The Last Climate Change Denier

November 27, 2011

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5 Responses to “The Last Climate Change Denier”

  1. Everybody know that science is just a vast global leftist conspiracy religion thingy.

  2. Thienhuong Hoang Says:

    There is no such thing in Asia.

  3. Booger Says:

    Few deny that the climate is changing. Get that out of your head. It is a straw-man argument repeated by those on the Gorable Warmist camp. The earth is warming because they say so.

    What is in question is how much of the change we’re seeing now is due to human causes. By definition, some of it must be, but with so little knowledge of fundamental issues such as cloud formation and the role of various pollutants, not just Carbon Dioxide (Hint: don’t call it carbon, that is nothing but ignorant), but others such as HCFC, methane, and so many more.

    The answer is that we don’t know. We could shut down the entire human economy and it may only slow the inevitable. We must learn more and we must look at what it would take to fix this problem –not by conservation alone, but by active methods.

    The part about the climate change issue is not the climate change, but the idiots who run around saying that the climate is changing and you must do as they say or the world will never be the same. The latter is nothing but a manifesto for a centrally controlled economy wrapped up in the guise of environmentalism.

    I ain’t buying it –and neither should anyone else.

    • expat Says:

      I agree. I don’t think the appropriate response to the falling of the sky is to limit your toilet paper usage. The Dutch are ditching their offshore windmills. That says something about the quick fixes proposed by greenies.

  4. klem Says:

    Its not over yet folks. There is the very secretive REDD program which has been quietly moving along in the background, with almost no public scrutiny and zero media attention. WIth REDD the nations of the west will pay developing nations big money to keep from cutting their forests down. In other words, the west will own the carbon trapped in their trees in excahnge for an annual fee, or rather they will own their trees for an annual fee. I don’t know what the western lefties have against people cutting down trees to try to wrest themselves out of dirt floor poverty, but this program will keep them in dirt floor poverty.

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