The Lost Child Of The Jihad Of Evil

August 16, 2006

See Don Singleton’s Baby Bottles Not Even Safe. He discusses the parents that chose to make their baby a prop in their terror plans.

They should find the cleric that convinced them to do that, and throw him into a vat of boiling pig fat.

While Don’s opinions are usually his own, we suspect he speaks for many in this matter.

After reading Don’s post, e would like to add only one thing.

If and when those parents are ever released from custody, they should be precluded from ever having any contact with their child.

Imagine the child that grows up knowing that his parents had no qualms about killing him or her, on the world stage, for all to see. Imagine those around the child, all knowing what the parents of that child were willing and determined to do.

Imagine the child that has to come to terms with parents who abrogate their responsibilities and use that child to murder innocents.

No matter how dysfunctional some parents may be, few if any match up to that kind of evil.

This child is in no way responsible for the selfish and cruel acts of his or her parents. In a civilized society, it is incumbent upon us all to protect children as best we can (a notion not universal. See Shrinkwrapped’s The First Day Of School).

We propose the child be placed (anonymously) with a Muslim family that will raise the child in a loving environment and have no contact with the birth parents or family. While that may be a tragedy for the grandparents, what is in the best interests of the child that is of primary importance. What is clearly in the best interests of the child is that he or she never know how little that child was valued or loved by parents that thought nothing of including him or her in their Jihad of Evil mass murder.

There are some things that cannot be fixed and there are some tragedies that cannot be undone.

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3 Responses to “The Lost Child Of The Jihad Of Evil”

  1. David L. Says:

    The child should not be given to a Muslim family of Pakistani origin unless UK family law absolutely requires the adoption go to a family of the same ethnicity and faith as parents whose rights have been terminated. Islam in the UK is increasingly being radicalized, and to place the child with a Muslim family is to risk that (s)he will be indoctrinated into the same Islamist radicalism as his/her parents. We are dealing not just with evil, but a slow and patient evil, and the last thing I want to read, in twenty years time, is that the child saved – along with so many others – from death at its parents’ hands has itself become a jihadi.

    At a minimum, the child should be given to a Pakistani _Christian_ family which has fled persecution in Pakistan. Were it not for the fact that the objective of adoption is the welfare of the child, not the punishment of the parents, I would say that the child ought to be given to a Sephardic Jewish family in Israel.

  2. MaxedOutMama Says:

    This story epitomizes the destructive, active evil of our age. I am revolted and riveted.

  3. joe Says:

    It does put profiling in a new light. Watch out for young women with a baby.

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