What Kind Of Man Confronts Evil?

August 15, 2006

What kind of man recognizes and confronts evil, and knows how to respond?

See the link at The Anchoress.

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3 Responses to “What Kind Of Man Confronts Evil?”

  1. Bilgeman Says:


    No comment link on “Unreal TV”

    “Syria’s Bashar Assad, Iran’s Mahmoud Almadinejad and much of the Arab world are celebrating the Hizbollah ‘victory’ over Israel.”

    Sorry, but they DID win. Not only from their perspective, but from ours as well.

    Hezbollah inflicted casualties on the IDF, and was saved by the UN cease-fire agreement.

    Any insurgency that survives an encounter with a superior force has won. George Washington proved that.

    Syria and Iran won in the sense that they were able to bedevil the Israelis, and lose not one of their soldiers nor an inch of their territories for their gamble.

    The IDF was misused badly by their commanders…when will Western Air Force generals learn that air power is not THE means to taking and holding territory, but a vital adjunct to the means?

    Ohlmert and his cabinet undrestand quite well that Hizbollah is a proxy for Damascus and Tehran, yet they willingly put on their blinkers and ignored the two 800-pound gorillas to focus almost exclusively on Hizbollah.

    Hizbollah’s aggression cost Syria and Iran NOTHING.

    Both Israel and America missed a golden opportunity to knock the Assad dynasty from power. I prophesied that we would blow it, and we have now done so.

    If the British, during our Revolution, had invaded France and sacked Paris, what aid would France have been willing to send to support us?

    Would we have won in Vietnam, had we invaded North Vietnam and taken Hanoi?
    Would this not have given the South Vietnamese the “breathing space” to get their legs beneath them?

    So the peoples of Syria and Iran still groan under the sandal-heels of the Mullahs and the Assads…this ceasfire is unlikely to do ANYTHING to alleviate their bondage.

    And lastly, the United Nations has betrayed it’s own child, Israel, by this cease-fire resolution.

    Let no one mistake anymore exactly whose side the UN is on.


  2. SC&A Says:

    There is a big difference.

    Hizbollah will think twice before attacking israel again.

  3. Bilgeman Says:


    “Hizbollah will think twice before attacking israel again.”

    I would hope that you are right, but I suspect that any “thinking” done by Hezbollah is done in Damascus and Tehran.

    Which means they are already planning their next move.


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