High Tech Taqqiyah

August 6, 2006

See Rusty Shackleford and Dan Riehl (Scroll down from the top, here. Dan has a whole series of posts, on what appears to be clear evidence of photo tampering.

Beth is all over the story as well. She has a great track record of aggregating the important sources. She’s also sublime in her commentary. Scroll down, spend some time.
As we have noted in Useless Ceasefires And The Tragedy Of The Unter-Menschen,

In the Arab world, hatred of Jews is taught, encouraged and rewarded- and that is why a ceasefire is meaningless. The hate, racism and radicalization of Arabs is nothing more than basic training for the next generation of terrorists. The deliberate and concerted effort to make anti Semitism a fundamental and basic tenet of Arab identity is a sickness- a deliberate attempt by dysfunctional political and religious leaders to create a lesser person, someone incapable of thinking for themselves and incapable of controlling their own destiny. These regimes, use religion to create a citizen they can easily control and manipulate.
Adolph Hitler wanted to create the uber-mensch- the ’super-man.’ It is becoming more and more apparent that the Arab world has deliberately set out to create the unter mensch- the ‘lesser-man…

Western values cannot comprehend a hatred profound that truth becomes subordinate. We have seen that only in the most extreme and oppressive regimes, from Hitler, to Pol Pot and the like.

That the Arab world (victims of some of the most repressive and tyrannical leaders in the world) finds it necessary to engage in deceit and lies to bolster an invented cause, speaks volumes about just how deeply the dysfunction of the Arab world runs. Arab nations, engaging in mass deceit, is like the related mass denial, a sad psychopathogy.

We also noted,

Only profound differences in morality can explain Arab world rejection of all the tenets that makeup what is civilized society. Satellite TV and the Internet bring the world into Arab living rooms and still, the basic tenets of freedom are rejected in favor of more vile and bigoted expressions, much of it couched in religious terms.

With astonoshing brazeness, the Arab world sees itself not only as equals to the rest of the civilized world, but as superior.

While western liberals espouse moral relativism, the Arab world makes no secret of it’s racist ideologies…

And of course, as with all racist ideologies, deceit is an integral part of every racist and bigoted ideology.

Taqqiyah has gone high tech.
What a profound tragedy for the Ummah. They have been sold a bill of goods and don’t even know it- and those that do understand the reality, don’t seem to have the moral strength to admit it.

For the deserving, relief is here.

Carnival Of The Insanities is up. Think of the COTI as a kind of happy pill, prescribed just for you.

It will make the stupid go away.


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