Create The Ubermensch, Create The Untermensch

December 5, 2006

One of the great legacies of the Nazi’s Third Reich was the idea that modern, educated man, could create an ubermensch, a kind of best man or superman. That baton was picked up by the Soviets and later, by many western leftists.

The creation of the ubemensch is always predicated on being representative of the best of man’s ideals. The Nazis believed that the Aryan ubermensch would serve as an example to those lesser untermenschen, freeing them from degenerate art, music and values. The Aryan ubermenschen were to be the world’s leaders for one thousand years. They and they alone, knew what was best for mankind, and they would reshape the world and mankind with their values- and woe unto anyone or group that saw things differently or provided even a perceived threat.

There are a few truths shared by many of todays leftists and the Nazis, Soviets and others that seek to create the ubermensch. There is an unassailable truth that to create an ubermensch, you have to first have to embrace the notion of the totalitarian state, where behavior and thoughts are controlled by the state. In an authoriatrian state, it is only behaviors that are subject to state control.

Like the Nazis and Soviets before them, many of today’s leftists understand that the credibility of an academic imprimatur. That seal of approval is an important foundation stone of a totalitarian state. The Nazis and the Soviets each denied reality and truth in their academic institutuions. As an example, the Germans created a kind of ubermensch, phony science of racialism that was taught and endorsed by scientists. They attempted to bestow upon astrology and the occult a legitimate scientific status.

The Soviets were to embrace the ‘truth’ of the happy worker, toiling away for the betterment of the State- even if they had to ignore reality and kill tens of millions to propagate that ‘truth.’ The art (read: approved) images of the day of the happy and healthy worker working on the collective farm, was a myth codified and sanctified by Soviet ‘economists,’ all touting the failures of the latest Five Year Plan, as successes. There are no images of the Soviet gulag. That reality could no more be made to disappear than the Nazi concentration camps.

Many leftists, too, now desperately seek the credibility of that academic imprimatur, before their biases and lies are realized. Universities are filled with leftist professors for whom ideology is more important than the truth. Like their German and Soviet predecessors, leftist ideologues do little to hide their agenda- or contempt for those who still embrace reality and truth. Leftist ideologues embrace moral relativism, equating all moralities. Leftist ideologues are threatened by religion, because religion might mean a lessened loyalty to their cause- or whatever cause du jour they espouse at a particular time. Leftist ideologues are threatened by any kind of standard of measurement- because they fear they might be measured and found wanting. That too, is why leftists embrace the illusion of multiculturalism- that all cultures are equal, with none better than the other. The fear of measurement- and comparison- is real.

Leftist ideologues fear and despise capitalism and democracy because capitalism allows for the freedom and self expression of each individual, ideas that are anathema to leftist ideologues. Like the Nazis and Soviet communists before them, it is their vision and their vision only that is acceptable. Deviate even a bit and you become an ‘enemy of the state.’ Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman are now ‘traitors.’

The Nazis, Soviets and leftists share a common trait. In their goal to create an ubermensch and an ubermensch society, they had to become untermenschen, adopting racist, repressive tactics so as to promote and steamroll their agendas.

It is also true that the leftists do not see themselves as the inheritors of the ugliness and evil of the Nazi and Soviet untermenschen. They wrap themselves in the words of documents of higher calling and the most noble of causes. That said, what they do not see or acknowledge are the repercussions of their support for failed ideologies, beautiful documents and proclaimed statements notwithstanding. There are the unmarked graves of the tens of millions of the forgotten dead, killed because they were in the way as the caring ‘progressives’ marched on. There are tens of millions more, still suffering under the boot of ‘progressive’ oppression.

The Soviets were to create a worker’s paradise, where the bounty was plentiful and the society was Utopian. Today’s leftists want to destroy the evils of capitalism and American and democratic successes.

Dr Sanity notes in Come For The Egalitarianism, Stay For The Bestiality And Tyranny,

So, many times in politics, programs that originate with the “best of intentions” end up doing exactly the opposite of what was intended. Yet, the political left is so ideologically committed to the utopian ideal of egalitarianism which, in the real world simply makes everyone equally poor and miserable (except for the lucky elites who control the social system) that they reflexly keep pouring money into programs that can be shown to actively harm the people they are meant to help; and reinforce the stereotypes they are meant to end.

The politically correct left heaps scorn on business, capitalism, free trade, and globalization; and instead glorify and praise the most primitive and barbaric of cultures and cultural practices. As Bob suggests, they come for the egalitarianism, but stay for the bestiality and tyranny they unleash with their “progressive” ways.

If they really cared about helping the poor; if they really cared about social “justice”–then they would shut the hell up and get out of the way of those evil, greedy capitalistic bastards, who, while pursuing their own selfish, profit-making agendas, in the long run effortlessly manage to increase the standard of living and improve the lives of everyone around them.

If the left really cared about the ‘victims’ of oppression, they would position themselves as ‘human shields’ in Darfur. They are content to be ‘human shields’ in Gaza or the West Bank beacuse they know the Israelis will not deliberately target them, unlike the murderous and barbaric janjaweed in Darfur, who don’t really give a damn. If the left really cared about the well being of oppressed people, they would actively engage in relief efforts, rather than just talk about them as they spent their money promoting their political agendas and ideologies.

It is an unequivocal truth that Utopias cannot be created without imposing tyranny.

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6 Responses to “Create The Ubermensch, Create The Untermensch”

  1. expat Says:

    What always strikes me about the intellectual left is their unwillingness or inability to truly listen to those they want to save or perfect or whatever. They cannot believe that someone outside of their class might have a deeper insight into the human situation than they. And they refuse to acknowlege that they share with the untermensch basic human instincts and emotional needs. They simply use them to hide from themselves.

  2. SC&A Says:

    “They simply use them to hide from themselves.”

    Probably one of the most succinct observations I’ve heard in a long time.

    Well said.

  3. gringoman Says:

    If there were no untermenschen, today’s elite ubermenschen would have to create them—and often do.

  4. Underground Guy Says:

    No man, no matter how smart he is, can think of everything, and eventually screws up. Not even a group of Einsteins can do it. In a society of 300 million, one individual making a bad choice will not bring down a society. Not even a thousand, or a million individuals making bad choices will bring down a society. But when you enforce a wrong choice on everybody, as so many of those leftists seem intent on doing, that CAN bring the whole society catastrophically crashing down. Will those utopianists ever learn?

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