In The Best Interests Of Connecticut?

August 9, 2006

Look carefully at this photo.

Which Democrat do you think best represents the interests of the people of Conneticut- Joe Lieberman or Ned Lamont?

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11 Responses to “In The Best Interests Of Connecticut?”

  1. Bilgeman Says:


    Isn’t that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson standing behind that honkie millionaire?

    My, oh my, but how fickle some folks can be!

    Lieberman was a good little Democrat for 18 years, and what did it get him?

    No room in their tent for people of principle.

    Over there it appears that loyalty is dead.


  2. SC&A Says:


    The day has arrived when the dems have made Jackson and Sharpton the credible spokespeople of the liberals.

    Hurry and get to a Hymietown deli before the Jews are run out of town.

  3. Ken Says:

    Morning drive-time radio announced that Lieberman is going to run in the General Election as an “Independent Democrat”, with the backing of the Conneticut GOP as well. (Seems the GOP candidate in the election — guy named Schlesinger — makes Bob Dole (i.e. only Rep who could possibly lose to Clinton) look like a winner, so a lot of Rep organizations are going to swing behind Lieberman.)

  4. SC&A Says:

    That will turn the Lamonters into lamenters, for sure.

  5. Bilgeman Says:


    “Hurry and get to a Hymietown deli before the Jews are run out of town”

    Hey, if they mess with the Carnegie Deli, I’m pulling out my shootin’ irons.

    Make what’s going in Beirut look like Friday night in Salt Lake City.

    Do NOT, repeat, do NOT mess with G-d’s Own Favorite Sandwich…the “Broadway Danny Rose”.

    How the creator of that delight was denied a Nobel Prize is enough to make stones weep.

    You have been duly warned.

    That is all.

  6. Carol Herman Says:

    Separate from the Jessie Jackson/Al Sharpon stage monkeys in this shot, Ned Lamont doesn’t look happy. He looks like someone’s painted a target on his head. Where he can look forward to becoming a laughing stock. (That’s about the only reason I can think of, that he’s not laughing. Or even happy.) While at Lucianne’s site, there’s a photo fo Joe Lieberman, with the weight of the world off his shoulders. It’s as if he’s being given a ticket to collect money from 50 states. While the donks bleed, here.

    It also kills what could’a been a national campaign to gain seats. But it’s really a disaster for Connecticut. And, they’ve already suffered a few. Leaky Leahy is their other rep. And, when the Skorsky helicopter contract went to New York, he tried to maneuver a bill in the senate to bring it back. Chuck Shumer ate his lunch.

    That’s why I say the New Yuk Times is overlooking a terrific new cookbook idea, if they don’t slather on all the dressings used by “eating one’s own.” It’s not just an abortion story; and, it’s not about missionaries cooked outdoors in iron pots. This is something like BBQ; Obviously different in Kansas, than what the donkey elites are cooking up.

    While in the minority party, there’s few toys ya can offer Joe, now, to quit the race. Not as if you can send him off to be an ambassador to Outter Mongolia, ya know?

  7. SC&A Says:

    Excellent remarks and observations.

    Lamont is the political equivalent of Del Shannon- one of the great ‘one hit wonders.’

    The dems will singing ‘Runaway’ soon enough. There can be no good come out of this debacle.

  8. Bilgeman Says:


    “The dems will singing ‘Runaway’ soon enough. There can be no good come out of this debacle”

    Naaah, a better theme would be Oingo-Boingo’s “Tell Me Where My Friends Go”


    Gotta love the Boingo. I heard they were all nuclear bubbleheads that met in the Navy.

    Must have made for some interesting cruises, if that’s correct.


  9. We also have Oingo Boingo to thank for “There’s Nothing Wrong With Capitalism.”

    “You criticize with plenty of vigor
    You rationalize everything that you do
    With catchy phrases and heavy quotations
    And everybody is crazy but you

    You’re just a middle-class socialist brat
    From a suburban family and you never really had to work
    And you tell me that we’ve got to get back
    To the struggling masses, whoever THEY are…

    You talk, talk, talk about suffering and pain
    Your mouth is bigger than your entire brain

  10. SC&A Says:

    Yeah, you guys are right. Oingo Boingo is clearly the way to go

    Is that true, re the Navy, bilge?.

  11. Bilgeman Says:


    “Is that true, re the Navy, bilge?”

    That’s what a shipmate told me, an ex-bubblehead himself.


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