UPDATED: Pipsquikova

August 9, 2007

Larisa Alexandrova, blogger extramediocre and proud ’9/11 truther,’ (she appears to obsessed with the Bush administration. Previous administration bungles, bunglers and criminals are not subject to scrutiny, Sandy Berget and Jamie Gorelick notwithstanding) and offers up an heaping, malodorous plateful of mindless drivel. Her post, You Guys Have To See This, came about as the result of being taken to task and exposed by Dr Sanity for what she has come to represent- the lightweight intellectualism, hypocrisy and deceit of the hard left.

Pipsquikova is so upset at being exposed (nor is she too happy at having her limited comprehension skills noticed, either) that she has threatened to report Dr Sanity to the Michigan Medical Board for ‘unprofessional behavior.’ Apparently, having an opinion that might cause hurt feelings and bruised egos are causes for which Pipsquikova will gird her loins.

Clearly, Pipsquikova has some real projection and denial issues to deal with (see today’s post by Dr Sanity, The Denialists). Her self esteem has been assaulted and she knows not how to reply. Her instinct is to resort to having a tantrum and to lash out viciously and attempt to injure (she does not understand that she herself isn’t in Dr Sanity’s league and that she really isn’t even on Dr Sanity’s radar. Pipsquikova keeps insisting that most of Dr Sanity’s remarks were directed at her personally, when in fact, that is not the case. Dr Sanity used the idiotic blogger to illustrate her thesis- points thatPipsquikova proves so clearly).

Pipsquikova goes on to threaten Dr Sanity:

I suggest the good Dr. clarify her statements rather quickly because I will file an ethics complaint against a medical “expert” for using her expertise and professional authority to attack me in public and smear me as mentally unstable for my political views.

Dr Sanity did not smear anyone. She clearly pointed out what is obvious to anyone reading the mindless and asinine screeds of a substantial part of the left- that stupidity and hypocrisy abounds. In any event, Dr Sanity did indeed clarify her remarks to Alexandranova in a follow up post.

As an example of what passes for Pipsquikova ‘thought,’ consider the following:

The Hamas led legislature was elected in January of 2006. Like it or not, it was a democratic process by which the citizens of a country elected the party they felt had their best interests in mind.

…As a Jew, I don’t support any group with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood for obvious reasons. Hamas is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. That said, however, I am not a citizen of Palestine and therefor, have no right to demand of the Palestinians that they elect someone I find to my liking.

Adolph Hitler too, was democratically elected. Had free European nations boycotted or even eliminated the Nazi leadership, 50 million lives would have been spared. We are under no obligation to recognize or support any regime, even if democratically elected, that promises ‘rivers of blood.’

We have also noted that the Nazis attempted to hide their evil intentions. Hamas cannot be bothered- and for good reason. The Nazi ideology was not fully known or understood by the Germans until after Hitler was in power. Hamas has never made a secret of it’s ideologies and beliefs that have espoused hate, racism, bigotry and violence. The Palestinians that voted for Hamas knew exactly what and who they were voting for. They made very clear who and what they are, as do the Arab nations that support Hamas.

That Pipsquikova asserts her religious identity and thus implies she has a greater moral compass is absurd. In fact, if religious identity were indeed a measure of credibility, her stature would be even further diminished, because the majority of Jews do not share her feelings toward the Hamas bigots and racists and their stated genocidal goals.

What Pipsquikova really represents is the concentration camp kapo mentality and ideology. There were those Jews who were the brutal and cruel overseers for their Nazi masters, in exchange for a few privileges and/or recognition. Like the Nazi era kapos that precede her, she is more than willing to offer up her Jewish brethren to Hamas, ‘because they were democratically elected.’ It’s nice to know that Pipsquikova ‘hopes’ that Hamas will change their ways, and thus become the first government in history that will reject anti Semitism and remove calls to violence and genocide from their school curriculum, media and religious instruction.Pipsquikova wants to be perceived as ‘enlightened’ and ‘progressive,’ so as to earn her leftist approval. To hell with the consequences and to hell with anyone else.

Pipsquikova gives new meaning to the word idiot.

It is also just as clear that like a moth to a flame, Pipsquikova seeks out yet more public humiliation. There is nothing that Dr Sanity has said and done that is actionable. Her complaint will be unceremoniously dismissed. In the end, it is Pipsquikova that will be humiliated. Any medical board to which she complains will come to validate the notion that she is indeed a ‘drama queen.’

That said, we do wonder how the Society of Professional Journalists would take to the notion that a ‘journalist’ would threaten an individual with retaliation and punishment because while they could dish it out, they couldn’t take the heat themselves.

Maybe it’s time to find out about that.

‘Anyone interested in fighting this kind of left wing extremism should consider contacting the Society of Professional Journalists ethics regarding Larisa Alexandranova and ask about the ethics of her behavior. ‘

UPDATE: It seems Pipsquikova is losing her grip on reality. She notes in another post, The Surreal Life Of Dr Sanity, that

I have never known the political background of any of my doctors. I have never asked and they have never volunteered. But I also have not seen any of my doctors use their real identity and pen the kind of unprofessional and unethical attacks this woman engages in. Something is terribly wrong at NASA.

Is Alexandranova saying that Dr Sanity’s political beliefs are germane to the healthcare she delivers? Does she have any evidence of that? Is she proposing that medical personnel refrain from having political opinions? Is she suggesting that doctors not be allowed to express their political beliefs? If she is so concerned about that, has she expressed her outrage at the analysts and psychiatrists (example here) that ‘diagnosed’ Mr Bush from a distance- or is her concern only now raised because her self esteem has been maligned? Probably not- and that only serves to highlight her hypocrisy.

She also takes umbrage at being referred to by us as a ‘kapo.’ She writes:

I lost family in the Holocaust and I have lived under the Soviet regime, under whom I have lost loved ones, including my beloved grandfather. To me the term Judenrate is more offensive than anything.

That Alexandranova lost family in the Holocaust is irrelevant to the politics she espouses now. That she is offended by being referred to a ‘kapo’ is a good thing, She should be offended because her actions and words only serve to validate our initial observations. Her response is an indication that there is some morality left within her.

We wrote about Alexandranova that

“Alexandrovna deceives with ease. She is like the kapo that knows the truth, and refuses to warn others of the truth. She focuses on the activities of some pre war American and British banks. What she does not acknowledge that some 6 years after the Holocaust, the Arab mantra of ‘We’ll finish what Hitler started’ is part and parcel of what passes for an Arab world educational priority.

She minimizes the participation of many Muslims during the Holocaust. Amin Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem, met with Hitler and offered his enthusiastic support for the ‘final solution.’ In fact, Husseni was to complain that Jews weren’t being killed fast enough.

Husseini’s support wasn’t only rhetorical- he raised an army of Bosnian volunteers that directly supported and participated in the Nazi war efforts.

In fact, Ms Alexandrovna is nothing more than a modern day equivalent of member of the Judenrat or kapo, perfectly willing to help the leftists sell out Israel so that she might maintain her ‘progressive’ bona fides (she is managing news editor of ‘Raw Story,’ and has contributed to Huffington, Alternet, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Newsweek). She isn’t like those ‘other Jews.’ She an ‘enlightened’ and ‘intellectual’ Jew. She is part of the elite, or so she thinks.”

Her reply addresses none of the issues raised, not even the blantant racism and hate. She insists there is a kind of moral equality between the Israelis and the Palestinian government, led by Hamas. Instead, she takes great umbrage:

Now I ask you folks, what kind of twisted mind would call a fellow Jew a Judenrat simply because I will not be party to the abuses of power and ugly hate that this administration has subjected us to? Why should I hate Muslims? I obviously do not support or like Muslim extremism, but I also do not support and/or like any form of extremism, including Jewish extremism. It is precisely because I have grown up under such extremism that I can say without doubt, that when one becomes the very enemy they claim to be fighting, one is no longer fighting the enemy. They become the enemy.

She does not address the issues raised. Instead, she changes the subject at hand and piously insists we are at fault (ignoring her own less than ambiguous support for Hamas, et al) .

(For the record, SC&A are not of the Jewish faith)

She implies that we hate Muslims, hoping to turn her own bigotry into ‘progressive’ inclusion. That of course, is an absurdity that can be easily dispensed with. It is her own bigotry that speaks loudest.

National political parties and social service agencies that want to be considered moral equals to with those in the western world cannot preach and teach hate- and be surprised when violence becomes a way of life. Hamas and Jihad for example, make no effort to hide their bigoted and racist agenda. In fact, Hamas, Jihad, et al, are no different than the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-Nazi organizations (many of which maintain relationships with Hamas).

Imagine a the Ku Klux Klan insisting it were the equivalent of other political party and organizations. Imagine a network of Ku Klux Klan schools. What do you suppose that curriculum would be like? Now, imagine that the children that attended those schools went home every day and were then exposed to Klan TV. Imagine those ideologies reinforced by the clergy, each week.

Imagine Klan summer camps that taught children guerrilla warfare and how to kill the neighbors they hated.

Imagine Klan schools, camps and other institutions bordered on a black, Jewish, Catholic or other immigrant neighborhoods.

Welcome to Larisa Alexandranova’s happy neighborhood, a place where racism and bigotry are encouraged and where doctors have to have their political expression approved.

SURPRISE! Alexandranova has banned SC&A from commenting. We had attempted to post the following remark:

Are you suggesting that doctors NOT be allowed to express their political beliefs? Are you suggesting that doctors only be allowed to practice if their political beliefs meet a kind of means test?

Those questions may apply to commenters as well.

Pipsqueakova maintains that she did not say that 9/11 was an ‘inside job.’ The film she is so proud of however, maintains that the administration knew about 9/11 in advance, failed to respond appropriately and questions how a steel building could collapse due to fire alone.

Good thing she cleared that conspiracy thing up.

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31 Responses to “UPDATED: Pipsquikova”

  1. earl west Says:

    I wondered about Larisa, given that her name sounded both jewish and russian. It is astonishing that someone who should know better on both counts could espouse the blindingly stupid drivel she does.

    I visited her site about a week ago, and I was embarrassed for her. My family had 75 members exterminated by the Nazis, and many more perished in various pogroms in pre and post revolutionary Russia. I was less than 10 years old when I knew what anti semitism masquerading as (canadian)liberalism smelled like.

    This woman is a dictionary example of self loathing. She wants to get herself killed? – fine, but don’t expect too many other jews to hum along.

  2. SC&A Says:

    Indeed. The self hating Jew is not a new phenomena.

    It is interesting to note that your belief structure is far more prevalent among Jews than is hers- and nonetheless, she deems your thinking as ‘inferior’ to her own.

    The term ‘kapo,’ as repulsive as it might be, is indeed appropriate in her case. She cares little for others who might think any differently than she. It is ‘progressive’ identity and approval from other progressives are all that matter.

  3. alphie Says:

    I think her point is that you shouldn’t identify yourselves as “doctors” when spouting your fringe-right drivel because you are an embarrassment to the psuedo-science you practice.

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  5. SC&A Says:

    alphie, what anyone does for a living is not germane to their political opinions.

  6. SC&A Says:

    alphie, what anyone does for a living is not germane to their political opinions.

    Now, if you want to talk about fringe…I suggest you look in the mirror.

  7. Obi's Sister Says:

    Here! Here! Give Pat a gold star!

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  9. Buzz Kill Says:

    “alphie, what anyone does for a living is not germane to their political opinions.”

    This goes double for Bush, Cheney, “Dr.” Josef Mengele and “Dr.” Pat Santy.

    And stop deleting my comments, you hypocrite. You post that others are banning you as a sign of weakness. What makes your actions different?

  10. SC&A Says:

    I only delete what is not relevant to the post or what is nothing but hate.

    My house, my rules. Not kosher enough for you?

  11. Buzz Kill Says:

    “My house, my rules. Not kosher enough for you?”

    You delete whatever points directly to flaws in your indoctrination or your cult of hate.

    And pretending I am some kind of evasive and hidden jew-hater so that Santy and your open-hatred will seem more normal is not a functional coping mechanism.

    I do not hate jews. I do not wish jews death. I do not believe jews are dysfunctional. I do not wish death on Israel. I do not advocate the destruction of Israel or even one jew death, no matter how sinister the individual. They are all human beings like you and me.

    Dr. Mengele and Dr. Santy don’t see things that way, do they?

    And, by regurgitation, neither do you.

    What will people say when you and Santy are dead (by old age – my lips to God’s ears)?

    Are they gonna remember that she was a great psychiatrist? No! They are gonna remember she was a hateful, crazy hag who had it in for Muslims.

    What you do for a living is germane to your politics and vice versa. They both intersect at society and broadcast what kind of person your are and your value to society.

    Santy is a waste because her psychiatry skills could be useful but her hateful obsessions invalidate her qualifications.

    Beware of that siggy. I have a liking for you despite yourself.

  12. SC&A Says:


    I like when you pretend to be civilized- My guess is what happens when the other bipolar side kicks in!

    I don’t have to pretend about who and what you are. You have made that clear on this and other web sites.

    In any event, you are to be congratulated for new and improved views on Jews and Israel. As I recall, when you came back from the meeting you said you went to in the UK, your feelings were quite different.

    Now, clearly you do not know much about Pat Santy- it is clear she will be remembered for her work, research and treatment protocols.

    Inadvertently, you have hit on a reasonably astute observation- sometimes, “What you do for a living is germane to your politics and vice versa. They both intersect at society and broadcast what kind of person your are and your value to society.”

    Inasmuch as my work directly related to ‘facts on the ground’ in various regions, I do have a clearer insight into reality. I see the failures, frustrations and deliberate sabotage of efforts that might alleviate generations of dysfunction.

    The funny thing is that in reality, I am a critic of many things when it comes to Israel- a serious critic- just not the racist, bigoted and hateful way that is the mother’s milk of the Palestinians (and most of the Arab world). There is one thing the Israelis are guilty as hell of- and not a single Arab has ever made the point- at least not without the anti semitic bigotry. The Arab world has no idea how badly they’ve been poisoned by their dysfunctional leaders- and therein is the real Naqbah.

  13. Buzz Kill Says:

    My views have been consistent throughout. I have only been openly critical of Israeli politics and Israeli influence on the US.

    You project the hate. Those are the terms you understand and see the world. I can and do despise American foreign policy but love the American people. There is no conflict or inconsistency there.

    I and others have pointed out to you that you consistently fall prey to black/white distinctions and miss the complexities.

    No country or people are islands unto themselves. The world is involved in the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. There are simply levels of culpibility for the conflict and the lack of civil progress.

    Anyone who sees a whole people or a whole religion (like Islam) as evil is frankly f’dup in the head.

    What kind of psychiatrist can she be AND be quite possibly insane?

    Not much.

    There are functional alcoholics. I am sure NASA has many. Some seem to be in the astronaut dept.

    So too with functional inSanty. But like alcoholics, this kind of behavior should not be encouraged nor rewarded (or blindly followed in your case).

  14. SC&A Says:

    “Anyone who sees a whole people or a whole religion (like Islam) as evil is frankly f’dup in the head.”

    Buzz, I have always made the clear distinction between the Islamists and dysfunctional leaders that have buried the Arab world. To imply otherwise is disingenuous at best.

    The Arab world has failed, period. To expect rational behavior from a failed state and a failed culture, is to have one’s head in the sand.

    Generations of institutionalized hate and bigotry will not produce civilized responses to political aspirations. Couple that with ‘religious’ leaders, paid by the dysfunctional leaders of dysfunctional states, and the results are predictable.

  15. Buzz Kill Says:


    “I have always made the clear distinction between the Islamists and dysfunctional leaders that have buried the Arab world”


    “The Arab world has failed, period.”

    They are contradictory and confused ideas.

    This is the point. You say you make a distinction and follow it up with a litany of categoricals.

    Does not compute.

  16. SC&A Says:

    No, the Arab world is a collection of failed states. The issue is one of who to blame.

    States that have institutionalized hate to the degree that the Arab world has, are failed states.

    The oil rich nations of the regions, blessed with obscene wealth, have the worst education level in the world, save for sub saharan Africa, according to the UN Human development report.

    Do I need to go on?

  17. Buzz Kill Says:

    Actually, I missed the (possible?) freudian slip:

    “I have always made the clear distinction between the Islamists and dysfunctional leaders that have buried the Arab world.”

    This is sort of like summing up a whole continent by saying: “I have always made a distinction between the Osama Bin Ladens of the region and the Saddam Husseins…”

    In other words, in Arab countries, you are either a terrorist or a militant dictator.

    You see?

  18. Buzz Kill Says:

    “Islamist” is a specific type of Muslim usually associated with extreme militant fundamentalism.

    An aberration for most, but the norm if you are Santy, as her latest smear “NOBODY CAIRS” can attest.

  19. SC&A Says:

    No, you miss the point.

    The societies are broken. They cannot be anything but broken, given the regimes they live under and the institutionalized hate.

    To assume otherwise is absurd.

    “To paraphrase the now silent Saudi blogger, the Religious Policeman, imagine a school that gave each student a glass of alcohol every day. Each day, beginning at tender nursery school age, the child was encouraged to drink the beverage that would come to poison his mind. Suppose that beverage was from the well aged bottle of anti Semitism.

    Suppose also that once that child downed that alcoholic beverage, the teacher refilled that glass with more alcohol. This time, the flavor is religious bigotry directed at non Jews.

    Suppose once that glass of alcohol was consumed by young dutiful children, the glass was immediately refilled with the beverage from the bottle of anti western and anti democratic values.

    After decades, these children, now adults, go home every day, turn on the television and read the newspapers- and they are fed more alcohol. They get more when their kids come home from school, and share the same familiar poisoned ‘fire water.’ They poison they are fed gets the God’s seal of approval when fed to them from the pulpit- or so they desperately need to believe.

    Of course, to keep a drunk or a junkie hooked, it takes an ever increasing amount of poison to induce the same stupor that blinds the drunk or the junkie to his own surroundings and dysfunction. The supply of poison never ends.

    After years of such ‘education,’ it would be reasonable to expect that there would be a lot of alcoholics in the Arab world, poisoned by the hate and ideologies of dysfunctional and corrupt leaders. Like alcoholics and substance abusers, they will tell you they ‘have it under control‘ and that they ‘can quit anytime they want.‘ In the Arab world, that translates into, “We really are civilized, it’s only the injustices of others that causes us to behave the way we do. We seek justice.” They are blind to their own dysfunction, they are blind to their own deceit and remain so by embracing hate.”

  20. buzz kill Says:

    Whatever Siggy. Categorical statements are for politicians. Malaysia and Indonesia have plural societies many of which are Muslim led and the societies are not broken, nor could you make the case they are.

    Since the MAJORITY of Muslims live in these areas in relative peace, you have to find another reason besides Islam for the trouble in the Middle East.

    It is neocon comfort food which Santy poisons your mind with. I can’t do anything about that if you have a taste for half truths, hate and lies.

    By the way, for what it is worth, I am flattered that Santy would mention me as someone who despises her, but I did not write the email she mentions and apparently have an IP ban so I cannot tell her so myself.

    Be a sport and pass it on.
    Or not.

  21. SC&A Says:

    I referred to the Arab world, specifically.

    You are right to note that Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are not in the same category (there are however, different issues).

    As I have noted often, my issue is not with Islam, per se, but rather, with how Islam has been redefined by dysfunctional political leaders.

    Suppose an Imam got up and said maybe it was time we made peace with Israel. Maybe it was time we gave up the anti semitism. How long do you suppose that Imam would last? How long do you suppose the state would keep paying his salary?

    Suppose a teacher got and said ‘I won’t teach hate anymore.’

    Hopw long do you think he or she would last?

    Suppose a TV station director said ‘no more hate and racist broadcasts..’

    How likely do you think those things might happen?

  22. buzz kill Says:

    Look, for what it is worth, I think Islam is played out in the middle east and has become a tool for manipulation. Practically identical to the ideas of freedom and liberty in American politicians’ hands.

    Indonesia is different because Islam has not completely degraded. There are still people who hold to the original idea.

    All religions move from inspired message to orthodox dogma and political vice as they grow in numbers, popularity and time.

    It is counter productive to hate on the middle east. These are weak, weak people under difficult pressure and the difficulties are not all internal.

    Many problems exist around the region from Western influence.

    Bin Ladens message cannot find sympathy with the people unless it contains a grain of truth. And it does.

    The US Gov’t and Corps. have not been an enemy to Bin Laden. They have been consistent allies. One wonders how Musharraf has been able to sustain his position, receive money and support from the US gov’t and prevent anyone from attacking waziristan, the epicenter of your hated muslim extremists.

  23. buzz kill Says:

    “Suppose a teacher got and said ‘I won’t teach hate anymore.’”

    Oh siggy, there are probably plenty of teachers who do not teach hatred.

    Don’t be melodramatic.

  24. SC&A Says:

    Fair points- some of them, anyway.

    As for the grain of truth and sympathy for OBL, let’s be upfront. Those Islamists ‘telling the truth’ aren’t exactly credible on the issues (the litany of ‘conspiracies’ is legendary).

    I have to go now, but I’ll pick this up some of the other points you raise, later.

  25. SC&A Says:

    Have you seen Arab world school textbooks? Or media broadcasts? Or listened to many sermons?

  26. buzz kill Says:

    You listen to too much Fox news. Exceptions do not make the entire region’s educational system and/or media speak with one voice.

    You’re smarter than that.

    Take Al-Jazeera for instance. Arab! Must be doing nothing but broadcasting hate against Jews and Americans! Right?

    WRONG! This is your own media teaching YOU to hate. Get used to it, American media is getting more and more like the Middle East every day.

    Foreign Policy writes about Al-Jazeera:
    “It is vilified as a propaganda machine and Osama bin Laden’s mouthpiece. In truth, though, Al Jazeera is as hated in the palaces of Riyadh as it is in the White House. But, as millions of loyal viewers already know, Al Jazeera promotes a level of free speech and dissent rarely seen in the Arab world. With plans to go global, it might just become your network of choice.”


    “Just as Al Jazeera has proven willing to present al Qaeda’s “perspective,” it has also devoted airtime to and welcomed another regional pariah—Israel. The network was the first Arab channel to allow Israelis to present their case in their own words, in Hebrew, English, or Arabic. This move was a major departure from past practices and truly shocked the Arab public. Until Al Jazeera arrived, most Arabs had never even heard an Israeli’s voice. Al Jazeera regularly airs clips of Israeli officials within news bulletins and conducts live interviews with six to 10 Israelis each month. The network covers Israeli affairs extensively and is widely watched in Israel. In fact, Al Jazeera gives more airtime to Israeli issues than any other channel outside Israel itself.”


  27. buzz kill Says:

    “Suppose a TV station director said ‘no more hate and racist broadcasts..’ How likely do you think those things might happen?”

    Already in progress. I consider another of your myths BUSTED.

  28. SC&A Says:

    ““Suppose a TV station director said ‘no more hate and racist broadcasts..’ How likely do you think those things might happen?”

    Already in progress. I consider another of your myths BUSTED.”

    And where exactly has that happened? And if it did, terrific.

    Another few 10′s of thousand more like minded teachers, and we’ve got a start.

  29. SC&A Says:

    There is some merit to Al Jazeerah.

    That said, none of those changes are really reflected in Arab governments.

  30. buzz kill Says:

    TV Station….al jazeera.

  31. buzz kill Says:

    We have to wait and see if liberal democracies win or Islamists.

    And liberal democracies are never sustained by external forces. As Bush and Cheney know.

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