** UPDATED** “When Will You Be Finished, Michaelangelo?”

September 26, 2006

In what has to be bad news for the MSM and the hard left, three newsworthy items converge. Bill Clinton’s contrived and crafted phony outrage, ongoing radical Muslim rage at the Pope and the next chapter in the saga of dysfunctional Arab regimes, all contribute in a way that highlights the MSM Emperor’s wardrobe.

Firstly, the radical Islamists are still acting up and ‘demanding’ an apology from the Pope Benedict XVI, for remarks he made inviting Islam to dialogue. Either by design or ignorance, radical Islamists either deliberately misinterpreted the Pope’s remarks or were unable to understand them (though it is difficult to underfstand exactly how anyone can misinterpret the Pope’s remark that

“…only by recognizing the “rationality of faith’’ do people “become capable of that genuine dialogue of cultures and religions so urgently needed today.’’

In any event, there is an ongoing effort by some Muslims to keep the trumped up ‘issue’ alive.

In today’s Toronto Star, there is an article, Benedict Should Come Clean, in which a group of Canadian Muslims.

Pope Benedict XVI has still not apologized for equating Islam with violence in a speech and now seems to be using the ensuing controversy to forge an allegiance with conservative Muslims, Canada’s largest Arab organization says.

“He should come clean,” Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Federation, said yesterday after meeting with the Toronto Star editorial board.

His strong reaction stood in sharp contrast to those of Muslim envoys to the Vatican who met Benedict yesterday to discuss fallout from a speech the Pope gave Sept. 12.

The Star article did not indicate Mr. Mouammar’s response to the Pope’s remarks concerning the lack of religious tolerance in the Islamic world. That is more than a bit troubling. If religious tolerance is unacceptable in much of the Islamic world, why would we believe that religious tolerance would be accepted in the west? Indeed, Canada had to fend off demands that the legal system accept that Sharia Law be adopted as an ‘alternative’ legal system in certain instances. That was opposed by many, including Muslim women, in what was an ugly and often bitter public exchanges, with charges, counter charges and even threats of violence.

As long as there are those who willingly support the regimes of the repressive and dysfunctional regimes of so much of the Islamic world, against the free nations and democracies, we can rightly assume that those dysfunctional, bigoted and hateful ideologies also serve as acceptable ideologies of those in the west that support those regimes. If they were not acceptable ideologies, no one would support the regimes and leaders that espouse them.

The media and the left, so intent on fanning the flames of religious intolerance that might denigrate and undermine the Judeo-Christian foundation of democratic and free states, conveniently neglect to mention the political agenda and deliberate misrepresenation of many of the Pope’s critics.

This week, Bill Clinton went down in flames- nobly, of course. The MSM and the left are all a twitter, because Bill Clinton, beautifully and articulately lied his pants off. It didn’t matter that Mr Clinton wasn’t telling the truth- the proud moment was achieved because he lied with polish, poise and earnestness. The MSM and left are so proud!

Rather than be ashamed of a former President of the United States boldly lying on national television, much of the MSM and the left believe they can finally touch themselves in public, for a change. It matters little to them that a former president has annointed himself with credibility equal to that of Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez and Bashar Assad. Clinton lied, with panache and style and so, he’s a hero to many.

Of course, Mr Clinton is a very smart man. Mr Clinton knew his record would be examined and he also knew that record would not bear him out- and it is precisely because of that, he felt compelled to lie.

Mr Clinton will not leave the legacy he so desperately wants to leave. His image will not be chiseled onto Mount Rushmore, awarded that lofty status by a national groundswell of love and admiration.

In lieu of that, Mr Clinton has chosen to be victim- the perfect victim. He wants to be seen as hounded by the right and Fox News, and denied his destiny by the evil of his persecutors. It doesn’t matter that he lied, to the nation, a Grand Jury, or Chris Wallace. Mr Clinton meant well, and that is enough. We do not need an honest president- we just need one who means well, defined as anyone that adopts an agenda of the left and articulates any disagreement as persecution.

The MSM and left are perfectly happy with those arrangements.

Finally, Australian Prime Minister John Howard noted in a speech, a few simple realities:

“There must be unconditional acceptance throughout the entire Arab world, without exception, of Israel’s right to exist in peace and security behind recognised borders,” he said.

“The entire Arab world – including Syria, Hizbollah and Hamas and in addition Iran – must give up forever the idea that the Israelis can be driven into the sea.”

In another example of the left and the MSM have redefined reality, Mr Howard says the obvious- and that becomes front page news.

What is particularly amusing is the context in which the Arab world rejection of Israel is presented- as if diplomatic recognition of Israel was being witheld as a kind of ‘punishment.’

Israel does not need diplomatic recognition by some of the world’s most backward and repressive regimes in the world. Israel does not need to maintain relations with nations that have cultivated a society that embraces hate, bigotry and racism. Israel does not need relations with regimes that can offer her nothing.

On the other hand, Israel maintains relations with most of the nations of the civiized world- and even ‘quiet’ relations with nations that for one reason or another, cannot publicly acknowledge those relations.

Those nations that maintain ties with Israel, have benefitted from those strong economic, cultural and world class educational ties. Most nations in the Arab world can best be described as economic, cultural and educational failures. They are third world backwaters.

It is not Israel that has suffered from lack of diplomatic relations with the Arab world.

When Michaelangelo was commissioned to paint the painting the celing of theSistine Chapel in 1508, Pope Julius II had no idea the job would take 4 years. Nor did anyone know that Michaelangelo would need 30 years to paint the entire Sistine Chapel. For a very long time, Pope and their successors would ask, ‘When will you be finished, Michaelangelo?” His response was something to the effect of ‘I am Michaleangelo. It will be done when I am finished.’

The MSM and the left are asking when the right will be done ‘persecuting’ them and rejecting their tired worn out and rejected ideologies. The MSM and the left it seems, refuse to abandon an environment where deceit and repression are cultivated.

In fact, it is the right that are modern day Michaelangelo’s, filled with creativity, ideas and beliefs that empower the individual and his potential. Like great art, ideas too, mirror reflections of the truth.

Americans and those who celebrate freedom and democracy, will not back down until the deceit stops- no matter how long that takes.


The Anchoress proves once more that quiet truth outdoes bluster every time. She clearly exposes the obsessions of left and MSM. As far as they are concerned,

…Clinton is not the right president to prove a “liar.” The press wants desperately to bring down a president, but Clinton is not the one. And so, facts-schmacts, the only facts that matter are the ones the master can pull out of thin air.

And if that doesn’t demonstrate, more than anything, that we are living in an age of diabolical disorientation, where up is down (the excellent economic news is bad) and right is wrong (men who served with John Kerry know nothing about him) and truths are lies, (US policy from 1998 on was regime change in Iraq, but only until we did it) I don’t know what can.

I feel no great thrill here to see Clinton in a purple rage, nor to see how brilliantly some parts of the blogosphere responded, because in the end our limited audience will always been trumped by the vast and attention-span-challenged audience of the MSM, who click on, absorb a thirty second “Clinton good, others bad” sound bite and click out.

The Anchoress is clear and concise, qualities abhored by many on the left and the media, because those qualities are rooted and clear and not easily subject to obfuscation. That is more than a bit ironic- after all, it is journalists that are supposedly dedicated to telling us the truth.

Cross posted at The Sanity Squad.

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  1. Ali Eteraz Says:

    this is one of your best written posts.

  2. [...] Update: It’s spooky how often Siggy and I dovetail: He writes: This week, Bill Clinton went down in flames- nobly, of course. The MSM and the left are all a twitter, because Bill Clinton, beautifully and articulately lied his pants off. It didn’t matter that Mr Clinton wasn’t telling the truth- the proud moment was achieved because he lied with polish, poise and earnestness. The MSM and left are so proud! [...]

  3. tecmorose Says:

    My blog tackles many of the same issues with little of the seriousness. If you’re looking for some satire to add a little humor to things, check out http://underdogs.wordpress.com


  4. MaxedOutMama Says:

    Oh, how funny! I don’t know why, but the “Bad-Ass Bill Clinton” incarnation makes me splutter with laughter.

    You are right, but please don’t take my lightheartedness away. I am enjoying this too much.

    The difference between Benedict XVI and Bill Clinton is that Benedict knows that ideas matter and that he doesn’t; Bill Clinton thinks that he matters and that ideas don’t.

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