Delusions, Projections And Apes In Tuxedos

December 26, 2006

That bastion of Arab rational thought and fine example of Arab ‘journalism.’ the Khaleej Times, has published an editorial, Mums The Word, an editorial that attempts to put a rational face on Holocaust denial.

That much of the world’s Jewish community continues to nurse psychological wounds from the much-reported Holocaust is understandable considering that according to popular opinion, it threatened to practically finish them off, and that too in the most gruesome manner. But there is a fine line between advocating justified sympathy and muscling all and sundry into acceptance of what is their own version of the episode, true or concocted notwithstanding.[emp SC&A]

The editors at the Khaleej Times just can’t help themselves. Instead of completely distancing themselves from the horrors of the Holocaust, the editors of the paper assume a kinder, gentler David Duke kind of racism- as if wearing the garb of ‘academic scholar’ might somehow transform the reality of the Holocaust and make them less racist and bigoted. It bears repeating that the recent ‘Holocaust Conference‘ scholars were not exactly from mainstream academia, and that the vast majority of these ‘scholars’ and their supporters, deny the Holocaust are usually the same people that think that a Holocaust against Jews is a good idea.

The editorial goes on to embrace more repulsive and flawed logic- as if putting an tuxedo on an ape might disguise reality.

What is it that has pushed the Zionist lobby to the verge of paranoia, if not into it? Having suffered one of the worst known human rights abuses on record in the Holocaust, they should be eager to encourage rather than shun research and analyses into it. If their claim is right and true, what other could be unearthed by those looking into it?

In the mind of the writers, it is only the ‘Zionist lobby’ and the Jews that accept the Holocaust as reality. As far everyone else is concerned they would have you believe the the jury is still out. Never mind German acceptance of their part in the crime. Never mind the testimony of thousands of Axis and Allied soldiers that bears witness to the horrors and crimes that rained down not just on Jews, but on Gypsies, homosexuals and the mentally infirm. Never mind the millions of meticulous documents kept by the Germans themselves, outlined and recorded the horrors of that time. The editorial writers can barely camouflage their belief and the beliefs of much of the Arab world with any more success than David Duke can camouflage his own bigotry. We’ll finish the job Hitler started‘ is a common refrain in the Arab world- and putting tuxedos on apes can’t hide that.

Finally, the editorialists, like all apes in tuxedoes, give in to their real nature- and expose themselves for what they are.

It bears noting that this iron-fist no-questions-asked approach is widely reflected in the Israeli character. Truth be told, history will judge them as gross violators of human rights themselves, hardly becoming of a people that have suffered injustices. It does not take genius to figure out that only those with something to hide discourage debate and reason, especially in the modern age of much trumpeted freedom of speech. Unfortunately though, it looks as if for such topics it’s going to be ‘Mum’s the word’.

Clearly, there is an attempt to project the worst possible Arab world failures on Israel and the Jews. The record of modern day Arab world dysfunction and failures will be recorded as some of the most monumental failures in the history of man. As we have noted on more than one occasion,

Had the Arab world done for itself only 10% of what Zionism did for Israel, that Arab world would not be the greatest assemblage of failed nation states in the modern world. A clear and final case for the morality of Zionism is the racism, that permeates the region and every level of society in the Arab world. As we have noted, hatred of Jews, America and Israel are the achievements of note in the Arab world…

It is not the Israelis or the Jewish community that have turned the Holocaust into an unstoppable machine designed to oppress the Arab world. Rather, it is the Arab world that have desperately latched on to the Holocaust and Holocaust denial as means and method of perpetuating and justifying Arab world cult of victimhood. It is the Arab world that uses the Holocaust as an excuse for their failures.

The Jewish cousins of the Arabs are despised for another reason. In creating the State of Israel, the refugees from a smoldering Europe went on to build a modern, democratic state, with world class educational facilities, institutions and a vibrant economy. In the short span 50 years the Israelis ‘made the desert bloom,’ and created a forward looking and modern society that has made enormous contributions to the achievements of mankind. They did in those 50 years what the obscenely oil rich Arab nations could not do in 2,000 years- and will be unable to do for the forseeable future. The Arab world, in it’s self inflicted blindness, continues to fall behind on every scale of human achievement that has been devised. As we have noted, the only are in which the Arabs have managed to distinguish themselves is hating Jews, Israel, America and democracy.

We also noted that ‘Jews remembering the Holocaust and remaining ever vigilant to the lessons that must be learned from that horrible time, is very different from the Arab world needing the Holocaust and subsequent Holocaust denial, so that they might create a reason for centuries of failure, despair and denial.’

The editorial writers had the opportunity to excoriate the bigots and Holocaust deniers. They had the opportunity to embrace dignity for themselves and the rest of the Arab world. After all, the Arab world for the most part, had nothing to do with the Holocaust. They could have pointed a finger at the Christian west and said, ‘Look at what you have done!’ Instead, they chose to identify with and embrace perpetrators of the crimes.

One only has to see that for decades, what has been taught in Arab world schools, broadcast from Arab world media and what is preached from Arab religious pulpits, has come to define much of Arab society and culture.

In discussing David Irving and Holocaust deniers, we wrote,

The denial of the Holocaust is a license for the other truths and atrocities to be denied. It is a fact that those most anxious to deny the Holocaust are themselves guilty of either participating in atrocities, encouraging atrocities, funding atrocities or turning a blind eye to atrocities. That is why Holocaust denial is so important to them.

Deny the truth of one Holocaust and you open the door to deny the truth of others.

Perhaps the editors of the Khaleej Times would care to discuss the barbarism in Darfur, Algeria, East Timor and a host of other places. Of course in their world, those things never happened.

If the writers of that Khaleej Times editorial are so concerned about free speech, they would not have protested the Danish cartoons. If the editorial writers are so concerned about academic freedom and academic research, surely they would not protest Quranic research and critique about the early days of the Prophet and the religion. They would have no objection to undertaking research into why violence and death are claimed by so many adherents of that religion, right.

Along the same lines, surely the editorial writers at the Khaleej Times would not object to an analysis of Arab world leaders and regimes. After all, there have been far more deaths that can be attributed to the dysfunctional Arab world than there can be attributed to Zionism.
Anything less would be ‘widely reflected on the Arab character,’ right?

As is often the case, it appears that the only ones unaware of the apes in tuxedos, are the apes.

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  1. expat Says:

    Since the Arab and Persian worlds are so impressed by the academic excellence of David Duke and friends, perhaps they would accept some western nuclear scientists and engineers of equal calibre to help with their peaceful nuclear programs. I’d even be willing to through in Cindy Sheehan as PR advisor.

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