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August 18, 2006

Can ‘Buy one, get one free,’ be far behind?

Last night a friend sent is a link to a piece in the Times of London. The piece, It sounded so good to start with. But where did all go wrong, George? Written by Gerald Baker, is a whiny, wistful piece about a George Bush and noble ideas gone bad. Mr Baker’s piece carefully points out Mr Bush’s ‘failures.’ Mr Baker concludes that America is ‘weaker’ because of George Bush.

He categorizes our efforts in Iraq and the Middle East as failures, and cites events in those regions as evidence of a failed policy. He notes sectarian strife in Iraq that is boiling over and the newly ‘empowered’ Hizbollah as evidence of that failure.

What utter drivel.

What went wrong for Mr Baker and the critics of George Bush is that for this president, ‘business as usual’ wasn’t good enough.

Removing Saddam was good for the people of Iraq. Removing Saddam has nothing to do with terror Iraqis are now facing. The current campaign of death and mayhem has nothing to do with Saddam. It has everything to do with denying freedom and democracy to Iraqis.

A free and democratic Iraq is a threat to the regions tyrants and the religious authorities those dysfunctional regimes have co opted. A free and democratic Iraq is a threat to the we noted

Even the name, ‘Arab League,’ is deliberately misleading. In fact, that organization does not represent Arab interests at all- and never has. The Arab League has not sponsored a single educational, economic or real democratic reform and empowerment program in it’s entire existence. The Arab League is an organization dedicated to maintaining the status quo and preserving the leaders of some of the most repressive and dysfunctional regimes in the world. That is it’s entire raison d’etre.

Business as usual isn’t good enough for George Bush. There is not a single Arab regime that can even be remotely classified as a moral regime- never mind free- and Mr Bush will not pretend there is. Ronald Reagan referred to the former Soviet Union as an ‘evil empire.’ Mr Bush will not pretend the Arab regimes are anything but what they are- an assembly of dysfunctional, repressive and failed regimes. As a consequence, the Arab world has been reduced to nothing but a jellied mass, festering in hate, convinced they can blame everyone else for their failures and lot in life. Those Arabs that are dysfunctional want to be considered as equals with the rest of the civilized world, simply because they want to be considered as equals. They expect their dysfunctional values- which include hate, racism and bigotry- to be accepted in civilized society, as equals.
Mr Bush has made it quite clear that will not be the case. Business as usual isn’t good enough. What infuriates the Arab world is that Mr Bush refuses to lower the bar, an exercise at which Europe has long excelled, for which they are now paying the price. Mr Bush has high expectations from the Arab world and he will not lower those expectations.

That Europe supports and stands behind the ‘noble’ Arabs and their regimes and the Arab League, speaks volumes about Europe. As the Arab world embraces and luxuriates in it’s only recorded achievement, anti Semitism, Europe turns a blind eye. That any Americans would do the same, is a disgusting and revolting notion. There is a reason some Europeans are leaving their homes- for good. See this, too, for a realistic look at what Europe now faces.

Since when is it incumbent upon Americans, this proud, noble and motley assemblage of ‘wretched refuse,’ to become like the Europeans that were only too happy to send them on their way? Why would a nation that has always raised the bar, now be only to eager to lower standards?

See Fausta this morning for a surreal look at how Europe sees events in Lebanon.

Since when do Americans, citizens of a nation that has liberated more people from oppression into freedom than anyone else, take their ‘marching orders’ from people and nations that have proved to be anything but moral? Are the Russian ruling classes, with their sordid history, equal to us? Are the French, with their own history of oppression in Algeria and elsewhere (if you think the Spanish were tough on the Basques, think again) and Vichy collaboration, a beacon of ethics? If that is what passes for business as usual in a free and democratic country, Mr Bush will have no part of it.Mr Bush will not allow the hypocrisy of the left and Euro-trash to accepted as ‘business as usual.’ That Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are up in arms and working themselves into a frenzy over Israeli ‘atrocities,’ while ignoring decades of slaughter in Darfur and Algeria, for example, is laughable. That the Arab and Muslim world are oblivious to those kinds of tragedies or ignore them altogether, is a tragedy- and a profound example of Arab world moral bankruptcy. That moral bankruptcy is the most shameful legacy of the dysfunctional Arab regimes.

Mr Bush hasn’t failed. He just won’t be a part of ‘business as usual.’

Great leaders are measured by their commitment to high ideals and their unwavering support for the moral causes that change the world for the better. Jacques Chirac,

It is great leaders that will be remembered. Everyone else will be forgotten.


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