Get With The Program

October 30, 2007

Get with the program…

The latest Sanity Squad podcast is up… Dr Sanity, Neo, Shrink and ourselves. We talked about the political narcissism of candidates and voters (Yes, we were talking about you). We spoke about Europe and the new Euro realities and we gazed into the minds of…well. you’ll just have to listen in.

Have you dropped by Fausta’s Carnival of South America and Latin America? You haven’t? Why not? No need to be be afraid- no one will be looking at your at your tango, mambo or samba moves (‘keep moving your rear in a figure eight. That’s the secret to all Latin dancing- a collaborative effort between your ass and feet’). Check it out- lots of neat and interesting stuff going on out there.

Speaking of podcasts, Dr Sanity will spending a bit of time On the Couch with Sigmund, Carl and Alfred podcast. Feel free to eavesdrop at 3:00 PM and if you have mastered toilet training, you are invited to call in at (347) 215-7863 and ask the former NASA organic waste in space specialist. We really don’t care if you are toilet trained, but years of dealing with crap that floats has made Dr Sanity rather sensitive. It also goes a long way in explaining why stupidity is always in her cross hairs. Bring your own tissue.

The latest example of a Dr Sanity No Crap Zone can be found here. Live and learn.

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2 Responses to “Get With The Program”

  1. Fausta Says:

    Thank you Siggy!
    (dancing right along)

  2. Bilgeman Says:


    From the Department of Unintentional Hilarity:

    Listening to four psychiatrists try to plumb the inner motivations of the BlogTalk user interface was excruciatingly funny.

    (When all else fails, read the instruction manual!).

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