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August 15, 2006

Syria’s Bashar Assad, Iran’s Mahmoud Almadinejad and much of the Arab world are celebrating the Hizbollah ‘victory’ over Israel.

That smorgasbord of the most corrupt, dysfunctional and failed regimes in the world, are asking their own people and the world to believe their assesment of world events is accurate unbiased and is no way self serving.

What Assad, et al, cannot seem to recall is that the Arab defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967, looked remarkably like the defeat of Hizbollah. They too, maintained much of their military arsenal and belligerence. It was clear that as a militray threat, the Arab states were rendered impotent. The days of their military adventurism were over. Had it not been for that adventurism, Gaza, the West Bank and even Jerusalem, would still be in Arab hands.

Of course, there are more than a few observers that see through the sham. The Lebanese Metula News Agency, rejects much of the dysfunction that has a grip on much of the Arab world:

In fact, our country had become an extension of Iran, and our so-called political power also served as a political and military cover for the Islamists of Teheran. We suddenly discovered that Teheran had stocked more than 12,000 missiles, of all types and calibers, on our territory and that they had patiently, systematically, organized a suppletive force, with the help of the Syrians, that took over, day after day, all the rooms in the House of Lebanon. Just imagine it : we stock ground-to-ground missiles, Zilzals, on our territory and that the firing of such devices without our knowledge, has the power to spark a regional strategic conflict and, potentially, bring about the annihilation of Lebanon…

And then, the indecision, the cowardice, the division and the irresponsible behavior of our leaders are such that they had no effort to make to show their talent. No need to engage a wrestling match with the other political components of the Land of Cedars. The latter showed themselves – and continue to show themselves – to be inconsistent…

It is easy now to whine and gripe, and to play the hypocritical role of victims. We know full well how to get others to pity us and to claim that we are never responsible for the horrors that regularly occur on our soil. Of course, that is nothing but rubbish! The Security Council’s Resolution 1559 – that demanded that OUR government deploy OUR army on OUR sovereign territory, along OUR international border with Israel and that it disarm all the militia on OUR land – was voted on 2 September 2004.

We had two years to put implement this resolution and thus guarantee a peaceful future to our children but we did strictly nothing. Our greatest crime – which was not the only one! – was not that we did not succeed but that we did not attempt or undertake anything. And that was the fault of none else than the pathetic Lebanese politicians…

Our government, from the very moment the Syrian occupier left, let ships and truckloads of arms pour into our country. Without even bothering to look at their cargo. They jeopardized all chances for the rebirth of our country by confusing the Cedar Revolution with the liberation of Beirut. In reality, we had just received the chance – a sort of unhoped-for moratorium – that allowed us to take the future into our own hands, nothing more..

Read it all. Notwithstanding the tsunami of stupidity and dysfunction that has drowned much of the Arab world, there are rational voices, grounded in reality, to be found.

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  1. Mason Says:

    I’m so glad you found this article. I hope that you and others like you can continue to spread the word of how the terrorist aggressors were able to completely spin our media from day one of this conflict. Here’s another article you’ll probably want to read. How The Terrorists Control The Media

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