Mama On The Move

August 11, 2006

Maxed Out Mama has the goods, as usual.

While DU Fiddles is spot on. MOM manages to ferret out some of the most ‘interesting’ comment s left at Democratic Underground, that fountain of sober reflection of the left. Words cannot convey the level of assinine stupidity. MOM’s selection will leave you breathless.

Mama also addersses the political ramifications of the terror plot, and makes a beeline for the most obvious. In a political environment that thrives on obfuscation, her oberservations are refreshingly clear. In Major Terrorist Plot Detected In The UK, she notes,

As a result of this, Joe Lieberman will be greatly strengthened in his solo campaign. Because the real issue is not the Iraqi war, but whether terrorism is a genuine threat or not. All the idiotic law professors who write letters to the NY Times about the various security programs are really deeply invested in the proposition that terrorism is a BushCo created threat, even if they won’t admit that to themselves due to the obvious logical lunacy of it. Fighting Joe Lieberman is going to throw that fact back in the faces of the politicians like Hillary who tell him to “search his conscience”. Let’s face it, Lieberman’s conscience is a considerably more active organ than Hillary’s.

Then she may be divining an extraordinary look into the future- and that look is pretty reassuring.

…spontaneously told me that we had to send Lieberman a contribution because he now has no party money. Chief No-Nag thinks Lieberman cannot win the presidency, but Chief No-Nag also believes that politicians should be rewarded for being truthful and taking a stand. I think it’s becoming increasingly likely that Lieberman will be the next President of the United States.

We could do a lot worse than having a moral man in the White House, again.

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2 Responses to “Mama On The Move”

  1. nameless Says:

    i was just told from inside sources that #1) joe lieberman would be the next president.. and #2) that he molested his daughter.

    not a good ‘moral’ guy – lemme tell ya.

  2. nameless Says:

    then again.. you dont have a choice.. anyone know about dayton ohio?

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