Crosses To Wear, Crosses To Bear, The Left And The Narcissism That Defines Them

January 7, 2008

Recently, the Anchoress wrote The Assassination Obsessives, in which she notes the latest shallow puddle of leftist drivel and mindlessness:

The worst thing about the Baby Boom generation – besides their delusional belief that everything that came before them needed changing because it was all wrong or lacking in sufficient meaning, is that they keep wanting to re-create those “seminal” moments of their adolescence and young adulthood. That’s why in the late 80’s our entertainment was stuck on “The Wonder Years,” “Thirtysomething” and “The Big Chill,” and it’s why the war in Iraq was never going to be narrated as anything but “The Vietnam Quagmire.”

As far as the left was concerned, the Anchoress correctly points out that nothing in our collective past needed to be saved or savored. There was no merit even to those who created the very free society in which the left basked in the glory of their own narcissism. The left wanted nothing less than the upheaval of an entire society. No one over thirty could ever be trusted- until that is, they passed that milestone birthday.

The assassinations of the 1960’s could arguably be called the signal events of the age. The murders of JFK, RKF and Martin Luther King were public events of great drama, lasting psychological impact and “shared” experience, which brought out the best and worst in people, sometimes at nearly identical moments. In the past few years it almost seems like some people of bad will would not be unhappy to see a dramatic, destructive assassination happen again, for reasons I don’t pretend to understand.

Now, after Barack Obama’s tremendous surge, the ugly assassination theme has quickly resurfaced, although this time it’s being expressed as concern over the candidate’s safety rather than as active wishing for his demise, which is at least an improvement, but this fixation on assassination is still interesting. In Obama’s case, the issue is being raised by a writer at The Huffington Post who – for reasons I cannot discern – seems to think Halliburton or Blackwater or someone connected somehow with the Bush White House will try to kill Obama. I can’t figure out the reasoning, but to people for whom every evil in the world begins and ends with George W. Bush, on whom all bad things must be blamed, I guess it makes some sort of sense.

It is interesting to note how silent (and joyful) the left was when John Booker of the Guardian openly called for the assassination of George Bush, in John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr, Where Are You Know? Eventually, the Guardian printed a ‘retraction,‘ explaining that author Booker really deplores violence. He was just joking, they note and besides, he meant well.

Given on the  extraordinarily high ‘body count’ that has surrounded the Clinton’s, one would imagine the left would be up arms. Of course, that is hardly the case. The left chalks up those who question those deaths as ‘loonies’ or ‘conspiracy nuts.’

In what is nothing short of breathtaking shallowness, many on the left are up in arms about the conspiracy theories that might underwrite a possible rationale for an attempt on Barack Obama’s life, with all kinds of plots hatched by Bush administration supporters. No proof, no evidence, no nothing. Just ‘They’re out to get us.’

Of course, this should surprise no one. Another darling of the left, Sudanese President Hassan al-Bashir blamed the genocide and atrocities in Darfur on Israel and the Jews.

From The Sudan Tribune:

Sudan’s president said on Tuesday his country would never allow U.N. peacekeepers into Darfur and charged that the West wanted to dismember his country in order to help Israel…

“The main purpose is the security of Israel. Any state in the region should be weakened, dismembered in order to protect the Israelis, to guarantee the Israeli security,” he said.

Asked about Sunday’s rallies Darfur peace rallies from Rwanda to San Francisco, Bashir said they were “invariably organized by Zionist Jewish organizations.”

So far, no word from the left on yet more bigotry and racism emanating from that part of the world. Clearly, it is the Jews that are forcing the Arab Janjaweed into rape.

This drivel is from the leader of the nation whose legal system found Gillian Gibbons guilty of ‘blasphemy’ for allowing a teddy bear to named Mohammed. After a visit by two British peers, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi aned Lord Ahmed, Gibbons was generously ‘pardoned’ (What most people don’t know is that religious government supported Sudanese ‘scholars’ issued a fatwa banning non Muslim schools in Khartoum).

Not surprisingly, the left cares as much about the rapes in Darfur as they do about Female Genital Mutilation. The silence of the left on these two issues as compared to other matters are deafening. For the left, George Bush as ‘Hitler’ is far more important than Darfur or FGM (it should be noted that the war in Darfur has taken 2 million lives over the last two decades. What was begun as a war to eradicate Christians and animists has been largely succcessful. There are virtually no more Christians left to be killed in Sudan. Insofar as FGM goes, there have been in excesses of 100 million women that have endured that butchery).

In The Paranoid Delusions Of The Left, Dr Sanity is ever succinct.

…a series of bizarre conspiracy theories emanating from anxious leftist as they attempt to keep the holes in their ideology plugged; thus preventing any reality from washing over them or flooding their cognitive processes.

Every time a leak in that ideological dike appears, the paranoid brand chewing gum is brought out to stop it up. The TNG memos were a clever plot by Karl Rove. The Bush Administration was behind 9/11; Katrina was allowed to destroy New Orleans because Bush hates blacks. George Bush is about to impose a theocracy on the unsuspecting U.S. Pat Tillman was murdered because he wanted to meet with anti-war activist Norm Chomsky. The list of the paranoid delusions goes on and on and on.

Taken as a whole, they are evidence of an ongoing and determined refusal to face reality–because it is a reality that threatens the belief systm of a whole section of the American population. Without the delusions and conspiracies concocted by the always creative political left, their whole house of Marxist cards will come crumblin down…

For the political left, the gum is a creative conspiracy theory that links the Bush Administration to anything bad in the world…It is simply another manifestation of BDS.

The mindset of the left requires victimization.

Assassination or the threat of assassination makes for victimization. The left always need to win or lose via victimization.

When they lose, they are martyrs. When they win, they are saviors. In either case, those chosen by the left are always bigger and more important than those they represent. The undertones are deliberately religious, meant to inspire.

There are more than a few on the left who, in want to be Obama assassinated. In a very perverse way, his death would fuel their hate and dysfunction. They want nothing more than Obama to die on the leftist ideological cross at the hands of the ‘Romans and Jews.’ That would bestow upon them the victimhood stain they so desperately desire. They would claim his victim status as their own, much in the same way leftists falsely claim and with much deceit themselves as the heirs to the JFK and other classical liberal legacy.

For much of the left, the symbol of the Cross, like classical liberalism, is nothing more than a vehicle to be used and exploited.

Obama will bear a cross or wear a cross and there are many on the left who don’t give a damn which.

For many on the left, Obama’s substance, like all matters of real substance,  means little. The narcissism that drives their self absorption and obsession cares only about image and how they are perceived as ‘caring’  individuals.

They are as caring as the executioner.

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7 Responses to “Crosses To Wear, Crosses To Bear, The Left And The Narcissism That Defines Them”

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  2. njcommuter Says:

    What is astonishing is that the people who say these things never stop to think “What am I saying?”

  3. trotsky Says:

    sweet jesus, nothing on the left could be as fixated in self-absorption as this freaking post! who’s a victim now?

    see you in the dustbin of history! thanks for 28 years of broken budgets, puerile hypocrisy, and mendacious self-regard! wasn’t that a time?

    best, trots

  4. SC&A Says:

    You know Trotsky, if you had anything of merit to say, I’m sure you would have.

    Then again, referring to yourself as Trotsky speaks volumes.

    Speaking of self absorption, detachment, denial and projection (inasmuch as you are a first time commenter, I shall for now, refrain from calling you an idiot) consider these:

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