15 Reasons To Love The United Nations Security Council

August 11, 2006

In the post blah blah blah of the UN Resolution calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon, each representative gravely announced on behalf of their respective nations, that they each had wished there could have been an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Of course, not a single UN Ambassador appointed to the Security C ouncil, was instructed by his government to table a resolution at the UN till last week- and even then, it was understood that the US and France would hammer out the arrangement, no matter how long it took.

Not even China and Russia tabled a resolution that would have required a vote- a vote that could have potentially embarrassed the UN and Europe.

You have to love UN speechifying.
Lebanon and the Arab world need to consider why things unfolded why they did. In fact, even a cursory look at the UN Security Council over the last month reveals that the Security Council acted with remarkable unanimity of purpose.

Much more, tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “15 Reasons To Love The United Nations Security Council”

  1. Dr. Sanity Says:

    I couldn’t watch the debate. It was catapulting me into homicidal ideation.

  2. weloveisrael Says:

    Maybe Olmert has delusions of taking Kofi’s spot, so he figures do as Kofi does – promote Arab victory.

  3. MaxedOutMama Says:

    It gives hypocrisy a new burnish, doesn’t it?

    These people are responsible for many, many deaths.

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