The Frogs And Social Darwinism

May 9, 2007

The latest Sanity Squad podcast is up.

The French have had their election dance and the socialists have been relegated to the garbage bins of failed French politics (some would argue all French politics have been failed, but we are feeling generous today).

The thorough thrashing and rejection of French socialists and other assorted, out of touch lefties, is nothing more than the mirrors reflection of utter and devastating failure of French socialism. After 40 plus years of opportunity to showcase the superiority and capabilities of their agenda, the Socialist/Leftists have managed to reduce France to a shadow of it’s former self, with a failed economy, failed social policies (unless you think a summer of riots, assaults, freely expressed racism, bigotry, hate and other assorted violence is a leftist ‘success) and waning global influence.

The French are all to familiar with leftist deceit and failure- they made that clear with their vote. Join Shrinkwrapped, Neo-neocon, Dr Sanity and ourselves as we look at what the French election really means and dissect the Socialist implosion and abandonment by their core voters and everyone else with an IQ greater than that of a weed.

All in all, the leftists are are dying breed- and it isn’t global warming, the eradication of the rain forest that is to blame.

In fact, the inevitable demise of the left is yet another example of social Darwinism. Cultures and societies can be cruel to those who would impose failure and deceit that would not only hobble a society, but put that society at risk, as well.

The Sanity Squad podcast- where great minds refuel.

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2 Responses to “The Frogs And Social Darwinism”

  1. Ken Says:

    All in all, the leftists are are dying breed-

    It’s when an animal is wounded and dying that it becomes most dangerous.

  2. Unfortunately the leftist ideology does not die quick enough.

    Kens comment is scary and hopefully not too prescient.

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