Congratulations, America, Media Jihad And GoodBye To Lincoln And Jefferson

September 22, 2006

Congratulations, America.

We now live in a country where the likes and ideas of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmandinejad are afforded equal, if not greater respect than ideas and principles of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. The applause and attention given to Chavez and Ahmandinejad by the media and million of adoring idiots are proof positive of that truth.

Thanks in no small measure to a corrupt media that has made it abundantly clear that journalism serves an agenda before it serves it’s own ideals, Cindy Sheehan and a half dozen fellow protesters are given tremendous media attention- and more than the almost 35,000 people, as Fausta notes, including politicians, dignitaries and Nobel Prize winners that showed up at the UN protesting the appearance of Chavez and Ahmandinejad are ignored.

See Fausta for more absurdities- and more tragedies, authored by Chavez, et al.

The majority of members of that august body headquartered on NY’s East River celebrated Chavez and Ahmandinejad’s ‘free expression’ of derision and excoriation for our nation and our leaders, who believe the ideals of Lincoln and Jefferson are noble, true and universal. The majority of the regimes represented at the United Nations stomp on human rights, liberties and a free press in their own countries. They are encouraged by a biased American media, and a leftist agenda that (like them) cares not a whit about the lives and freedom of billions of people. They are driven with the idea, hope and prayer that what Jefferson Lincoln and built, they will tear down.

Much of academia, in concert with the media, are so filled with hubris, hate and bigotry, that they willingly propagate racist agendas and wild conspiracy theories that malign our nation, so that might be participants in dismantling this ‘great experiment.’ Academic institutions, suffered from academic ED, lamely defend their employees by citing ‘free expression,’ over truth as an academic priority.

The ideals we as a nation stand for, are receding into the past. Those ideals are being replaced with doubt, deceit and corrupted ideologies of hate and intolerance. The very tyranny and oppression those who first came to this country were escaping, has found a welcome home here.

Does anyone think that Abraham Lincoln could get elected today? A lawyer only by virtue of an apprenticeship, he was self taught and self educated. He was poor and he was not a handsome man. His wife was never in the best of ‘spirits.’ He had no speech writer and he was, as Horace Greely recalled,

“…an heir of poverty and insignificance, obscure, untaught, buried throughout his childhood in the primitive forests…Nevertheless, become a central figure in the Western Hemisphere, an object of honor, love and reverence through out the civilized world…He was not born a king of men…but a child of the people… by dint of firm resolve, and patient effort and dogged perseverance.”

Such a man could not today be elected to a local school board.

Is there a politician today who could pen Lincoln’s intimate words to Mrs Bixby, of Boston,on behalf of a grateful nation?

The Anchoress broadcasts in Chavez Clearly Listened To Dems And Air America, some real and ugly truths that have contributed to the an environment of the lowest common denominators.

But maybe some on the left finally understand that while they’ve been having fun and laughing while calling President Bush every manner of ugly name and insult, dangerous people have been watching…

And I’m sure some Democrats were shocked to see just how ugly their words sounded, when coming out of the mouth of someone else, someone with “no right,” to spew hate for political expediency.

There are some on the left who are suggesting that Hugo Chavez’s remarks are simply an indicator that the world “disrespects” President Bush…well…I wonder who gave them the idea that they could? Was it John Kerry calling him a “fucking liar,” and not having to answer for that rudeness to anyone while the press shrugged it off? Good heavens, Bush calls terrorism “evil” and he was mocked and criticized for using that word, but the press never had a problem with “fucking liar, fucking crooks and thieves” or with adolescent musings about the president’s name and female genitalia. It was alllllll soooooo funnnnneeeeeee, newsreaders could hardly deliver the spite without grinning, themselves.

(watch for the idiot brigade- and media- to defend their behavior, with even more invective directed at the administration)

The truth is, many on the left excoriated Rangel and Pelosi for their remarks.

The Anchoress isn’t done. She follows through to the bitter- and truthful end:

But if Bush is being disrespected, then the Democrats need to look to themselves and their actions and understand how complicit they have been in encouraging it. Dems like Charlie Rangel, who called President Bush “Bull Connor,” knowing full well how wrong, inaccurate, unfair and inflammatory that was, or like the idiots who called Bush “a genocidal racist” after Hurricane Katrina, or like the party (and the press) who spent years telling America about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction only to later pretend they never said such things, and to pretend further that somehow Bush’s believing the same things they believed…made him a liar…

The press repeated it, ad nauseum, and the press and the Dems promoted films with that message, and books, until that damnable, transparent and nonsensical lie was repeated enough…because everyone knows that if you tell a big lie enough, it becomes “the truth…”

If tinpot tyrants and madmen now come to the United Nations and believe they can say anything they wish about The American President, it is because – as some of us have been warning, for some time – while all manner or irresponsible nonsense and hate has been directed at this president…the world has been watching.

And now, these tyrants and madmen sound eerily like the Democrats and the press and the left.

It is as if the media jihad had it’s own 9/11, intent on killing what they hate, replete with the requisite deceit and pious claims of justification. All the while, the left dances with same joy and fervor in same way and with same celebration of equally dysfunctional Muslims that danced on 9/11.

The media, two bit academic hacks and left desperately want you to believe that these tin pot dicators and dysfunctional and dangerous lunatics that are playing with nuclear programs are sincere when they say, “we love Americans, we just hate your government.” We are civilized.” (notwithstanding this).

Indeed, the well worn phrase, ‘Slaughter the Jews!’ and similar such sentiments, are really no more than an Arab world terms of endearment, right? After all, why else would the media and left ignore that kind of remarks, right?

Despite well documented records of abuse, repression, racism, bigotry and worse, the media, academic hacks and the left want you to believe that the likes and ideas of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmandinejad are more representative of what are American values than are Jefferson and Lincoln.

Congratulations, America.

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7 Responses to “Congratulations, America, Media Jihad And GoodBye To Lincoln And Jefferson”

  1. [...] Because as we saw just yesterday, when 35,000 protesters at the UN were magically not seen by anyone in the press but the NY Sun, but a measly 2,000 anti-Bush protesters made every paper, reportage on crowds can be kind of iffy, these days. Reportage on many things is iffy, these days. [...]

  2. Dr. Sanity Says:

    Anchoress, just consider it a “disproportionate response” on the part of the MSM.

  3. x Says:

    And some very interesting angles and creative cropping on those photgraphs of the peace-niks too. Why, it was as if there were actually 2050 people there. How much longer is the MSM going to continue their obvious charade?

  4. Brock Townsend Says:

    Jefferson and Lincoln had nothing in common.

  5. [...] Sigmund, Carl and Alfred has a excellent post up about how America is losing / leaving the traditions of Jefferson and Lincoln while embracing the media jihad against the American culture and highlighting the rants of despotic leaders like Chavez and Ahmandinejad. This is a great read and should cause all to think. Full Post Here [...]

  6. Fed Up Says:

    your argument is completely irrational and illogical. there is not one person in America who would hold up Ahmedinajad above the ideals of Lincoln or Jefferson.
    although neither of those two luminaries would send American men and women to die in an unjust and unjustified war.
    and “tinpot tyrants and madmen” just about describes GW Bush and his manipulators…
    since when is Chavez a “despotic leader”? he was democratically elected — only for this to be contested by an American-funded putsch.
    wake up, learn to question your own assumptions and stop seeing reality through the restrictive goggles of your own personal biases.

  7. SC&A Says:

    Chavez became a despot when it became illegal to criticize him in his own country.

    He also became a dicatator when he announced his intention to retain the office of President, elections and his own popularity notwithstanding.

    Shall I go on, or are you finally out of the coma?

    I could start with Alhmahdinejad and a regime that a long record of persecuting religios minorities, especially the Baha’i. In addition, that regime has a record of the most cruel and unusual punishments- some meted bt judges that readily admit assigning teh death penalty becaus the didn’t like the defendent.

    Conratulations- clearly, you are the idiot of the week.

    As for your assertion that Bush, et al, are the real tin pot dictators, well, that is proof enough of your stupidity.

    Save your parents money or pay them back.

    Education isn’t your strong suit.

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