The Fraud That Is Benazir Bhutto, The Taliban And The Leftists Who Love Her

November 14, 2007

As the idiot brigades opines on the situation in Pakistan turn into anti Bush bash, (here is an example of stupidity on display), completely ignoring Bhutto’s corrupt and dictatorial past, there is at least one Pakistani who knows Benazir Bhutto and has plenty to say. One absolute idiot asks that leftists ‘stand united’ with Bhutto and Hillary Clinton.

In an editorial in today’s LA Times, entitled Aunt Benazir’s False Promises, Fatima Bhutto, niece of Benazir Bhutto, clarifies a few issues.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this circus has been the hijacking of the democratic cause by my aunt, the twice-disgraced former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. While she was hashing out a deal to share power with Gen. Pervez Musharraf last month, she repeatedly insisted that without her, democracy in Pakistan would be a lost cause. Now that the situation has changed, she’s saying that she wants Musharraf to step down and that she’d like to make a deal with his opponents — but still, she says, she’s the savior of democracy.

…Yes, she now appears to be facing seven days of house arrest, but what does that really mean? While she was supposedly under house arrest at her Islamabad residence last week, 50 or so of her party members were comfortably allowed to join her. She addressed the media twice from her garden, protected by police given to her by the state, and was not reprimanded for holding a news conference. (By contrast, the very suggestion that they might hold a news conference has placed hundreds of other political activists under real arrest, in real jails.)

It is widely believed that Ms. Bhutto lost both her governments on grounds of massive corruption. She and her husband, a man who came to be known in Pakistan as “Mr. 10%,” have been accused of stealing more than $1 billion from Pakistan’s treasury. She is appealing a money-laundering conviction by the Swiss courts involving about $11 million. Corruption cases in Britain and Spain are ongoing…

Why did Ms. Bhutto and her party cronies demand that her corruption cases be dropped…?

Ms. Bhutto’s repeated promises to end fundamentalism and terrorism in Pakistan strain credulity because, after all, the Taliban government that ran Afghanistan was recognized by Pakistan under her last government — making Pakistan one of only three governments in the world to do so. [emp-SC&A]

My father was Benazir’s younger brother. To this day, her role in his assassination has never been adequately answered, although the tribunal convened after his death under the leadership of three respected judges concluded that it could not have taken place without approval from a “much higher” political authority…

The entire editorial can be read here.

Benazir Bhutto’s younger brother is by no means the only death in which she has been implicated. Killings and death plots are common in that part of the world and Ms Bhutto has clearly shown she can ‘play with the boys.’ In fact, another of her brothers died under mysterious circumstances in 1996. The suspicion that surrounded her was so great that she was forced to resign, with most Pakistanis believing she was implicated in the killings.

She only returned to Pakistan after Musharraf agreed to drop corruption charges against her, as part of a power sharing agreement. Under current Pakistani Constitutional laws, Bhutto is not allowed to run for the Prime Minister’s office, having already served the maximum two terms, something Ms Bhutto will not discuss.

The Bhutto government sang a nice song when it came to women’s issues in Pakistan. Her speeches voicing concern for women’s social, health and discrimination issues were widely noted. Benazir Bhutto announced plans to elevate and entrench womens’ rights into the Pakistani society, but despite the well publicized promises, Bhutto did not propose or introduce any legislation to improve welfare services for women. She promised to repeal laws (such as Hudood and Zina ordinances) that curtail the rights of women in Pakistan, but even those blatantly discriminatory laws were never addressed or challenged by her government. Despite her majority in Parliament, she blamed the opposition.

Benazir Bhutto and Hillary Clinton have strong ties. Bhutto has hired Clinton campaign staffers. See this for some Bhutto background on corruption and political ties here in the US. It’s no wonder the Clinton campaign has been silent on the matter of Pakistan and Ms Bhutto.

For more, see Benazir Bhutto, AQ Khan And Potatoes

Given Bhutto’s track record of corruption (documented in small part here and here), her potential access to a nuclear weapons program and technology ought to scare the hell out of any sane person. By contrast, AQ Khan is small potatoes.


The Sanity Squad will be podcasting live on BlogTalkRadio tonight, Monday 26 November, beginning at 9:30 pm. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE…due to time difference between here and Karachi, Pakistan.

In what promises to be a fascinating podcast, The Sanity Squad’s Dr Sanity, Neo-neocon and Shrinkwrapped will interview Fatima Bhutto, niece of Benazir Bhutto who is one of the opposition leaders in Pakistan. We will discuss the state of emergency in Pakistan; upcoming elections and the prognosis for that country and its relations with the U.S. and the West.

The podcast with Fatimah Bhutto can be found here.  In light of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, the interview proved to be prescient and offers listeners some real insight into the political quagmire that is Pakistan. Given that nation’s nuclear capability, instability is a danger that cannot be overlooked.

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10 Responses to “The Fraud That Is Benazir Bhutto, The Taliban And The Leftists Who Love Her”

  1. mullah cimoc Says:

    mullah cimoc say tribal elders in waziristan all say same thing.

    look like benazir working as agent in place for western intel. cia and british seeking to depose musharaff (or chastize severely him ) for refuse commiting the war crime against him tribal people in NWFP.

    this walking coup all the concoct in washington dc and him cia agent write the script.

    neocon spy in whitehouse and pentagon him wanting benazir for puppet while cia control all and mass the murder of the tribes.

    usa media so control for keep usa people the ignorant. but usa be punish even now. him daughter take the LBT (low back tattoo) and slut have him sex with every man, even usa gang member. this the true punish for ameriki let wicked to killing so many people of middle east.

  2. anniebird Says:

    Thanks, SCA – this was especially enlightening. The poor guy above could really use some of the wisdom that informs your post.

    (thank goodness I’ve avoided the LBT!)

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  6. Hello, have a nice day.How to live without criticisum in this world & here after?

  7. tallat taufeeq Says:

    She was not such a bad person. It was her ministers (who constantly surrounded her like Nixon’s advisors) that were the corrupt lot. And add to that the fact that her husband (Mr 10%)was the greediest most viciously materialistic person on earth only further besmirches her track record as a seasoned politician and twice elected prime minister. Had she been a little less dependent on the unworthy advice of those close to her she may have sailed through the hurdles.

    But, its a little late now that she only lives on in the memories of millions as a martyr. I’d like to ask a question? What about the dozens who died along with her that fateful day the bomb went off? Aren’t they martyrs?

  8. Shane Rubsam Says:

    Hello there. Thank you. I read it regularly to see the most recent info. Extremely informative post.

  9. Tiffany Says:

    Hello, I’m a student who’s doing a leadership debate, and the “leader” I’m going against is currently Benazir Bhutto. I’ve already read several of your articles as well as others, but I have to admit that I’m still confused on the person she was. :( Yes, she and her husband were crooks that pocketed Pakistain’s money, she failed to recognize laws that discriminated sexually assaulted women despite the fact that she promised rights to them, and she was generally ignorant of a life outside of her luxurious one. Is there anything about Bhutto’s leadership that you might criticize besides what I think? For some reason, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around her profile. Do you have any suggestions?

  10. SC&A Says:


    Ms Bhutto is her niece, She can provide you with the background information you are seeking.

    Ms Bhutto is an excellent resource.

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