Come on, you know you what you want meat for your mind. You know you want the flavors, taste and satisfaction only searing meat on the grill can serve up.

We know that, ‘I won’t eat it if it has a face,’ is phony, self righteous drivel. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t spend absurd amounts of money on phony bacon, phony sausage, phoney, hot dogs, phony burgers, phony turkey and all other phony meat products.

For most mental vegetarians, denying meat is like denying the destiny of your own genitalia. There is a reason most romance is preceded by the courting ritual of dining, as opposed sharing the pleasurable experience of adding various expelled biological material to compost heap near the family lentil patch.

Dr Sanity’s Carnival Of The Insanities will satisfy your need for mental meat (and will stimulate that ‘hello, remember me?,’ of that underused…never mind) and feed your Sears fashion-like minds.

Luxuriate in meat for your mind. It is your destiny!


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