Back To Politics And The Soap Opera World We Live In

September 28, 2006

Soap operas are addictive.

The Anchoress wrote an interesting post, Our instincts Serve Us Well, in which she discusses and examines the influence of TV on our lives. She notes,

The idea of watching Oprah Winfrey at any time, but most of all while cooking dinner, has always been completely repellent to me, and news and ballgames are not substitutes for suppertime interaction. In our house supper was (and remains) the one time of the day when brakes were applied to everyone’s own busy concerns, and we checked in with each other. How’s school? How’s work? What word did you learn today, can you use it in a sentence? I read such-and-such today, and I thought…What do you think of this-or-that-thing that is happening in the world? Really? How did you reach that conclusion? Tell me more, I am interested in your ideas!

…What is particularly unsettling, these days, is how ubiquitous televisions are – they cannot be avoided. The last time I went shoe shopping with a kid I felt assaulted by the multiple televisions blaring while we looked at sneakers. It was so difficult to talk, to hear each other, and to think. I left the store without making a purchase, moved on to yet another store full of yakking televisions, (then to the haircutter whose set was going full boar) and when I got back to my quiet little house I realized why I hate going out so very much, these days.

Well, not everyone is like The Anchoress- or not many people are as aware as she is of how our lives are influenced by ideologies that are now framed as entertainment.

For a small investment each day, legions of soap fans become an integral part of some imaginary character’s life, rejoicing in made for TV joys and suffering in made for TV tragedies. Many people are drawn into the plots and subplots of each storyline, rooting for their heroes. They are equally as passionate about the characters they loathe, pleading with their beloved characters to ‘wake up!’ or ‘look out!’ for the troubles they see coming.

The plots are predicatable, of course. No one can be happy for too long and no one escapes the evil machinations of characters that every now and then, seem to be on the brink of a transformation to the good side, only to slip back into their evil ways, coercecd by others or by their own nature.

Of course, soap operas come in all kinds of guises- and they are not just the purview of women, as is often thought. In fact, most soap operas addicts are men.

‘Professional’ wrestling is a soap opera, with good guys and bad guys, all putting on a show. There is backhandedness and trickery, and women of questionable repute, never far from the bedroom, or so it seems. The entertainment of that kind of ‘professional’ wrestling lends itself to the subplots and machinations of the heroes or villains of the month. Fans are loyal to one character or another and over time, good becomes evil and evil becomes good. The drama is riveting.

That drama isn’t quite as profound in professional sports- but that too, is a kind of soap opera. Fans, die hard loyalists, share in the glory and the misery of every play on the field and every win or loss. Joy and anger are never far from the fore- all because of what happens with a ball.

Of course, watching sports, in it’s purist form, is about competition and appreciation of excellence. Real sportsmen and athletes understand this. Olympic competitors that help each other out, are recognized as great sportsmen and unselfish. Real sportsmen and athletes want to be challenged by the best competition. They could care less about the brouhaha that is the soap opera designed for the fans. To a real sportsman or athlete, criticism by a couch potato, beer swilling oaf, yelling at his TV set, is meaningless.

Politics too, has become a soap opera, and now, we are all beginning to pay the price.

The soap opera that is politics, is not much different than the soap opera that is ‘professional wrestling.’ There are no rules, and there is no expectation of decency.

Politicians lie- we al know this. Nevertheless, we attach significance to their endeavors as if they were credible.

Bill Clinton goes on national TV and lies- and he is applauded for his efforts. Further, he is celebrated by others in his party, knowing full well he lied. They believe it is alright to propagate those lies because they believe their agenda alone is sacred and that gives them special privileges. People cannot be trusted to think for themselves. The rules of decent and behavior do not apply to them. Bill Clinton cannot escape his ‘born on the wrong side of the tracks’ character, and the political legacy of that past has been passed on to a new generation. For the left, deceit, dirty fighting and bullying are the necessary characteristics of what it means to be a liberal today. They have as much respect for differing and divergent opinions as did Stalin, Poll Pot or Che. Disagree and you become a traitor, no matter how long you have supported their causes. An exaggeration? Ask Joe Lieberman, who has been so disrespected as of late. He was dismissed and openly disregarded by leftists at the Democratic Convention.

George Bush is the most secretive president this country has ever had. In a nation where keeping secrets is not acceptable, that is a bad thing. This administration believes that the nation is best served by keeping almost everything secret- even those things that do not be needed to be hidden away. George Bush, that well packaged and handled Texas ‘everyman,’ is really a privileged heir of the silver spoon, cannot connect fully with the American people. Like their counterparts on the left, they believe people cannot be trusted to think for themselves. Like the left, the administration will not countenance divergent opinions. Voice dissent and you are ‘out of the loop.’

American politics has become a soap opera, with heroes and villains and millions of fans deciding on their loyalties every few years.

The Arab world is a soap opera, too. In the course of a day, Arabs will say they want peace- even as they celebrate the likes of the murderous and racist Hezbollah and Hamas.

Like our political parties (only armed), they exist only to enrich themselves, and keep the Arab masses down, as that serves the needs of the dysfunctional Arab regimes. In a perverted way, who can blame them? Their lives are meaningless and they have no future- and that is exactly how these racist, murderous and dysfunctional regimes want it. They understand very well that frustrated and helpless people dream about anything that appears to empower them and give them any illusion of credibility or greatness- even if that dream is caricature.
In truth, the Palestinian and Arab world want what their leaders will not allow them to have- peace and prosperity. Why? Because peace and prosperity are the result of freedom and democracy- those things the dysfunctional Arab leadership abhor. They are slave owners, no more and no less. They have managed to usurp their faith into being the heartless and cruel slave overseer, dictating what is and isn’t allowed- and the punishments for violating their rules.

Soap operas and ‘professional wrestling’ are easy to understand. There are extremes of good and evil, strong and weak. Many Americans have been sucked into that same dimension of unreality, as if one side or the other were pure goodness or evil incarnate.

In reality, the people that voice that kind of drivel are irrelevant. One of the great hallmarks of any civilization is the willingness to ‘live and let live’ and the willingness to compromise. The vast majority of Americans understand that. We have said before that real world Americans are perfectly capable of getting along and even thriving. living alongside those of differing views and opinions. Of course, that is what scares the extremists on either side- that their views take second place behind what is the great American history of ‘live and let live.’

If you want to understand what an America dominated by extremists would look like, one only has to see the implosion of the Arab world. The only difference is that political ideologies will become a substitute for religion, with the requisite persecutions by various factions.

Soap operas. Just what we need, now.

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4 Responses to “Back To Politics And The Soap Opera World We Live In”

  1. Ken Says:

    …What is particularly unsettling, these days, is how ubiquitous televisions are – they cannot be avoided. The last time I went shoe shopping with a kid I felt assaulted by the multiple televisions blaring while we looked at sneakers. It was so difficult to talk, to hear each other, and to think.

    Two words: “M-M-M-M-MAX HEADROOM!”

  2. BWE Says:

    The interesting thing about drama, soap operas or “entertainment” packaged in semi-reality as full-fledged reality (politics, wrestling, sports, etc) is that it is designed. It is packaged with the intention of creating emotional responses and minimizing intellectual responses. If the left can make us angry about, say, health care, minority rights or the environment, they can make us want to take action without having to understand why or to even understand the specifics of policy aimed at “fixing” the problems. If the right can make us “fear” terrorist activity in America or an “assault” on religion, then they can get us to support policies without understanding them. So we end up with money being appropriated for causes rather than for our own considered needs. We end up voting for things which, given information we probably would vote against.

    The grim truth is that it works so we can expect more of the same. Swift boat style lies are not needed to be true. They only need to make us angry. The “right wing conspiracy” doesn’t need to be real to be scary.

    A bumper sticker can sum up our emotional reactions so well that we can completely debate an issue in traffic. We can watch a commentator and feel like we have recieved “information”. The opinion becomes the information.

    It makes control easier and creates a system that favors unscrupulous people. That’s how we get politicians smoking crack with whores and still getting elected. That’s how we get people who will still defend and vote for an administration that is not only caught in lie after lie but doesn’t even address the fact.

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    Easy to say when you don’t have to support it with details.

  3. SC&A Says:

    Well said, BWE.

    We are allowing entertainment to supplant a part of reality.

    Political conventions are more about entertainment than they are abour politics and State of the Union addresses now only serve as the basis for vicious and partisan attacks- with the content of that address assumed to be deceitful by design.

    And so on and so on…

  4. March Hare Says:

    And it’s why the political opinions of celebrities–whether they be singers, actors, or athletes–are given more creedence than those who have studied the matter.

    You also end up with “pundits”–Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, Franken, Ivins–who are as much about presentation as about facts.

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