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Female Self Mutilation

May 25, 2007

According to the United Nations, well over 100 million have been subject to FGM

(See Dr Sanity for a loo0k at the psychological/political repercussions. Fausta presents insight into what is also a practical tragedy. See here for a discussion of feminist silence on the issue Finally, see Neo-necon’s Women And The Perpetuation of FGM).

There are even hospitals set up to reverse or mitigate the damage done by the barbaric practice.(h/t Right Truth).

All this is a prelude to this:

One of the world’s most prestigious health journals has lashed a fast-growing trend in the United States and Britain for “designer vaginas,” the tabloid term for cosmetic surgery to the female genitalia. The fashion is being driven by commercial and media pressures that exploit women’s insecurities and is fraught with unknowns, including a risk to sexual arousal, the British Medical Journal says…

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the practice is spreading fast in the United States as well as in Britain, but the picture is unclear, the BMJ says…

The authors of the article, London gynaecologist Sarah Creighton and clinical psychologist Lih Mei Liao, conducted their own small-scale probe into why women sought this surgery.

“Our patients sometimes cited restrictions on lifestyle as reasons for their decision,” they say….

Patients who sought genitoplasty “uniformly” wanted their vulvas to be flat and with no protrusion, similar to the prepubescent look of girls in Western fashion ads, they found…

“Not unlike presenting for a haircut at a salon, women often brought along images to illustrate the desired appearance,” say Creighton and Liao. “The illustrations, usually from advertisements or pornography, are always selective and possibly digitally altered.”

There is very little in the way of comment that needs to be added.

As the father of daughter, I can only be grateful that thanks to my ex and my own efforts at parenting, she has the character necessary not to define herself via her genitalia.

See The Anchoress In Praise Of Squareness: Self Respect Is Not Prudery (a really, really important post).

When I was a little girl – a very “tail end” boomer – I watched the teenagers and young adults around me who were so certain that everything that came before them was meaningless (every standard, every ethic, every moral, every doctrine, every ritual, every rite of passage); I watched them deconstruct notions of honor and conformity and even Eternal Truths, and I wondered how it could be that everything had to be changed to suit them and their unsurpassed brilliance and wisdom.

Now I look around at the fruits of that brilliance and wisdom.: People who dress like convicts or whores (and dress their kids the same way) to be in the fashion. Marriages made with “temporary vows” if they are made at all, virginity tossed into a metaphorical gutter, chastity derided as “impossible.” Babies and children thrown off of piers, mother’s finding strangers to take their daughters virginity so they can get it over with.

These are the precursors to the exultation and elevation of genitalia.

See also Sex Ed, Spirituality And The Daily Grind by AKA Monty of the Daily Bitch, for a look at what responsible parenting looks like and That’s The Way, Uh Huh Some Like It for a look at one young woman’s insight into responsibility.
For more on children and sexuality, see these:

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How much do you have to hate yourself to make self mutilation a fashion statement?


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