She’s Still At It

January 10, 2007

Not only is she still at it, she’s better than ever.

The mysterious and riveting La Vida Vica, that’s who.

My generous and stubbornly faithful readers know that I have recently gone over to the blonde side. Sure. I try to giggle now. I tilt my head more often for no apparent reason. I’m having trouble constructing sentences. And somehow, when blonde me wears oversized clothing, it seems chicly borrowed-from-my-boyfriend instead of like a sweater mumu that is supposed to cover my oversized rump. But blondeness has opened new vistas of personal power. Having tentatively stuck a toe in the blonde pool to test the waters, I have added to my blonde with every salon visit. And the results remain impressive…

Slender, with waves of tousled brown hair, Derek grinned. (Men do this with me lately. It is frequently followed by winking. But it is never followed by any conversation. Should I be winking back? Would I look as though I have a facial tic? No imagination?) Derek – lovin’ those nametags – directed me to the only closed register lane and proceeded to ring up my cartload of feast components. Then we packed them together, like an old married couple, laughing when we realized we were both avoiding the tough bag-busters and seizing the easy stackables…

How about this?

Don’t get me wrong. As anyone who has ever ridden behind me on the up escalator can attest, I love to strap on the ole feed bag. But sometimes when I read an upscale menu, I wonder if I am living in a culinary world gone mad. Sure, fad food comes and goes. (Hence the name, really.) Tall food. Cous cous. Habanero. Sushi. Tex-Mex. Wasabi. Fusion. Once a trendy taste becomes a popcorn flavor, you know it has fallen off the A-List. A delightful guy I know who works in the food biz got a job recently at a new place. When I asked him what the food was like, he was refreshingly candid.

“You know. Big plates. Small food.”

Yet even with this preparatory background, I can still be flabbergasted by the way food is combined and presented these days. When the menu’s author feels compelled to tell me What Kind of Cow my burger came from, I’ve entered a new dimension of foodophilia. I guess they still figure telling folks the cow’s name would put a damper on their appetites. (I could not make this up. For all those who drool over the food porn in Living and Bon Appetit would warn you: Avoid the derivative American wagyu version of Kobe beef, merely the same breed as the Japanese steak, er, cow, but without the diet of beer and the shifts of massage attendants.)…


I think that this has to be my favorite nickname of all. There is a close second, but nothing really touches the dangerous glam that is Emma Peel. Plus she always managed to be ladylike while exhibiting ruthless physicality, brainy sensuality and that unmistakable kink factor. Spiffy, no?

But is this what people mean when they refer to me as Emma Peel? I hope so. It’s odd, though. It doesn’t seem as if Emma would be lurking by the phone the way that I do. I mean, did Emma ever think, “Ring! For God’s sake. I’m lonely.” Hmmmmm. My instinctive guess is “Hell, no.” She was far too busy battling evildoers, foiling maniacal criminal geniuses and tantalizing Steed and sundry other Y-chromosome types. Me, all day I’m busy — never mind. I’m too embarrassed to tell you. But trust me, it’s dull and I’m not saving the world from anything.


Just the other day a man stopped by my apartment. Don’t get any ideas. He came to pick something up from me. But we gabbed a bit. He’s a good man. With enough sense not to date me, but instead someone else utterly unlike me. You know, a Pretty Girl. Auugh. They’re everywhere these days. I feel positively besieged by them, at the gym, at the mall, in bars. There’s more than enough for every decent guy to find one. And then get dumped by her and spend the rest of his days seeking another pretty girl. And another.

Truly, this guy is so absolutely not interested in me. But he’s naturally sweet. The kind of decent guy that always remembers to say hello — before walking by me and into the arms of a Pretty Girl.

So I chatted with this guy, made the hand-off and then he headed out. My apartment’s on the top floor. You call it a walk-up. I call it the penthouse. And I did what I always do when someone lovely goes away: I went to the window to watch him leave. I don’t know why this is a habit. Some way to release my inner Bronte, I guess.

La Vida Vica, keyboard goddess.

Alice The Camel

January 10, 2007

Alice is back, with a terrific blog.

With a blog named Alice the Camel,’ it has to be good.

If conspiracy theories are a wonderful exercise in fantasy and escapism, Arab world conspiracy theorists are the gold medal Olympians of the fantasy competition. In the Arab world, virtually every Arab conspiracy is worthy of a Pulitzer prize in ‘Fiction‘ category (as we have noted many times before, the only other endeavor in which the Arab world has distinguished itself on the world stage is Jew hating).

Of those Arab world conspiracy theories, we noted, ‘Imagine an entire life, lived as a psychotic episode.

Conspiracy theories serve one of two purposes. They either serve as a reason for the successes or as reasons for the failures of a particular group or of an individual. The Arab world fixation with Jews and the reasons for Jewish successes serve as the classic fodder for conspiracy theorists.

Arab world conspiracy theorists want to believe that they merit very special attention from Jews because for some obscure reason, the Jews are fixated on the Arabs.

Now, let’s think about that for a minute. Does anyone seriously believe that there are any Jews, anywhere, that are fixated (read: obsessed) on the Arab world? Does anyone really believe that the vast majority of Jews wake up every morning and ask themselves, ‘What can I do to screw an Arab today?’

Does anyone really believe that Jews- like everybody else- put aside concern for their family, jobs, community and whatever needs they might have, just so they might focus on undermining the Arabs and Arab world?

What could Jews- or anyone else, for that matter, anywhere, do to Arabs what their own dysfunctional political and ‘religious’ leadership haven’t already done to insure the failure of Arab society? As it is, according to the UN Human Development report, the Arab world already has just about the lowest levels of education in the world, save for sub Saharan Africa.

We have noted before that

Currently, there are less than 100 universities in the Arab world. Of that number, at least 10 are ‘Islamic’ universities that do not teach anything other than theology. Notwithstanding the obscene wealth generated by these oil rich nations, there is not a single Arab institution of consequence. There is no major research and no important scholarship that originates in the Arab world. In fact, the greatest scholarship concerning the Arab world and Middle East, originates outside the region, in America or Europe.

(Apparently, this fact is lost on the Arab conspiracy theorist that blames the low numer of Arabs that have won the Nobel prize as yet another ‘Jewish conspiracy’)
Arab world economies are basket cases (Syrian economists still talk in old and failed Soviet terms of ‘five year plans‘). While there are car manufacturing plants in Africa, there are non in the Arab world. The last few years has seen the first household appliance ‘manufacturing plant’ in Egypt. In fact, the washers and refrigerators are really only assembled in that plant- with parts from other nations (ironically, including Israel). Does anyone believe that it is Jews that are holding back Arab powerhouse economies that might usurp western manufacturers of clothes dryers? Does anyone believe that if not for a few Jews, the Arab world would be a leading player in the space race instead of being a leading player in the hotly competitive clothesline industry?

While the Arab world is under the tyranny of dysfunctional leaders, the entire western world- Jews in Israel and the world over included- hopes that one day, freedom will empower the ummah. If there were so many Jews conspiring against the Arabs, why would they be at the fore of wanting to empower the Arab world? Are the conspiracy theorists telling us they are happy with the current state of affairs in the Arab world? Are they saying that they are happy with the dysfunction, misogyny, illiteracy and bigotry that is underwritten day and night by these regimes?

Many in the Arab world say that Israel, not Jews are the problem. The very existence of a Jewish state in the region is an affont to Arabs. Lets examine that.

If Israel as a political entity were to vanish tomorrow, does anyone believe that Jews living in what is no Israel, would be treated kindly? Generations have grown up hearing the political, media and even religious mantra of ‘SLAUGHTER THE JEWS! Religious edicts, fatwas, have been issued by lunatic Saudi clerics saying that it is incumbent upon Muslim men to rape Jewish women and children. Does anyone really believe that given the chance, that would not happen? The GIA in Algeria raped Muslim children (boys and girls) as young as 6 years old, before murdering and dismembering them, in the name of religion. How could anyone believe that kind of violence would not be directed at non-Muslims? Does anyone really believe that if Israel ceased to exist as an entity, Arab despots would step down and embrace freedom instead of monumental corruption and tyranny that has come to define them?

In a world full of conspiracies, many in the Arab world are convinced that they have been ‘chosen’ by the Jews are conspired against. Because they are somehow so special, so very special, it is they who are selected. That is not unlike the paranoid schizophrenic who tells his psychiatrist that he believes the CIA has implanted a listening device in his anus. They broadcast subliminal messages as to when he must defecate, so as to download the mental transcripts of his exchanges with aliens as well as his most private thoughts. That paranoid schizophrenic constructs an entire world around his delusions- a world that at once validates himself as a ‘victim’ and at the same time, highlights his own ‘specialness.’

There is of course, another truth about conspiracies and conspiracy theorists. Whether they like it or not, conspiracy theorists invite comparisons with the object of their obsessions. In the inevitable comparison between Jews and Muslims in cultural, societal and religious terms, the contrasts could not be more stark. The direction taken by each group are seperated by 180 degrees. Most, if not all of the direction taken by the Arab world is the direct result of the choices made by dysfunctional Arab leaders.

In our world, environment helps to shape values. The values found in free societies are very different than the values taught in dysfunctional, oppressive and repressive regimes.

The values of free societies are passed on to free citizens. We engage in free dissent, debate, argue and we are free to challenge each other, our government and especially, ourselves. We are free to formulate our own opinions and if we wish, we are free to change those opinions.

The values of repressive and dysfunctional societies become the values of citizens living in those societies. Subjugation, repression and hate are a part of everyday life in those societies.

When we compare the values of the western free societies with the dysfunctional and oppressive values that are force fed in the Arab world, we have to ask ourselves a question.

The choices made by these dysfunctional Arab leaders cannot be blamed on Jews, Martians or Wiccans- no matter how badly the Arab conspiracies want that to be so.

‘The Arab world see the rejection of their values as a rejection of themselves- they do not see or understand that by rejecting the ugly values they have had forced upon them, they can only elevate themselves.’

Insisting that they are not responsible for their destiny will only insure another generation of Arab world failure.

All the while, the world moves forward.

The President of the United States is scheduled to address the nation on Iraq. Mr Bush will tell the nation he is sending more troops to Iraq to deal with the terror and violence that is plaguing parts of the country.

One of the president’s critics is Teddy Kennedy, is proposing a kind of ‘Vietnam solution’- a massive and immediate pullout, without regard to the consequences. Kennedy noted that

The American people ought to have a voice and a vote and members of Congress should be held accountable. [emp-SC&A]

We couldn’t agree more. Congress nees to be held accountable for the millions of death inflicted by the Viet Cong after we left Vietnam. Congress needs to be held accountable for creating an environment that led to millions of Vietnamese interned in ‘re-education camps,’ many for decades. See Dan Riehl for a thoughtful look and insight into the senator pretending to be from Massachusetts (he actually spends most of his time in Florida) and spearheading the charge that will once again lead to mass murders and open sectarian strife.

In fact, the time has come for Mr Kennedy to come clean. For far too long, the Mr Kennedy has been given a pass by the other dysfunctionals in Congress.

Mr Kennedy needs to be investigated and held accountable if the documented charges of his collaberation with the KGB to undermine an American election are true. Those charges are far more egregious than spurious the charges of ‘voter fraud’ in the last few elections (if those charges had any merit, why haven’t the dems rallied and brought forward the evidence? Did the dems win in the mid-term elections mean that the GOP decided to throw the election?). Speaking of accountability, one more word comes to mind: Chappaquiddick.

The latest Sanity Squad podcast is up. Along with Neo, Shrinkwrapped, Dr Sanity, we discussed the ramifications of more troops in Iraq and the necessary tyranny imposed on the rest of us by those wishing for ‘heaven on earth.’

We hold them accountable.

For more information on the senator that has made ‘I forgot to call the police‘ the unofficial state motto and has forever tied Massachusetts to alcohol, drunk driving and politics for personal gain, see Jules Crittendon’s On Reflection (h/t Larwyn). Here’s a sample:

From out of my own state, the shameless Sen. Edward M. Kennedy has called Iraq “George Bush’s Vietnam.”

I’d like to consider this a joke, but on reflection, I can’t.

The towering irony, that it is Kennedy and his ilk who seek to create a Vietnam in Iraq, apparently is lost on them.

The last time this happened, Congress cut the funding for the war in Vietnam. U.S. troops and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, with American advisors, had largely destroyed the Viet Cong and pushed back the North Vietnamese Army, when an angry Congress intervened to seize defeat from the jaws of victory. Much as this Congress would like to do now…


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