Ruminating, Fulminating And Naked News Ambitions

August 10, 2006

Why are so many Americans so furious at the MSM?

Simply put, it is because the MSM made it possible and for Adnan Hajj to py his deceit, and they enabled that deceit on a regular basis. Reuters and others in the MSM have merged their editorial department with their news department- one feeds the other.

There appears to be very little difference between Hajj and the editors at Reuters and other MSM news agencies. If anyone cares to dispute that, give it your best shot.

The MSM will tell you that they do a good job ‘most of the time.’ That is like saying, ‘you can trust us, really. We do the right thing most of the time, except when deliberately want to engage in deception, so that our agenda is served. Our agenda is good for you.’

Yeah, the MSM happy to think for you. The Anchoress is right.

Americans are – by and large – pretty well-educated and sensible. Give us the facts and we can put things together for ourselves, but give us real facts, not “frames,” “memes” or “narratives.” Give us real background, not carefully plucked and edited pieces of history.

Hajj and the editors at Reuters had little or no fear of getting caught- and they certainly had little reason to believe that even if caught, their careers as a ‘journalists’ would be in jeopardy. No doubt another news agency would hire them- after all, how much different are other MSM news agencies?

This is the perfect time for CBS News to hire Katie Couric. More people will tuning into the news broadcasts and let’s be honest- we all know Couric is the steppping stone for CBS News to venture into this territory, literally or figuratively.

The American MSM are in many ways, like great surgeons, that save many lives. They are also the same surgeons that will slice your arteries open if that serves their needs and biases. Naturally, they want you to believe on the saving many lives story. They don’t want you to see the blood on their hands.

That is no exaggeration. The desecrated Quran story, for example, the inflammatory stories, skewed images and presentation of terror as a legitimate ‘part of the story’ that come out of the Middle East have cost lives and have encouraged others to engage in violence.

CBS News ought to be shamed of themselves. Of course, that is presuming they have enough decency to know what shame is. If they don’t, perhaps someone from Reuters can help them out- you know, someone like Adnan Hajj.

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  1. [...] Harry Reid wastes no time in politicizing this event. That’s leadership for you. I can’t wait to see what the NY Times will do to tip off terrorists within the next few days, how ’bout you? Broadcast news is relating that Bush and Blair have known about this ongoing investigation for a while and that Blair’s biggest worry was someone leaking and tipping off the terrorists. Which, let’s face it, is something to worry about, these days. Siggy is worrying whether the news industry can put our welfare before their own ambitions. It’s a question worth asking. [...]

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