Stop Squealing

November 26, 2006

Had your fill of turkey, cranberries and relatives?

Do your spouses family members go a long way in dispelling Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection? Do they become more stupid with each holiday season despite another year education or life experience? Do they all seem to have banjo plucking, overall wearing and fear dental hygiene in common, in spirit, if not in practice? Do you find yourself repulsed but strangely drawn to the cousin who likes to set kittens on fire? Did you get up at 3:00 AM to stand in line at Walmart with that cousin, so he might get a great deal on cutlery?

Well, take heart, there is help. You can find your way back to level ground, despite being related to or marrying into one of the first families depicted in the film ‘Deliverance.’

Dr Sanity’s Carnival Of The Insanities will guide you back to civilized intellectual dining.

Unlike meals at your relatives, Carnival Of The Insanities serves up no roadkill, mystery meat or any form of rodent. Instead, Dr Sanity provides the latest and most up to the minute fine intellectual dining experience. She serves up a healthy dose of reality, insight and common sense.

Dr Sanity helps makes the banjo playing fade away. Pay attention, eat everything Dr Sanity serves up and maybe, just maybe, you can save your children from a future fate of collecting cutlery and FBI interviews.

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One Response to “Stop Squealing”

  1. Fausta Says:

    This year we had to cancel the annual 3AM trip to Wal-Mart Thanksgiving banjo sing-along because we have colds.

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