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Politics isn’t what it used to be. The political process has degraded into a free for all, with no groundrules. Deceit and obfuscation have become the reality du jour.

As the election seasons approach and the rhetoric heats up, both sides are attempting to obscure reality. Can we, as a nation, afford that? Shall we tolerate that?

Today, we will look at the implosion of the left. Tomorrow, we will look at the implosion of the right. There is a lot they have in common, not the least of which are the ideologues that refuse to deal with the reality that there is even a problem within ‘their own house’ that must be dealt with.

For a long time, the Left was a part of what can best be described as an integral part of the conscience of our society.

The Left fed many mouths every day and provided services that no one else did, gratis, and without question- and continues to do so. It was the Left that stood at the forefront of civil liberties and human rights activism in this country. It is a proud legacy.

The same of course, can be said for the Right. Organized charities, religious or conservative in origin, founded hospitals, schools and have provided all kinds of social services to the most needy and unfortunate in our society.

We suspect that to the recipients of that much needed help, it mattered not where on the political or religious spectrum those who helped, stood.

It is also hard not to notice the degradation in the values that helped define the Left and Right, and that has resulted in the vitriol and hate that has become an integral part of our political landscape.

As we said, the Left once represented the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a large part of society. The support the Left gave socialism and even communism, was in truth, a manifestation of of an intense desire that all men would benefit equally from the collective efforts of a nation. Whether one accepts the viability of that ideology, in it’s origin, the Left’s efforts were sincere and honest. They wanted to see the injustices of the day, dispatched forever. The American Left never saw their version of socialism and communism as oppressive or stifling. They want to be, in their own version of ‘that shining city on the hill.’

It is easy, with hindsight, to criticize many ideas of the Left. By the same token, it is easy to criticize many ideas the Right supported.

It is the degradation and political legacies we wish to address.

The Left has gone from supporting ideologies that were inclusive and universal, to supporting ideologies that are fascist. There is no way any observer can come to any other conclusion. A lot of the moral capital earned by the Left, has been squandered in the support of causes that are clearly bankrupt and by ignoring causes that go begging.

The Left watched as Rwanda paid with the blood of over a million men, women and children. The Left stands idly by as Darfur unfolds, in slow motion, as testimony to the cruelest nature of man. The list goes on and on, as atrocities from Sierra Leone to those dispensed by Middle East despots and religious zealots are ignored. If it stopped there, well, that would be bad enough. However, it goes much further. The left now openly supports fascist ideologies.

The support the Left has for Islamic and Middle Eastern regimes- terror supporting regimes- is perhaps the most disturbing. These regimes make no excuse for their politics or their support for terror. That these regimes have used religion as justification for their barbarism is cynically exploited by the left. One the one hand, says the Left, ‘we must respect their religion,’ and on the other hand, they point to religion and say, ‘This is the evil religion represents. We must separate ourselves from religion.’

That idea is of course is deceitful, at best. To compare what passes for Islam today and other religions, is preposterous, and a deliberate attempt to hide the truth.

The vast majority of Islam today, is an extension of fascist ideology. The calls for death to non believers- from the pulpit- and in schools, throughout much of the Islamic world speaks for itself.

The focus is on other religions and minorities. There is no pretense of acknowledgement of reality- that virtually all Arab suffering for example, is brought about because of Arab world shortcomings. It is always the fault of someone else and even the most vile behavior can be encouraged, tolerated, accepted, and apologized for, as long as that behavior is pointed outward. The Left will be at the forefront of that. Of course, if a reform group in Syria or Egypt demands justice and equality, the Left is nowhere to be found. The Left now focuses all it’s efforts to disparage free societies and movements that aspire to freedom. They have made that very clear with their silence on moral issues. The Left have become the Storm Troopers for fascism. They see it as incumbent upon themselves to put out any attempt to establish a free society, by ignoring the efforts, or disparaging the efforts by supporting those fascists who will put down freedom at every opportunity. They have openly chosen their bedfellows, the Islamists.

Let’s be clear. Supporting the Islamist agenda is supporting Arab regimes. Supporting the Islamist apologists is supporting the Arab regimes. To be clear, Arab regimes are in the running for all time worst- and that includes, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler.

Think for a minute. When else in history has religious support for a democratic government been unanimous and unequivocal? In free societies, religion has always been a reluctant supporter of war and violence. Yet now in the Arab world and much of the Islamic world, we see widespread support and encouragement for war and violence. In that world, imams vie with each other as to who is the most radical and vicious, with ever escalating calls to violence and degradeation.

In a culture that prides itself on faith and morality, many think nothing of rape as a mode of religious expression. On the one hand, they insist that women dress modestly- and if they refuse, violent sex is the weapon of choice to instill religious punishment.

Is much Islam so distant from morality? Has the religion that once gave the world so much, now relegated itself to a caricature of serious religious thought and expression?


As we have said on many occasions, does anyone really believe that Arab world religious leaders are really religious? Does anyone think that despotic and tyrannical regimes that pay these religious leaders believe they would continue to do so if they espoused an anti violence stance? If an Arab ‘religious leader’ were to stand up and be counted as an anti violence moderate, he would be shot.

Arab Islamic religious leaders are no more than a billboard for the governments and ideologies they serve. Many Islamic leaders in the this country and in Europe, maintain their flocks by providing a bit of ‘home away from home’- (and the check from the Saudi ‘religious funds,’ helps, too) and thus the rhetoric of violence and hate flourishes.

If the governments are obscene, so are these ‘religious leaders’- and these are the movements the Left is defending, apologizing for and supporting.

As we have said on more than one occasion, they are not our moral equals, and the Left pretending that they are, only serves to highlight that reality.

The next essay will discuss the changes on the Right.

*UPDATE* Dr Sanity has an interesting and relevant post on matters of terrorists and the roots of terror, as well as the assessment of terror.

“There seems to be a pervasive belief (encouraged, I must add, by many people in the mental health field) that all bad behavior by adults can be explained by earlier abuse or trauma; and therefore adults who have been traumatized should not be held responsible for their own behavior, and are, in fact, the helpless victims of circumstance. Or, to paraphrase from West Side Story: they’re depraved on acount of they’re deprived.

This remarkable attitude has never been an aspect of a psychiatry or psychology that I am familiar with and is a perversion of the desire to understand and explain the root causes of behavior–NOT to excuse such behavior.”

The empirical truth of the remarks are hard to miss. Dr Sanity further goes on to say,

“If the moderate believers in Islam want to continue to excuse terrorists and their fellow Muslims, they must recognize that they are condoning murder in the name of their religion. When they and members of the Left resort to intricate conspiracy theories to further justify the behavior of the Islamofascists in their midst, then they are not only encouraging terror, but must assume reponsibility for its cultivation and spread.”

Read the entire post here, for both Dr Sanity’s clear original content and the excellent links she provides. On a day when suicide bombers declare war on children in Iraq- and do so with the name of God on their lips, understanding the perversions we face becomes imperative.

Most of this post has been published, earlier.

The current escalating and frenzied brouhaha over disgraced former congressman Tom Foley, is reaching new heights of absurdity, with some politcians and pundits declaring the events an example of ‘conservative’ or Republican ‘family values.’

We noted that mental illness and sexual perversity crosses partisan political lines (much as some continue to deny that), an idea that for today at least, upsets many leftists and Democrats.

Reality has never been the strong suit of extremist political ideologues of any stripe. As we have noted,

Their stupidity is a given. You can’t be select in claiming the moral high ground.

In 1973, Gerry Studds, the Democrat representative from Massachusetts, engaged in sex with a male Congressional page.

In 1990, Steve Gobie was found to be running a prostitution business from Massachussetts Demiocrat Congressman Barney Frank’s apartment.

Robert Byrd, former Klan Kleagle (’The Klan wasn’t so bad, really’), is a revered (if somewhat confused) Democrat and Teddy Kennedy (’I forgot to call the police but I did remember to call my family, lawyers, the state Democrat machine leaders and  Kennedy PR person) can’t seem to put teh strange death of Mary Jo Kopechne  behind him.

Frank refused to resign (despite calls from the Boston Globe, among others, to do just that), claiming he knew nothing of Gobie’s actions. The Washington Post reported Gobie’s denial, claiming that Frank was well aware of his activity for two years. When it was discovered that Frank had ‘fixed’ over 30 parking tickets for Gobie, Barney Frank threatened to ‘out’ other gay congressmen.

Gerry Studds refused to apologize for his behavior with a minor. Nice.

The current phony outrage of ‘who knew what, when,’ as it relates to an email exchange, is asbsurd. As we noted in The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye,

Cable TV has gone to great lengths to investigate everything from the search for Noah’s Ark to using the latest forensic techniques to determine the cause of death of Egyptian mummies. How come no one is looking at the death of Mary Jo Kopechne? Are we waiting for all the witnesses to die? Why aren’t Teddy ‘I forgot to call the police’ Kennedy demanding an investigation that might clear their beloved senator from Massachusetts?

How is it the frenzied chase for phony Texas National Guard documents is a bigger story than that of a UN Senator that ended up with a dead body in his car that was never really explained or investigated?

It is with these questions and the current public display of political hypocrisy, that we republish Two Six Shooters And Sacred Cows, Chapter Two, below:

Remember Two Six Shooters And Sacred Cows? Good, because we’re at it again.

We decided to update because we struck a chord with two previous posts, The Left, Fascism and Islamism, and What’s Wrong With The Right.

This post will cover a number of issues and please no one, but we don’t care.

The Karl Rove Affair is at best, an assemblage of a liars and idiots. No one is telling the truth. Let’s start with that.

Karl Rove is a sanctimonious self serving, self absorbed idiot. The country is at war. He holds an important position in the White House. What the hell is he doing talking to reporters about Joseph Wilson? Doesn’t Mr Rove have better things to do? Is playing ‘chicken’ with reporters a part of his mandate?

Mr Wilson has proven his integrity (or lack thereof) when he lied about his wife not recommending him (and he was completely ill equipped for the job- diplomatic cocktail parties do not equip one as a nuclear expert) for the Niger yellow cake assignment and the material facts on the ground. At the time, his wife was not a covert CIA operative- and hadn’t been one for a few years. The fact that he carefully crafted his testimony to appear deceitful only adds to Wilson’s irrelevance. That’s reality, folks. Further, it bears reminding those calling for Mr Rove’s head, that Valerie Plamme’s idiot husband- the very same Joseph Wilson, ‘outed’ her before anyone else did, on his website and while making the social rounds on the DC party circuit, long before Rove did.

It’s hard to say who the bigger idiot is.

What is clear the level of deceit has intensified. Behind curtain number one, is John Kerry.

John Kerry has yet to keep his promise and release all his military records (George Bush has yet to provide mysteriously disappearing documents. We can find every document related to Werner Von Braun and Navajo code talkers, but we can’t find documents related to two politicians).

Anybody that has served in the military has buddies that will stand up for him at a moments notice, and vouch for his whereabouts (with them) at any given time. We’re waiting. Mr Kerry, for any of your ‘Band of Brothers to step forward and defend you with their last breath- and we’re not talking about some yahoo you can dig up and pay off.

Not enough meat for you? John Kerry, in his only verifiable display of work in the Senate, rushes to kill legislation that would continue the search for MIA’s in Vietnam. He bends over backwards, calls in favors and shuts down debate on the MIA matter.

As soon as the matter closes, John Kerry’s first cousin gets a billion dollar sweetheart real estate contract with Vietnam. Here’s another beaut- Kerry has prevented the Vietnam Human Rights Bill from coming to a vote in the Senate. That might upset Teresa, you see, because Heinz has a huge manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Why? Because according to Heinz, ketchup has to be fresh. Now, ketchup has a shelf life that matches the half life of plutonium (look in your pantry, fridge or junk drawers for the drive thru packages)- which is course is irrelevant to the fact that Heinz can pay workers 35 cents a week.

Reporting for duty, our collective asses. He left the MIA and POW issues so his cousin could make a buck. Nice. And remember- there are credible reports of MIA sightings. If there were any Americans left alive, John Kerry helped to bury them.

Feel good, Bush supporters? Well, you had better get a cup, because your guy is up next.

Anybody that has served in the military has buddies that will stand up for him at a moments notice, and vouch for his whereabouts (with them) at any given time. We’re waiting. Mr Bush, for any of your ‘Band of Brothers to step forward and defend you with their last breath- and we’re not talking about some yahoo you can dig up and pay off.

In 1986, a soft oil market killed nearly every player, but somehow, GW Bush’s worth nothing company was bought out and GW Bush ended up with $600,000 worth of another company’s stock. Not clear enough? OK, you can be a lousy businessman but if your dad is VP, you make money. The buyer, Harkin Energy, also had some sweetheart executive compensation plans- Mr Bush bought stock at 40% of market value. Harkin lost money and GW Bush made over a million bucks. All public record, folks.

The truth isn’t kind to either Mr Kerry or Mr Bush.

In January 1990, Harken Energy made news. A company with no offshore-oil-drilling, real experience or even big assets, beat out Amoco, in acquiring the exclusive contract to drill in a promising new offshore oil field for the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain. That’s the equivalent of you, gentle reader, performing brain surgery. As an insider to the deal said, the President’s son did not initiate the deal, but felt that his presence on the board helped with the Bahrainis. “Hell, that’s why he’s on the damn board,” the insider says. “…You say, ‘By the way, the president’s son sits on our board.’ You use that. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

So there you have it, self righteous supporters of your respected candidates.

Why are we recounting these events now? Because on either side of the political spectrum, you think you can portray yourselves as the virgins that would be raped at the altar of evil. And you morons are gearing up for the next slugfest, deceit at the ready.

You are all miserable lying bastards- willing to do or say anything, to get the guy who deceived you into thinking he gives a damn about you, elected.

Onwards. So George Bush’s Middle East policy isn’t to your liking and your distraught? Too bad. Where were you when Bill Clinton was President? Where were you when Jimmy Carter was running in circles?

Since 1948, US foreign policy in the Middle East as regards Israel and the Arab countries has been remarkably consistent. Cessation of hostilities, mutual recognition and secure and peaceful borders. Quit your bitching, you are only displaying your ignorance.

Don’t get us started on Iraq, or you’ll pay dearly. The war is a just war and the White House is guilty of not prosecuting the war properly- and every day, we are being kept in the dark, for no reason.

Got a problem with Hillary Clinton, Lefty? Too bad. She is on the money when she says there are too many abortions out there. Quit bitching that telling the truth is selling out. As Sarah Blustain said, “Abortion is a right that ends in sorrow. Democratic rhetoric in the future must acknowledge this fact.” Do you think ‘I’ve had an abortion and I’m proud of it’ tshirts accurately reflects the feelings of most women that have had the procedure? If you do think that way, your right to vote ought to be taken away. You are that stupid- and if you are not that stupid and you spout that crap by design, than you are an out and out pig of a human being. Yes, tell your mom and dad I said that about you. If they disagree with me, well, they are pigs, too.

The Right has no business to say or do but to applaud Hillary on her stance. Does her politics exclude her from the righteousness of telling the truth? Do you think you can dismiss her with the wave of your hand? Good thing Jesus didn’t dismiss prostitutes- but then again, that doesn’t fit your agenda, does it? As for getting rid of abortion, as we have said before, we will consider the idea once plans are in place for taking care of all the unwanted children- and yes, we’d like to see the money. Taking care of kids isn’t like going to church, a once a week affair.

While we’re talking about Hillary, do you believe that just because the Canadian and UK model of universal health care doesn’t work, we can’t have a system that does work? Do you think that everybody without coverage is somehow lacking? Well, that just goes to show how big a fraud you are. Tell us that a minority or otherwise 5 year old child should not have full access to health care? What did that 5 year old ever do to you? Who the hell are you to deny a child help? And you want to outlaw abortion and have even more children without healthcare on the streets- in neighborhoods you never drive through? How very nice of you.

Do you think universal health care should be equal healthcare? Grow up. It won’t be and it shouldn’t be. We have no business creating another level of welfare and further, we have a right to to buy better health care if we can. We work, we pay taxes and we have the right to spend our money as we see fit. You want to tell me what services I can and cannot have? OK. Would you like me to tell you who you can and cannot marry? Get off your high horses, those of you that think you can tell us how to live our lives. Get a job and be responsible for another human being (being on welfare- and that includes living off of any of daddy’s money or a scholarship- doesn’t count), then pontificate.

We had better stop now. We’re just getting warmed up.

*UPDATE* A comment to this post and an email wanted to bring to our attention that Mr Kerry did indeed release his military records. That is absolutely true. It is also true that Mr Kerry did not release all his records. As was his right, he chose to withold the release of certain documents. Mr Kerry, like Mr Bush, have made sure their less than stellar military records were made available.

Another correspondent (a regular reader) was upset we did not make clear the ‘non connection between Saddam and Al Queda- and that was evidence of the ‘lies’ that brought us into war.

We didn’t attest to that because it isn’t true- and implying it was true only serves to highlight the truism that if you repeat a lie long enough, there are enough idiots to believer that lie. The Saddam-Al Queada connection has long been known. See this. The links are clear and beyond reproach. The truth is like that, so go cry on Kos shoulder.

Now, before some of you get aroused, there is the flip side. In fact, blaming Bill Clinton for 9/11 would be like blaming Franklin Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor. There was no way that we could have anticipated what was coming- because Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr and the preceding White House occupants of both parties thought we’d be immune to radical Islamist terror. That means they were, as a group, collectively stupid and surrounded themselves with stupid people and stupid advisors.

We were stupid, too, because we allowed ourselves to be sold the idea that we could talk our way out of ‘problems.’ The reality is that succeeding generations of Americans and American presidents were screwed over by generations of Islamic power brokers that wanted to do just that- screw us over.

Now that we’re addressing the problem (barely), they aren’t happy. If and when the day comes that we actually do the right thing and decide to handle the issue as it should be handled, the problem will be resolved in short order. People are like kids- when they understand there are serious consequences- and not just talking- behavior changes.

In the meantime, neither side has the stones to do what needs to be done.

As we have mentioned earlier, Islamists want us to believe that if they rape women, it isn’t their fault. They want us to believe that terror isn’t their fault- like the women they rape, we bring it on ourselves and we need to accomodate

Islamists are perfect, despite the fact that they tell us who they wish to kill and why. They have contributed so much to mankind.

OK, show us an Arab nation that we can look up to. Show us a regime we need to emulate. Show us the paradise where Islamic Law provides for earthly delights. There aren’t any, you say? OK, why not clean up the filth at home, first?

To date, neither side of the political powers that be see the reality. Instead, they all dance with terror supporters and apologists.

Bastards- all of them.


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