The Daily Krap Speaks For Itself

August 23, 2006

The ‘reality based community’ has been having a lot of trouble dealing with reality, such as it is. In response, the Daily Kos community have decided to rewrite reality and history, to better fit their agendas and delusions.

The response has been dkospedia, a effort that is at times a fair presentation and at other times, nothing more than a blatant propoganda effort, attempting to pass itself off a kind of leftist ‘scholarship.’

The main page notes

Welcome to the dKosopedia, a collaborative project of the DailyKos community to build a political encyclopedia. The dKosopedia is written from a left/progressive/liberal/Democratic point of view while also attempting to fairly acknowledge the other side’s take.

Here are a few examples of ‘differing points of view’ and ‘fair acknowledgement of the other side.’

In the dKospedia entry for George W Bush, there is a catagory of ‘Miscellaneous Facts that in some measure is clearly insulting and includes reference to ‘Most idiotic statements.’

The biographical data presented is insulting, deceitful and insinuates all kinds of ugliness. The entry even lists derogatory nicknames. Baseless accusations, deliberate lies and a pattern of deceit are clearly evident in the entry.

The entry for Islam is equally misleading, assigning to the Quran a superior status to the Bible (in particular, the original Five Books of Moses). Despite the entry’s notation that the Quran is ‘the word of God,’ commonly known scholarship indicates that there are at least 4 differing versions of the Quran (It bears noting that there are no differing version of the Five Books of Moses).

The entry on Israel notes the following:

The Israeli economy depends on 4 sources of revenue: foreign aid from the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany, tourism, exports of citrus fruit and cut flowers, and arms sales

The impression is that the Israeli could not sustain itself without American and other foreign aid. Of course, that is absurd. US aid to Israel has actually been decereasing since 1998 (actual economic info can be found here and here). Of the German restitution paid out, approximately 25% went to Israeli individuals or the State of Israel. The other 75% were paid to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust outside of Israel.)  and

The dKospedia entry makes no mention of the Israeli manufacturing economy that is larger than that of the entire combined Arab world and no mention that after the US and Canada, Israel ranks third in the number of companies listed on NASDAQ.

An article on ‘Conservatives,’ Every Man For Himself, make these remakably absurd observations, to used a ‘guide’ in how to respond to conservative arguments:

Use this frame in all your postings. Point out whereever conservative arguments are consistent with “every man for himself”. This includes a lot of conservative viewpoints: individual freedom, anti-tax, anti-welfare, “pulled up by his own bootstraps”, gun-carry laws, etc.

The idea here is to point out that conservatives have a strong streak of independence in their positions, and that independence is at odds with civilized society [emp-SC&A]. Civilization is actually a cooperative effort, where people agree to do things together for the benefit of all. “Every man for himself” points out the inherent selfishness and self-centeredness of the conservative position.

Points to make:

  • Conservatives blame people for their own problems.
  • Conservatives don’t want to accept responsibility for social problems.
  • Conservatives prefer to think of themselves as independent and noble.
  • Many conservative viewpoints come down to the strength of the individual.
  • Many people need help to deal with real problems in their lives.
  • Every man for himself is basically anti-social.
  • Every man for himself is basically selfish and self-centered.

If you are unclear on what ‘conservatism’ or capitalism really means, see this.

dKospedia doesn’t fall far from the tree of KosKrap.

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4 Responses to “The Daily Krap Speaks For Itself”

  1. tommy Says:

    I prefer the conservative philosophy of “please leave me alone.”

    I have a friend that thought Kos was one of the best satire sights on the web, sadly, I had to explain that it would be the best satire, if only that were the intent. She then replied, “well I thought he sounded kinda serious sometimes.”

  2. Fausta Says:

    Every man for himself is basically selfish and self-centered.
    And that is bad because??

  3. Dr. Sanity Says:

    The left is forever accusing everyone of “selfishness” and as Fausta says above, this is bad because…?? What they fail to notice is their own “sociopathic selflessness which does more harm to society than the most individually “selfish” person. Disguised as utopian do-goodism, these selfless sociopaths have cause the death, enslavement, and misery of countless human beings.

  4. SC&A Says:

    “Every man for himself is basically selfish and self-centered.” is not what conservatism are about- that is how leftists WANT to describe conservatism.

    Liberals don’t want to acknowledge that it is conservatives and those who identify themselves as ‘religious’ that are largest segment of the population that support charities.

    Another inconvenient truth leftists like to ignore.

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