Hassan Nasrallah, In His Own Words

June 19, 2008

On America

“Let the entire world hear me. Our hostility to the Great Satan [America] is absolute [...] Regardless of how the world has changed after 11 September, Death to America will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: Death to America.”

“Martyrdom operations – suicide bombings – should be exported outside Palestine. I encourage Palestinians to take suicide bombings worldwide. Don’t be shy about it.”

On Jews and Israel

Speaking at a graduation ceremony in Haret Hreik, Nasrallah announced on October 22, 2002: “if they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

The New York Times qualifies this as “genocidal thinking”[7], whereas the New York Sun likens it to the 1992 Hezbollah statement, which vowed, “It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of the last Jew on earth.”

Michael Rubin qualifies his goal as genocide too, quoting Nasrallah ruling out “co-existence with” the Jews or “peace”, as “they are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment.”

“The Palestinian National Charter will live on as long as there is a knife in a Palestinian woman’s hand with which she stabs an Israeli soldier or settler … as long as there are suicide bombers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv … and as long as there is a child who throws a stone in the face of an Israeli soldier.”

The Age quotes him like so: “There is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel.” Interviewed by CNN, Nasrallah expressed Hezbollah’s reluctance to fight America, however, declaring readiness to respond if “someone launches an attack [...] We will not take rejection or humiliation.”

Nassrallah has made several statements of anti-Semitic nature. On September 28, 2001, Nassrallah said on Al-Manar, “Throughout history the Jews have been Allah’s most cowardly and greedy creatures. If you search the entire face of the earth you will not find anyone more miserly than the Jews or more greedy than they”.

“Jews invented the legend of the Holocaust,” said Nasrallah on April 9, 2000. During another appearance on Al-Manar on February 23, Nasrallah praised a leading European Holocaust denier, David Irving, for having “denied the existence of gas chambers.”

The scholar Amal Saad-Ghorayeb quotes Nasrallah describing his view of Jews:

“If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice, I do not say the Israeli.”

From a ‘student’ of Nasrallah, on Al Manar, Hezbollah TV:

Just like Hitler fought the Jews, we are a great Islamic nation of jihad, and we too should fight the Jews and burn them.” — Hisham Shamas, political science student, at a symposium hosted by… Al-Manar TV at Lebanon’s Université Libanaise.

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