“Muslim Muslims on British Muslims” Eteraz Translates

August 10, 2006

See Eteraz now. His post is important, relevant and insightful. If you want to understand how many Muslims see the world, Eteraz is offering a seat the dining table.

If you want to sound intelligent when discussing the days events, read his post now.

Something is rotten among the state of British Muslims. There is the imminent terror plot to blow up planes at a massive scale. There was 7/7. There are British Muslims supporting Hizabollah (even as other Brits go to fight for Israel). There were British Muslims going off to fight in Iraq. There were British Muslims going off to Afghanistan (although British Muslims are also part of the British army). How did it happen that a bunch of university educated First World kids started seeing themselves as some sort of revolutionists?

Read it all, now.

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