A Sobering Thought That Shamed Us

April 23, 2007

Everybody remembers the name of Johnny Walker Lindh.

In a recent conversation with Dr Sanity, the question arose: Could we remember the name of the CIA agent that was killed at the time of Lindh’s capture? Sadly, we could not.

We had to look it up.

Dr Sanity and ourselves came to the realization that there is something very wrong- and very sad about that.

It turns out that this piece of garbage, John Walker Lindh (and make no mistake, that is exactly what he is), wants out of prison.

TigerHawk noted that

…reports that John Walker Lindh thinks he got a raw deal — twenty years of hard time — compared to similarly situated Westerners who put in their time at Gitmo and then received much lighter sentences from the military…

As for Lindh, let’s not go all gooey. The guy ran guns for the Taliban. Even if he did not participate in action against the United States, he was a combatant for a regime that overtly gave sanctuary to al Qaeda, which had declared war on the United States in 1998. No religious belief can justify that. Who are we kidding? The guy may have been “confused,” but he was “confused” in a really bad way.

The CIA agent who was killed by Lindh’s comrades left a wife and son.

It is said that ‘the apple doesn’t fall from the tree,’ and that is true.

Johnny Walker Lindh’s father has done nothing but lie in his efforts to portray his son as a ‘victim’ and ‘misunderstood.’

See this website.

The piece of garbage that is Johnny Walker Lindh, knew of 9/11 plot and did nothing.

He knew of the uprising and revolt that was take the life of an American who chose to defend his nation- and even more importantly, a husband and father- and said nothing.

We are ashamed that we knew the name of Johnny Walker Lindh, but could not recall the name of the hero that gave his life for our freedom.

For more, see My Pet Jawa.

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5 Responses to “A Sobering Thought That Shamed Us”

  1. j Says:

    “Could we remember the name of the CIA agent that was killed at the time of Lindh’s capture? Sadly, we could not.”

    And who made sure of that? Our good “friends” at NBC, of course. The same demon possessed monsters who are making sure we remember Cho’s name and forget those of the innocent humans that piece of animate puke killed.

  2. Fausta Says:

    What was the name of the agent?

  3. Ken Says:

    Because Taliban Johnny is a *CELEBRITY* (like Brittney, Paris, and Cho), and that CIA spook who was killed was a nobody like you and me.

  4. Spahn? Is the spelling correct? Maybe two n’s. Is the name correct? I refuse to look it up and only want to test my pea.

    We should try to remember the good people, but I don’t need to tell anyone it is difficult. It is especially difficult when so much is done to bring down anyone that may actually be good. Instead we remember the Lindhs of the world.

    You should have paid a visit here, when I crossed it from Stormwarning: http://demediacraticnation.blogspot.com/

    And there is the name of the CIA agent Mike Spann. Sorry for the self-toots, but the opportunity is far and few between; I’ll keep my ego in check especially when considering the depth of thought and writing that goes into posts here.

    Thinking back to 9/11/01, you know we can probably recall more names of the 19 than of the 3,000; that was something that bothered me at the time when I could envision the faces/names of so many of the scum that struck that day. It almost celebrates them, at least the way happenings are reported.

  5. Ken Says:

    Hey, look at Virginia Tech last week.

    Especially when the media got hold of Cho’s Manifesto and four-walled it on all channels.

    New chorus to that “Because I’m a Celebrity!” song on CMT:
    “I shot 32 students at Virginia Tech! I’m a CELEBRITY!!!!”

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