Kerry, Election Fraud, The Left And The Idiots Who Want Our Troops Out Of Iraq

November 6, 2006

The Anchoress has a few more than interesting post, each worthy of a read and reread. See Speaking Of John Kerry And Doom, Doom, Doom.

I just found this archived piece which discusses how the press has protected this man for sooooo long, now. The writing is about the 2004 election, but it can all be applied to this election to, both as regards the press making excuses for Kerry’s latest gaffe, and to the so-called “anti-incumbent” feeling the press tells us will destroy the GOP this year. An excerpt…

In Election Fraud, Past And Present, The Anchoress was good enough to offer up this oldie but goodie:


Remember when the DNC book contained this gem?

The Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee are advising election operatives to declare voter intimidation — even if none exists, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

A 66-page mobilization plan to be issued by the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee states: “If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a ‘pre-emptive strike.’”

The Anchoress then goes on to note some of the more egregious examples of more recent blatant voter fraud. Ditsy Christy Hardin Smith, in a tizzy over ‘robocalls’ (and blames Carl Rove, of course) is unavailable for comment. At least capitalist tool Jane Hamsher has enough sense not not to have her name attached to those brilliant observations.

The smoke surrounding John Kerry’s recent display of arrogance has not really dissapated. In Apology Not Accepted, Blue Crab Boulevard notes the important- and nunaced differences between explanations and apologies:

…simply do not understand the offense that was given. They are incapable of understanding how deeply those words struck, botched joke or no. They cannot comprehend the level of pain that those words inflict. Because they cannot understand, they ascribe the outrage being expressed to political spin. They do not understand.

They do not, indeed cannot, understand what really motivates most of the men and women who choose to serve in the military. So they ascribe base motives and strut in supposed superiority. Their right to speak and think and act as they do is secured only by the people they denigrate. People like Mr. Griffin’s son, Spc. Kyle Andrew Griffin. Or like Spc. Benjamin James Slaven. They do not understand the depth of respect many people do have for those who choose to enlist and serve. Real and genuine respect, not spin, not phony expressions of support.

And their excuses pretending to be apologies will not be accepted.

Fausta has another look at the left, but from a different- and more disturbing, angle. Her post, Venezuela: Threats, Rallies And No UN Security Council Seat, is a look at the lefties with no makeup.

Rafael Ramirez, the government minister and head of PDVSA (the Venezuelan oil monopoly that owns CITGO in the USA) gave a speech last week where he specifically threated with firing from their jobs, physical force and “total anihilation” for those PDVSA employees who don’t reciprocate Hugo’s love of his people and who don’t conform to the party line, and for those who don’t support the Bolivarian revolution…

The International Herald Tribune’s saying that Venezuela’s Chavez threatens to revoke TV broadcasting licenses for private TV stations, accusing them of fomenting conspiracies against his government.

Fausta’s post presents the left as it really is, in all it’s ugliness.

It is with all this in mind we want to repost an updated, election version of To Those Idiots Who Want Our Troops Out Of Iraq.
So you want the US to leave Iraq.

OK, let’s talk about it. It won’t be a long conversation, so don’t worry about having to spend too much time out of the ether zone you inhabit. There is only one ground rule- Honesty. For a few minutes, pretend you care about reality.

You don’t care about the reasons we went to war. If it means screwing the President of the United States, you’re all for it. You will lie, misrepresent and even support and commit terror to do just that. It has nothing to do with the war. You just want to screw over the President and his supporters. This is about you and what you believe, because you are under the mistaken impression anyone really cares about you and the absurd and childish ideologies you embrace. Pay attention, we’ll come back to this.

You don’t give a rats ass about the Iraqis. You never have. As a matter of fact, you don’t care about anybody, except yourselves. You didn’t give a damn when Saddam was gassing people, and you didn’t give a damn when Uday was raping women at will. There was that pesky matter of the rape rooms, but you don’t give a damn about that. Hey, we’re being honest. The insurgents are ‘freedom fighters,’ looking to bring back the ‘good old days.’ That is what you are advocating, right? What could be better than a ‘knock at the door at night,’ and the summary execution of those who support freedom and democracy! After all, it’s about ‘Fuck George Bush,’ right?

Shut up, we have yet to get to the ‘Bush lied’ crap. That has nothing to do with you not caring about Iraqis. You don’t care about Cindy Sheehan or Casey Sheehan either. They are vehicles for your arousal- that’s it. Aww, don’t like getting called on it?

Besides Casey Sheehan, which dead vet has made a difference in your life? What’s the matter, did you think we would forget the ‘We support out troops when they shoot their officers signs’? Do you think we’d forget the assaults on US servicemen home on leave, or at home after having served their country?

Admit it- before you heard of Cindy Sheehan, you’d be just as happy to see Casey Sheehan have the crap kicked out him. That’s right. You’d be delighted to see Casey kicked around. Hell, you’d be happy to participate. He re-upped after a tour of duty. He was 24, not some kid of 18. He wanted to serve. He believed in what he was doing. If you were honest, you’d admit Casey Sheehan was everything you hate. He was a soldier, he believed in his mission and naturally, you think he was stupid. You don’t care about Cindy or Casey Sheehan, or anybody else that the crosses you planted for PR purposes, represent.

If you did, you’d have the common sense to understand that if you call the terrorists that killed Casey Sheehan ‘freedom fighters,’ what the hell do you think that makes the average Iraqi who wants the US to stay and wants to live in a free country? It doesn’t matter, you don’t care about the Iraqis- alive or dead. What passes for your prayers, the hope that the ‘freedom fighters’ will blow up more children being given candy by American soldiers, makes for great pictures. We understand that you don’t give a damn about Iraqis. Quit pretending you do. Standing in ’solidarity’ with organizations that promote terror or anti Semitism does not make you avant garde, informed or progressive. Such behavior only clearly identifies you for all time as a self absorbed idiot and a self centered bigot.

Let us make it clearer for you: Aligning yourself with and associating with most of these ‘peace organizations’ is like joining the Ku Klux Klan and declaring your support for human rights and equality. You see, when you get into bed with those that support terror against civilians, apologize for terror against civilians or fund terror against civilians, you and your precious beliefs become as relevant as a fly on cow manure. Still confused? Let’s try this one more time. Here is the rationale used by the very organizations you align yourself with:

“The U.S. and Israel are democracies, their governments are elected by their people — thus it is legitimate to attack their people.”

Got it? Think you can connect the dots? Do you get it yet? No? OK, we’ll explain further. Your new friends support and apologize for people who would rape your sister and your mother because they were dressed ‘provocatively,’ so it was their fault. Your new friends support people that would kill every gay and lesbian you know. Of course, they would kill every Jew, too, but you don’t care about that. After all, you have yet to denounce David Duke (he hates blacks, too, but since he hates Jews, you’ll give him a pass) and Stormfront, the Aryan Nations group that are headed down to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Like you, they are only too happy to cast America and the Jews (do you really believe calling them Zionists fools anyone?) as the great evil forces in the world today.

Maybe you can get your picture taken carrying an Adolph Hitler placard, or maybe you can wear a swastika armband. Don’t look so hurt. David Duke and Stormfront have made their intentions known for a long time. They support the same agenda you do! If you wanted to distance yourselves from them, you would have done so already. We’re almost at ‘Bush lied!’ so hang on.

While you haven’t denounced David Duke or Stormfront, you have no hesitation calling George Bush ‘Hitler.’ As a matter of fact, you love saying that. As we noted once before, don’t be surprised if your kids grow up to be conservatives- most of them would not tolerate your stupidity. There have been no revocations of civil rights and no martial law. There aren’t millions of people in concentration camps, put their for their beliefs or ethnicity. There aren’t people being rounded up, never to heard from again, as much as you wish for all those things to be true- so you can say George Bush is Hitler. You pray for all of those things to be true, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those terrible things came to pass? That you make those references speaks volumes about you.

Here’s some more of the truth: If we left Iraq now, we’d screw the Iraqis for the second time. That’s right. The first time we screwed them over was Gulf War One. We promised to support the Shia in their fight against Saddam, and we walked away. George Herbert Walker Bush made that mistake. If you really cared, you’d hold him accountable- and you should.

Of course, you don‘t really care- after all, what are few hundred thousand more dead Iraqis? If more Iraqis have to die in the future, so what? It’s all about getting GW, isn’t it?

We believe that you have the right to protest the war. As we have said, we ourselves are uncomfortable about the war in many ways. Whether or not you agree with the war is irrelevant when it comes to pulling out our troops. If we pull our troops out now, hundreds of thousands more Iraqis will die, slaughtered at the hands of yours and Cindy Sheehan’s ‘freedom fighters.’

George Bush didn’t lie to get us into this war. He relied on the intelligence that preceded him.- the UN, Russians, French and Brits all believed Saddam had WMD. The problem was that the intelligence was flawed. Bill Clinton was not responsible for the flawed intelligence- and that intelligence was gathered under his administration. That has been made clear. Grow up. That is another truth you hate- and that is another reason you need this to be about George Bush. Of course, as it turns out, not all the intelligence was flawed. Turns out the Saddam did have a viable WMD nuclear program after all.

Who is supporting Cindy Sheehan? The same people who can’t abide George Bush. The same people that refuse to accept the reality that he was elected into office- twice. It isn’t about anti war sentiment- it’s all about politics. Fenton Communications, a long time liberal PR company, heads up the effort. Ben and Jerry’s Ben Cohen, of True Majority, an organization whose anti Bush stance is it’s raison d’etre, is front and center. and Code Pink are sponsors, who came into being only because of George Bush- and the efforts to ‘get him’ at all costs.

Mostly, it’s about your hatred of George Bush- and the truth that you don’t care how many more Iraqis die. If they have to die to ‘get’ George Bush, it is a worthy sacrifice. How ‘progressive’ of you.

But of course, you do get to say ‘Fuck George Bush,’ a lot- and what could be more important than that?

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9 Responses to “Kerry, Election Fraud, The Left And The Idiots Who Want Our Troops Out Of Iraq”

  1. Chris Says:

    g’damn, gents.. on a serious roll today.

    Nice piece, I for one am sick of hearing the anti-bush talk and hearing *anything* about Sheehan. I’m going to go cower now.


  2. [...] UPDATE: See also The Anchoress and Sigmund, Carl and Alfred. [...]

  3. The Anchoress Says:

    I linked to your “idiots” piece. One of the best, angriest pieces you’ve written. And you know we love you when you’re pissed.

  4. expat Says:

    Could you deliver this as a speech at Turtle Bay? How about Brussels?

  5. March Hare Says:

    Okay, I wish I could have you in my back pocket when I try to discuss politics with my friends who think they are “liberal.” (They’re not liberal in the classical sense. Nor are they Democrats. Intellectually lazy? Yes.)

  6. Billo Riley Says:

    But of course, you do get to say ‘Fuck George Bush,’ a lot- and what could be more important than that?

    Well, having gay sex on meth while driving to the abortion clinic. But other than that, not much.

    And fuck George Bush. Fuck a whole bunch of George W. Bush!

  7. Ken Says:

    Siggy, how long before this blog gets shut down or treated to “Firing from their jobs, Physical force, and Total Annihalation” for “hate speech” in the Name of The Common Good (TM)?

  8. HJR Says:

    Good stuff, well said and to the point!

  9. Ted Cohen Says:

    Excellent article, thank you for a job well done!

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