Your Turn To Try Your Hand At Psycho-Therapy

August 17, 2006

Here’s your chance to sit in the chair instead of lying on the couch. The matter was brought to our attention because the patient is in proximity to children. As we share some of the case notes and particulars, keep that in mind.

The patient is a white male, 43 years of age.
There is documented evidence of belligerance and intimidation by the subject at his place of employment. Co-workers and others testified that they were in fear of bodily injury when in proximity to him.

Other mental health care proessionals were confident enough in their assesments to profile this individual as an ‘abuser.’ Law enforcement too, were made aware of this individual, and voiced their concern. Their concern was exacerbated by the fact that this individual’s spouse had been subject to injuries consistent with abuse. However, the spouse never confirmed the suspicians of the authrorities.

The patient is on record as being verbally abusive for years.

At one point, the patient in question was investigated by the proper authrorities and found to be lacking in fitness for some of the responsibilities he was entrusted. Witnesses that were interviewed at the time testified to the patient’s instability. Nevertheless, legal wrangling and unorthodox manoevers kept this unstable patient in a position of authority, with a monitor to oversee the patient’s behavior.

On the day that legal ruling was issued, the patients employers went to court to apply for a temporary restraining order that would keep the patient off the premises. As part of the affadavit, a sworn statement by a co-worker read, “I am in fear for my safety and welfare as well as that of others…” The witness also testified that the patient asked to be accompanied to work by two policemen “because he didn’t know how he would act and didn’t want to go off.”

The patient’s employers did not want him to show up unaccompanied by police officers, for fear he would ‘go off.’

The patient eventually moved and changed employers and within a short while, the bizarre behaviors started again. Expert testimony confirmed that those close to the patient had ‘ a history of trauma.’ There was also testimony given that the patient delibertately interfered with others in the discharge of their duties and obligations.

In addition, other testimony indicated the patient was given to emotional and psychological abuse, even to those close to him. This had gone on for years. Further, testimony was given that the patient was exteremly controlling and overbearing.

Earlier psychiatric treatment records indicated that the patient was prescribed ‘several psychotropic medications.’ The patient attempted to attack a female family member and later, a male family member was ‘the subject of a violent rage’ by the patient. The patient …”got so upset that he suddenly snapped, and he grabbed me by the throat and threw me down on the couch, had one hand around my neck and the other was in the air, ready to punch me in the face.” Further investigations showed the patient’s ex girlfriend “relayed a paralyzing fear” of the patient.

The patient also has been alleged to have made innapropriate sexual advances to women.

Can you identify the patient?

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2 Responses to “Your Turn To Try Your Hand At Psycho-Therapy”

  1. MaxedOutMama Says:

    I think it is all summed up in the gravestone he set up for her. That made it clear it was all about him. And for abusers, male and female, it is always, always about them.

    His wanderings and preachings since bear this out. It’s still all about him.

  2. Susan Nunes Says:

    One doesn’t have to be a psychologist to figure out he is a sociopath.

    However, the mystery remains how in the world anybody halfway knowledgeable about the case could possibly side with him or the judge, the judge having clearly screwed up in the case.

    Unfortunately, many do because of ignorance or because they thinik they can exploit the case for political gain.

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