“There is no affirmative action in the blogosphere, and for that I’m glad.”

August 17, 2006

When La Shawn Barber talks, people listen. While, that may not exactly be original, it is true.

Her post, Blogging: An Innocent Fraud?, encapsulates and gives a voice to a lot of what many bloggers have trouble articulating. Her post also puts into sharp focus what it is that defines success, and in doing so, it is easy to disntinguish why some succeed at blogging and others do not.
On this busy (and somewhat crazy) news day, La Shawn’s post is not exciting or earth shattering. It is an honest, informative, clear and cogent look at the world of blogs and bloggers.

La Shawn’s look at the world of blogs and bloggers is nuanced and sublime. It’s a classy post from a classy blogger.

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One Response to ““There is no affirmative action in the blogosphere, and for that I’m glad.””

  1. Dave Lucas Says:

    Does anyone really know what makes a successful blog? I don’t think so. XuJinglei’s blog is the most-read blog on the planet: she blogs in Chinese exclusively!

    Michelle Malkin’s blog is definitely A-list, and, IMHO, she brought a lot of readers over from the time when her URL was not a blog but a place where she posted her newspaper columns.

    Then, there’s XiaXue. An A-list blogger who has evolved into an internet personality: she only began attracting thousands of daily readers after Blogger spotlighted her as “blogger of the month” or something like that…

    You or I may never make the A-list, but, hey, as long as we have a few good readers and a comment or trackback every now and then… right?

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