Arab League, UN Marching Bands

August 22, 2006

The Sudanese Thinker offers a heads into reality. He posts a link to an article in Times of Oman, ‘The Arab League Backs Sudan’s Rejection of UN Troops.’

UN Deputy Secretary General Mark Malloch Brown said on Friday the world body was “extraordinarily concerned” about the Darfur situation.

Dispalying tremendous insight, he warned that

Something very ugly is brewing there.

The article goes on to note that

The AU (African Union) has a 7,000-strong force in Darfur, but it has struggled to monitor truce violations in a refion the size of France.

Apparently, there aren’t enough dead Darfurese. We have commented on the Arab League before. In The Witch Doctors Are More Proof Of United Nations Failure, we wrote,

Even the name, ‘Arab League,’ is deliberately misleading. In fact, that organization does not represent Arab interests at all- and never has. The Arab League has not sponsored a single educational, economic or real democratic reform and empowerment program in it’s entire existence. The Arab League is an organization dedicated to maintaining the status quo and preserving the leaders of some of the most repressive and dysfunctional regimes in the world. That is it’s entire raison d’etre.

That the United Nations has agreed to give the Arab League equal standing is yet more unassailable evidence that the United Nations has been reduced to another League of Nations- a well meaning organization, rendered useless and ineffective. While it would be easy to say the UN has been reduced to a mass of benign irrelevance, that would not be accurate. Just as the League of Nations impotence in facing down Germany’s rearming in the 1930’s, the UN is now watching helplessly as Iran chases nuclear weapons and has overseen the mass genocide of millions over the last decade- and done nothing.

By providing a platform for the Arab League the UN has made it clear they are more than willing to providing a platform for any and all other racist and bigoted organizations

The slaughter in Darfur will go and the misery in Africa will continue. Why? Because both the Arab League and the United Nations have nothing but contempt for Africa and Africans. Preserving the status quo is necessary is has become acceptable policy. For the Arab League, it is about preserving yet another dysfunctional Muslim regime- and Africans be damned.

For the UN, preserving the status quo is necesary beacuse to really address the issues in Sudan and elsewhere is to admit to the complete and utter failure of policies designed to benefit the UN and not Africa or Africans. UN polices of the last half century have been a sure and deliberate guarantee of failure. Those policies enriched a few, subjugated a continent and have served to maintain that status quo.

That the Arab League and the UN have made Israel and the Palestinians the greatest problem in the world was only to draw attention away from the disaster that is Africa.

The Sudanese Thinker rejects UN Peacekeepers in the region, instead preferring to see the bolster of African Union troops. We don’t know his rationale, but in the end, the results will be the same. AU troops will be ineffective and UN aid will not be forthcoming.

The Sudanese Thinker also notes (and takes a very dim view) that stronger ties between Iran and Sudan are being forged. The article talks about agricultural exchages and other benign issues and then ends with

He said that the strong ties between Iran and Sudan necessitate more consultation between them toward confronting the colonialism conspiracies, and holding discussion on a number of international issues.


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2 Responses to “Arab League, UN Marching Bands”

  1. Hi there, thanks for the links. I’m not sure if you’ve read a link I provided on the same post you’re discussing here. In it I put a straight forward explanation on why I oppose the UN Troops in Darfur. The reason is that there is a lot of opposition to UN troops there from Darfurian tribal leeders and the Sudanese government. In Khartoum numerous protests were also held against the idea of chapter 7 UN troops in Darfur. Moreover Al-Qaeda declared it will wage a jihad in Darfur if UN troops do come there. People think the UN’s intentions are sinister. I don’t think they are. The only reason I’m against the UN troops is because they’ll make things worse. The area will turn into a warzone and there will be more suffering.

    Darfur previously = Disaster

    Darfur now = Worsening disaster?

    Darfur + UN troops = Bigger disaster

    Darfur + UN troops + Al Qaeda = One big ass GIGANTIC Disaster !!!

    Darfur + AU troops reinforced by UN & NATO = HUGE improvements

    Very few people realize this but that’s what will happen. The “ping pong” argument over acceptance of UN troops won’t end anytime soon. Precious time is being wasted. Sudanese people trust the AU more. As such it would only be a natural and wise solution to have the AU reinforced by NATO or UN. A strengthened AU is the best option we have.

    By the way Iran has also promised to start sharing nuclear techonology with Sudan in the next coming years.

    Anyways I just wanted to clarify

  2. [...] Arab League in fact, acted to block any intervention that would address the Arab Janjaweed genocide of the long suffering Darfurese. That really [...]

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