The Arabization Of American Politics

March 2, 2009

The latest American election has brought into full view what has been heretofore been hidden, unrecognized and deliberately unacknowledged.

We are witnessing the Arabization of American politics.

The leadership of the Democrat Party has fashioned itself after the Palestinian authority, dispensing money, patronage and outright bribery in an effort to maintain control of their Congressional agenda.  The amount of money being  dispensed by the White House and Congress is staggering- all in the name of what by all standards of measurement are failed economic ideologies and policies. The why is clear: Democrats want to create another huge entitlement class and they don’t care how much debt our children will have to bear.

The American leftist political milieu don’t hide the reality that they have adopted Arab and Palestinian style politics for themselves. Of course, American voters do not share the same ideals and values as various the Arab and Palestinian political entities. That said, it is clear that many Americans are comfortable with a kind of politics that has become something other than the free expression of ideas and beliefs. For them, the direction a country takes is second to the ‘what’s in it for me’ kind of thinking (that kind of populism is exactly what leftism counts on. Take care of us, redistribute wealth and we won’t care about the rest).

For many on the left, politics has become the vehicle from which power, agendas and ideologies are imposed on the nation- and damn what is good for the country and her citizens. As in the Arab world, the citizenry are kept in the dark and has less and less of a say in how the nation conducts businessaned even less of a say holding our government accountable. We noted yesterday that the Obama administration has set into motion a legal framework that would them the authority to block and/or impede all Inspectors General investigations into how stimulus money is being spent and who has oversight.

As in the Arab world, our political system for some has for some become mere window dressing. Those that have the power will do anything to keep the power, even if it means subverting democratic principles.

This kind of Arabization of a political system is not new. Canada has experienced a similar effort and has to deal with the disastrous results.

Leftist elements of the Liberal Party in Canada have largely succeeded in the ‘Arabization’ of  in some parts of the country, especially Ontario and Quebec, the most populous provinces. For over a decade, Ottawa, under the Liberals, has ignored Western Canada entirely, save for aboriginals. The Liberals, in tried and true fashion, have bought and paid for aboriginal votes, dispensing enormous sums of money (the promised dole the last election go around was been 5 billion dollars). Dispensing large amounts of money, above and below the table, the Liberals have managed to create a phony agenda they refer to as ‘Canadian values.’ These ‘values’ are whatever is needed to maintain power and at the same time, avoid dealing with what really ails Canada- a failing health system, below par schools and what is in reality an emasculated military, pretending to be equal in stature with everyone else.

Like the Palestinian Authority, the Liberals want to take the real and difficult issues off the table. They provide all the trappings of a caring government- schools, health care and the requisite bogeyman (America). By objective standards, the Liberal governments weren’t very good. As far as the Liberal Party was concerned, their governments were good enough for Canadians (just ask Mark Steyn about Canadian government priorities).

Instead of recognizing the real problems Canadians must deal with, coming up with ideas and proposing solutions for those real issues, Canada’s Liberals  ran around in frenzy, screaming that gay marriage will be annulled under a Conservative government and Conservative Party leader Stepehen Harper would cozy up to George W Bush.

As in the Arab world, as surprisingly large number of Canadians believe Americans are ‘evil’ and America has no redeeming qualities other than the greenback (American and the west have poured billion into the West Bank and Gaza, building hospitals, schools and infrastructure and they are hated for it. The beastly Saddam Hussein is revered).

Relations between the United States and Canada have deteriorated badly in recent years and every American engaged with Canada knows it. There have been no fundamental changes in the relationship, save for the Liberal shrill anti Americanism. The US has not blockaded Canadian trade (our trans-border trade with Canada exceeds a billion and  half dollars a day), the US has not closed it’s borders to Canadians and there are a marked lack of checkpoints that Canadians must endure. Nevertheless, the anti American rhetoric in Canada is as common as ice hockey.

For decades and under successive Liberal Party leaders, Americans have been vilified and reviled with an almost religious ferocity. Political anti Americanism has spilled over into ideological antiAmercanism. Polls show that 40% of Canadian teens think Americans are evil (not the the American government, but Americans in general!) American schools are no less fertile soil for anti Americanism. A look at school textbooks today confirms that reality.

Is it any wonder that America has lost much of her luster? Democrat party politicians don’t really talk Americans- they speak at them. Question Democrat party policy and you become a target, with ugly exchanges, insults and threats.

You know, just like in Gaza.

Like the Palestinians under Arafat, years of self delusion by Democrats have blinded Americans to reality. We don’t need a welfare state- our history of successes are proof of that. We do not need to hate ourselves- our history of liberating oppressed people speaks to that. We do not need to hate our own greatness as a nation and aspire to be equal to other nations- our long history of helping others in need is testimony to that. No other nation in history has done more for other individuals or nations in need.

America has earned the right to sit at the head of the table of great and free nations. America does not need to lower herself by equating this nation with failed, bigoted and oppressive nations. They are not are equals.

The Democrats are playing with fire by insisting this nation be responsive to their kind of government. We are Americans and we cannot be recast into something we are not. The Democrats want to cast America and Americans into anything not American.

Americans must come to recognize that excusing and engaging in massive Democrat corruption (make no mistake- that is what these bailouts and stimulus packages are all about) is no way to run a country and no way to gain legitimacy or self respect. That may work for the Palestinians or the Cubans but it won’t work here. The leftists and the Democrats they buy say they want us to be like everyone else, but that is really no more that poor camouflage. They don’t like America and they revile what she has accomplished and she stands for. Sadly, too many Democrats have decided to share their bed.

Anti Americanism is like every anti-ism. Antisemitism says more about the antisemite than it does about Jews. Racial bigotry says more about the bigot than it does about the object of his rage.

The same is true of anti Americanism, be it from afar or at home. When Democrat politics starts to look like and sound like Arab or Palestinian politics, there is a problem that must be addressed.

See Dr Sanity’s new post, The Democrat Party As A Shame Culture? for a look at today’s ‘Arabized’ Democrats:

They lie, they deceive, they distort. They take kickbacks and are self-righteous about how innocent they are. They vow to eliminate pork, but think all they have to do is take their name off the bill they support and they are in the clear. They wonder what the meaning of “is” is. They insist they” did not have intercourse with that woman” because rhetorical maneuvers are a key postmodern method to avoid having to deal with shame and oral sex isn’t really sex anyway. They deny deny deny, and they pretend that they are innocent victims of vast rightwing conspiracies or, as in the case with ex-Governor Blagojevich, they emphasize what “champions” of the little guy they are. They ignore facts and when that doesn’t work, they are prepared to ignore the whole of reality itself. Because the cost to their fragile self-esteem if they are discovered is far too catastrophic.

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4 Responses to “The Arabization Of American Politics”

  1. ELC Says:

    With all due respect, I am starting to wonder whether mantras like “It can’t happen here” and “Americans won’t stand for it” are actually true anymore. Even more, I wonder whether the Arabs… I mean whether the Democrats… will leave any effective political remedy to their theft of American values, property, and wealth: they are, to all intents and purposes, buying millions of votes (as they have been for decades) and learning how to rig elections (ACORN isn’t being prosecuted but is being sponsored, for instance).

  2. vanderleun Says:

    Most excellent analysis from an analyst to date.

  3. kartvizit Says:

    nice article blog… thanks for admin…

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