UPDATE When Christians Become Money Changers

August 24, 2006

What happens when Christians become money changers, professing faith for reasons that are self serving or to promote a particular agenda or ideology?

We received an email today directing us to this website, a particularly biased, shrill and shallow presentation that emphasizes the victimhood of the Palestinians. In particular, we were asked to note this post, From The Christian Bishops Of Jerusalem, a ‘statement’ denouncing Christian Zionism.

The statement issued by various bishops with a pompous moral authority and more than a bit of contrived clerical gravity, is an example of the ‘Islamification’ of some Christian churches- turning a blind eye to the truth and deliberately engaging in deceit to further a particular cause.

Like the biblical moneychangers, these Christian clerics position themselves as close to the Altar of God as they can, purporting that their behavior is sanctioned Godly behavior- and they wag their fingers in an accusatory way at anyone who disagrees with them.

Like the corrupt Muslim ‘religious leaders,’ paid by the dysfunctional regimes, these Christian Bishops purport to speak for God, even as frenzied screams of ‘ITBACH AL YAHUD!- SLAUGHTER THE JEWS! are heard in the background.

While the Bishops shrilly excoriate Israel and her supporters, they make no mention of the virulent anti-Jewish sentiment that has been as pervasive as sand in the region. Some Christian orders claim to run schools and organizations that are models of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance.’

Of course, that is deceit, posturing as truth

There is no shortage of anti Israel rhetoric (often ‘reluctantly’ presented as anti Jewish), there is not one instance of these local good ‘Christians’ to repudiate the repulsive and hateful anti Jewish sentiment uttered. The only time there is a pretense of ecumenicism are in speeches uttered outside the region.

There are very good reasons the Christians in the region are careful not to question the anti Jewish status quo. Persecution of Christians in the region has been long documented. Violence, appropriation of property and even personal safety of Christians are at stake.
While we all like to see a cessation of violence and peace in the region, it would be nice if Christian leaders were to do the Christian thing and behave in a way that might bring honor to their churches and not scorn.

History has taught what happens to the money changers.

More later, if warranted.

UPDATE: It seems textbooks used by PA schools (synopsis) haven’t changed much. The entire article, found here, is astonishing. There is Holocaust denial, blatant anti semitism, war is celebrated as a virtue and ‘martyrdom’ is extolled. The ‘Protocols’ are treated as actual history.

No word yet from the Bishops on when they plan on castigating the Palestinians for the blatant hate, exhortations to violence and anti semitism.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE When Christians Become Money Changers”

  1. Dr. Sanity Says:

    The linked site is very disturbing.

  2. Rick Says:

    The irony of the letter is that such a letter is only possible because Israel is in charge of Jerusalem. Think if any one of these guys changed the right of any one of the Arab dictatorships to exist. They would be murdered.

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