The Souls Of The Undead And Other Mind Dances

August 22, 2006

If there is a certain elegance and smooth rhythm to clear and lucid thought, Gagdad Bob is the Arthur Murray (or Tony Manero) of the blogosphere.

His post, Thou Shalt Not Murder, Especially Souls, is particularly insightful. He offers up a startling and clarifying insight:

Most soul murders are undoubtedly committed by those who are already so spiritually damaged as to be functionally dead. These undead souls such as a Nasrallah, an Arafat, or an Amahdinejad, speak to us from “the other side,” from the shadow world that is created when the soul has been so damaged that it essentially exits the body, leaving only a human animal in its place. But other demonic energies rush in to fill the void, so that the individual becomes a sort of “antihuman.” At their core, they are filled with unbearable envy toward the living, and the only way they can assuage this envy is to kill and kill plentifully. Life is a reminder of their own walking death, hence, “death to Israel,” that primordial symbol of life: l’chaim.

The undead also cannot help converting their children to their way of non-being. In ways both subtle and profound, they will interact with their children in a pathological manner, causing the children to internalize the same virus that afflicts their parents. Regardless, the virus always goes by the name of “love,” which simply further confuses the child. In the end, they will not be able to distinguish the difference between love and hate or truth and lies, any more than they can distinguish between life and death.

To be sure, Gagdad is not demanding perfection or some kind of inner fulfillment as a qualifiers to a healthy life. Just the opposite, in fact.

A real home (that place where values are first learned) and healthy environment that contributes to our own growth and the growth of our children, is a place where we are safe and fit in, despite our imperfections. We are accepted for who we are and we foster an environment where collectively, we support and elevate each other. We are safe to learn about and refine our values and ideals, without fear of repercussion. We are safe to change our minds and be free from ridicule or pressures.

When we are in a family unit or a community that negates our ‘humaness’ and capacity to grow and reach ever higher, we negate the value of family unit and community, because we negate the value and potential of the individual. If a community cannot value it’s own children, it should come as no surprise that that community will not value the life of others.

One cannot experience the inner peace of real faith in God if one is consumed by hatred of others. Those who claim God is merciful and all powerful, and at the same time, call out for and participate in mayhem and destruction in His name, have been cheated.  They know nothing of God, even as understood in their own faith. They are caught in a vortex of denial they have created for themselves and they have painted themselves into a corner, from which most are unlikely to emerge. They cannot conceded the truth that is readily apparent to everyone- in attempting to define and distinguish themselves, they rejected the values of life and embraced the values of death.

Now, they have no where to go. They are indeed, dead souls.

Read Gagdad Bob’s post, here.

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2 Responses to “The Souls Of The Undead And Other Mind Dances”

  1. MaxedOutMama Says:

    You’re right. They do know nothing of God, who has created and invites to join in creation in our own small way in order to be able to share the joy of it.

  2. [...] Today was going to be another one of those mind-melting days; buried deep in code. Imagine my astonishment when I found The Anchoress, Fausta, Sigmund, Carl & Alfred and Gagdad Bob ALL expounding on the exact topic that had been bouncing around in my head the last few weeks since school started – parents & children/evil & virtue/darkness & light/Radical Islam, the rest of the World & what the future holds. In a way, it’s good to know that I am not the only distraught parent on this planet. [...]

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