are more important than a few dead blacks. If there are blacks that say otherwise, the left will to them as ‘Uncle Tom’s’ or ‘uppity niggers’- the same language used to describe Clarence Thomas and Condaleeza Rice)
Human Rights Watch declares Israel guilty of ‘war crimes’- and that pushes the deaths and ongoing rapes in Darfur off the table. The 2,000,000 dead in Sudan over the last two decades are forgotten, like those 800,000 lost souls in Rwanda. Why? Because the ‘unter-mensch’ DNA has become a part of the left wing ideology. Like the Arabs, the left believes some lives are worth more than others- and others, less.
Like the Nazis before them, the left sees the victims in Darfur, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Algeria and a host of other places, as no more than the sad but necessary elimination of ‘undesirables,’ the mentally ill, the physically handicapped and other ‘anomalies.’ There can be no other explanation. If the left cared, they would have moved heaven and earth, to come to the aid of those victims as they do for the Palestinian and Arab world, causes that represent nowhere the tragedies mentioned. Instead, the left gave those issues a bit of lip service, but no more. The left cannot be bothered with the victims of genocide.

That the left are not even ashamed of their open disregard for the victims of some of the greatest genocides of our times, is proof positive of the moral decay that is the hallmark of the ‘unter-mensch.’ That the left have openly come to view the same kind of open and visceral hate that has become the defining ideology of the Arab world, as an appropriate expression of their ideologies, speaks louder than their deceit. They have come to support the morals and values of the ‘unter-mensch’- and do so with pride.

Inevitably, there will be some useless votes at the UN, in support of this or in condemnation of that. Some will call it a showdown between Europe and America, but in fact, the upcoming United votes will be about much more than that.

The world will watch as hands will be raised high in support of freedom and morality or outstretched in support of the agenda of the ‘unter-menschen’ and darkness.

The cameras will be rolling.

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  1. sandra mahmoodi Says:

    we are target of racism in reedley california near fresno my mexican neighbors hate us because we are iranian they attampted to kill us twice but failed police wont do nothing about it i sent a letter to city they never read my letter we are denied our basic right as citizens of usa what a hel is going down here/

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