See Don Singleton’s Baby Bottles Not Even Safe. He discusses the parents that chose to make their baby a prop in their terror plans.

They should find the cleric that convinced them to do that, and throw him into a vat of boiling pig fat.

While Don’s opinions are usually his own, we suspect he speaks for many in this matter.

After reading Don’s post, e would like to add only one thing.

If and when those parents are ever released from custody, they should be precluded from ever having any contact with their child.

Imagine the child that grows up knowing that his parents had no qualms about killing him or her, on the world stage, for all to see. Imagine those around the child, all knowing what the parents of that child were willing and determined to do.

Imagine the child that has to come to terms with parents who abrogate their responsibilities and use that child to murder innocents.

No matter how dysfunctional some parents may be, few if any match up to that kind of evil.

This child is in no way responsible for the selfish and cruel acts of his or her parents. In a civilized society, it is incumbent upon us all to protect children as best we can (a notion not universal. See Shrinkwrapped’s The First Day Of School).

We propose the child be placed (anonymously) with a Muslim family that will raise the child in a loving environment and have no contact with the birth parents or family. While that may be a tragedy for the grandparents, what is in the best interests of the child that is of primary importance. What is clearly in the best interests of the child is that he or she never know how little that child was valued or loved by parents that thought nothing of including him or her in their Jihad of Evil mass murder.

There are some things that cannot be fixed and there are some tragedies that cannot be undone.

Shrinkwrapped is a must read blogger that has a must-read post, The First Day Of School. The piece ends with this observation and question:

Many individual Muslims, I am certain, were horrified by Beslan and are horrified by terrorism, especially terror directed at other children and using Muslim children. Yet, if “my tribe right or wrong” precludes criticism of those acting in the name of Islam, that determines the default position of the Muslim World to be support of the worst excesses of Islamic terrorists. This sets them against everything that civilization stands for.

If Beslan did not snap Islam out of its fantasy based ecstatic terror, what will?

Shrinkwrapped’s post looks at- and mourns- a culture that is disintegrating, eaten from within by a distorted sense of identity. He points to a painful truth:

It is clear that the use of children as weapons against their enemies is acceptable to a large portion of the Muslim World. At the very least, the use of children as weapons is less objectionable to the Muslim World than publicly renouncing other Muslims for using the weapon.

SW takes no pleasure in pointing this out- in fact, he appears to point out to the obvious, reluctantly.

His post is a must read, if for no other reason than he takes us into uncharted waters. We can only hope those waters are shallow. If those waters are deep, we may very well founder.

We noted in Useless Ceasefires And The Tragedy Of The Untermenschen, that

In the Arab world, hatred of Jews is taught, encouraged and rewarded- and that is why a ceasefire is meaningless. The hate, racism and radicalization of Arabs is nothing more than basic training for the next generation of terrorists. The deliberate and concerted effort to make anti Semitism a fundamental and basic tenet of Arab identity is a sickness- a deliberate attempt by dysfunctional political and religious leaders to create a lesser person, someone incapable of thinking for themselves and incapable of controlling their own destiny. These regimes, use religion to create a citizen they can easily control and manipulate.

Adolph Hitler wanted to create the uber-mensch- the ’super-man.’ It is becoming more and more apparent that the Arab world has deliberately set out to create the unter mensch- the ‘lesser-man.’ The nations of these ‘unter-menschen’ have created an identity for them- victims. Not just any victims, but ’special victims.’ Unlike the Jews that came out of Europe, these ’special victims’ will never be create what the Jews created- and thus, they are even more ’special victims.’ When you are a really ’special victim,’ the rules don’t apply to you. The psychopathology becomes ‘understood’ and even, in a way, acceptable. That is what we are seeing now.

A email exchange and conversation with a reader served as the impetus for this discussion. We want to examine how cultures and societies allow for their own implosion.

Cultures and societies develop as the result of a ‘collective affluence’ usually of material possessions or religious devotion. As with everything else, there can be too much of a good thing. All too often, affluence of any kind- material or religious, leads to a kind of moral poverty. What were clear examples of morality in the past, now become subject to ‘negotiation,’ so to speak. Luxuriating in material affluence have allowed parents to abrogate their own parental obligations and contract out child care (we had our say about that, here). An example of religious ‘affluence,’ can be found with the mother who planned to kill her own baby in the plot to blow airliners out of the sky.

Most faith is manifested in humility before God. In this case, the mother decides that she will sacrifice her child (without being asked, of course) because her faith is so great that she knows what God wants and expects of her. In fact, like many religious zealots, she and others like her, purport to speak for God and exercising the power of life and death in His name and on His behalf. These kind of zealots (while predominantly Muslim in our times, they can be found in all faiths) in fact see themselves as ‘Christ-like,’ more than mere humans with human failings.

They are driven with much intensity and ferocity. They have to be. They are usurping God of His dominion. They are speaking for/as God- and yes, they really do believe that. If that were not true, they would not behave the way they do. Of course, there is much dysfunction to be found. Apparently, God isn’t concerned with the situations in Algeria or Darfur, any more than he was concerned about Saddam reign of torture and death.

It is this kind of denial and disconnect from reality, fostered by dysfunctional Arab regimes, that has come to define Islam today.

Throughout the Arab world, religion has been used to develop an unhealthy and ever escalating narcissism. It is only through unwavering support of the regime, which is an extension of the faith according the religious ‘leaders,’ can one find favor in God’s eyes. It is only through that blind obedience that the individual finds themselves in God’s favor- and thus earns the right to speak on His behalf. It is that blind obedience that elevates the individual over all others.

Of course, religious doctrine in the Arab world, is whatever the regime du jour says it is.

Arab liberals and reformists are imprisoned, tortured or worse, if they dare ask why individuals or the community reap no benefits from the ‘enlightened’ leadership of the Arab regimes or from ‘religious leaders.’ Even as many courageous Arab reformers make desperate stands against tyranny and oppression, many Arabs in this country, luxuriating in freedom and liberty, are only to eager to defend these oppressive, racist and dysfunctional despots. They are in fact, no different than the American Bundists that believed Hitler was a saint sent by God.

If one were to look at the evolution of human society and history, it is evident that once a society and culture reaches the point where the wants and needs of the regime or religious hierarchy supplant the wants and needs of the community as a the center of importance, that society is in downward spiral. Gravity will not be denied.

Why is free thought and dissent, laudable and demanded in free and productive societies, resisted when it comes to the supporters of Arab tyrannies? Isn’t dissent always a good thing?

We have noted before that we need dissent as much as we need harmony. Without dissent, we atrophy and lose our edge, our sharpness. Dissent and harmony are the necessary evolutionary balance we need to move ahead. Vigorous debate has on more than one instance, been the foundation for ideas that have changed the world.

Dissent and harmony are the also the basis for redemption and spiritual serenity. It is only through the real struggle that we find meaning. One great theologian said, in effect, ‘The greater the Faith, the greater the struggle.’ We engage in public and personal dissent as if the who and what we are, will be defined daily by our actions and words.

Aren’t those truths applicable to the Arab world?

Those who support the current Arab regimes are hypocrites, from both political and religious perspectives.

We have said before and we’ll say it again:

When nations that are that are led by or are under the influence of tyrants or dictators, attempt to justify those actions, we can rightly assume that justification is false. Tyrants and dictators do not make moral choices, because moral choices can only lead to the demise of the tyranny.

Anyone that comes to the defense of tyrannical regimes and their leaders, have themselves made a conscious choice to defend and stand by what is immoral. They themselves consciously adopt an immoral posture.

The dysfunctions of material or religious ‘affluence’ are many, not the least of which is the hubris that always accompanies those dysfunctions.

Rights and freedoms are all to often taken for granted. All to often, we indignantly ‘demand’ our rights. We demand justice in court for any perceived slight and we demand health-care on demand. Well, those things and a host of other luxuries are not God given birthright. The reality is that these luxuries are available because those that came before us, built a culture and society that called for a common good.

What separates the western democracies and the Arab world is a lot more than ‘foreign policy.’ Decades and generations of hate and bigotry will not go away because of changes in foreign policy. Europeans, long on experience with appeasement, are learning that lesson the hard way. What is being demanded of them is capitulation to barbarism, this new Islam created by dysfunctional regimes easily identified by everyone, save for those in denial and equally as dysfunctional.

Many of our adversaries are suffering from religious ‘afflunence.’

Many of us are suffering from ‘material affluence.’

Moliere said, “The less we are like our ancestors, the less we deserve them.”

We had better start defending those things we hold dear. If we are perceived not to care for our values, why should our adversaries respect us – and our values?


The worst kind of “what if”, the most egregious waste of time, is the “what if [bad event] hadn’t happened”. It is self-indulgent, wishful thinking, daydreaming at best, but mostly wasteful of energy and time, and a useless endeavor.

Once something bad happens, what matters is not what we’d be doing if things hadn’t gone wrong: we know what we were doing when things were fine. What we do when we’re faced with a huge problem is what really matters: our survival and very existence hinge on that.

Fausta points to a New York Magazine article, What If 9/11 Never Happened? (link from Fausta), an idea whose origin could only be born of liberal NY narcissism.

As we have noted in The World Of The Simpleton’s ‘If Only’

The Arab world would have you believe the world would be a better place if only there were no Jews… The Left would have you believe the world would be a better place if only there would be no George Bush, Karl Rove or Republicans? After all, that is the conclusion of the fashionable and politically correct Literati/Glitterati, right? See how simple that is?

…The problems that face us here cannot be solved by making George Bush and the Republican party go away…

Iranian and Muslim world hatred for the ‘Great Satan’ won’t disappear. As the left announces they ‘understand’ that it is the ‘neocons’ that are at the root of all evil, the reality of honor killings of gays become acceptable in the Arab world. As that band plays on, the leftists only redouble their efforts. America and the Republicans are the problem.

America and the Republicans must be the problem…

It is real narcissism… that believes real world problems can be solved with an ‘only if’ scenario. The hubris of ‘I have the answer, why aren’t you listening’ is nothing short of spectacular.

‘If only ‘ something or other were or weren’t the case, has been the rallying cry for every dysfunctional regime in the world.

Read Fausta and read the New York Magazine article she links to.

SC&A are all for accomodation of various religions, cultures and ideologies, whenever possible. At some point however, there comes a time when integration into our society and culture has to trump the notion of pluralism. In a recent german survey of gynocologists,

“…found that 43 percent of the doctors admitted that they had treated circumcised women in their clinics.”

How big a problem is FGM?

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF estimates that around two million girls worldwide are forced to undergo genital mutilation each year. The practice, that involves the cutting off the clitoris and other parts of the genitalia, is a tradition in 28 African countries and in some parts of Asia and the Middle East.

But, what’s largely been ignored until now is the fact that the practice — imported by immigrants from those countries — is also carried out covertly in Europe.



Read the article here. Look at the numbers.

There’s more. This article relates how German courts have actually debated whether or not parents can circumcise their daughters.

How important these matters are can be seen here- a horrifying recounting of how allowing certain ‘cultural differences’ can yield tragic results.

…in our own backyards. young men try to rule their families and neighbors under a macho code drawn partly from Muslim tradition, partly from the violence and porn in the media. Women submit to men, they say. Good girls, good sisters, cover themselves and stay home. Otherwise they are putes, whores, who can be used and abused even if they say no.

We must warn you that the article is a tough one to read. Some of the comments left on the site are beyond our comprehension, as they attempt to deflect attention away from the issues. Notwithstanding respect for other religions, cultures and ‘pluralism,’ there are some ‘values’ that will- and must- remain incompatible with our own.

This post was originally published on June 2, 2005. We reposted this because we are quite sure more efforts have been exerted to protest anti American and anti Jewish sentiments.

It is the American and the Jews that are the problem. They are the priorities that need be addresses, right?


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