This is the first of a series. Subsequent installments are Temptations And Choices, The Poison, The Promise and The Third Rail Of Palestinian Failure.

Tomorrow, April 24, Israel will celebrate her own Independence Day. As the celebrations began this evening, a look at what Israel means, where she came from and where she is going, can just the mirror we need to look into.

That tiny nation, the only real democracy in the Middle East, will celebrate the event as she always has- under the threat of existential violence. Her detractors and persecutors, unable to vanquish this generation of Jews who fight back, have engaged in the largest and most profound racist, bigoted and hateful propaganda war in the history of mankind. There is no technology that has not been employed in the dissemination of hate. Before every child graduates primary, middle or high school, he or she is inculcated with not only hate, but the notion that hate is not sufficient. The message that Jews must be violently exterminated is universal in the Arab world.

Those societies and cultures for whom that kind of hate in anathema, often find themselves targeted by association with similar racism, bigotry and violence. The threat of violence envelopes these nations, in the same way poison gas envelopes it’s victims, choking the life from once robust democracies.

While western nations are threatened by violence, Israel lives with that violence every day.

The State of Israel was not born because there were no ‘taxation without representation’ issues. The State of Israel was not formed out of a desire to break free from colonialist empires. Nor was the State of Israel born out of a desire to create a singular Utopia. Israel was created because the ancestral Jewish homeland would be a refuge for Jews and more than anything else, the notion that the Jews might find a refuge is what has fueled Arab world rage. See this.

The idea of a refuge implies that Jews would not be subject to Arab Muslims. In the same way that Indian society has a caste system deeply embedded in it’s culture, with it’s own caste of ‘untouchables,’ so too do Arab societies have a caste system that makes second class citizens, i.e., non Muslims tolerated, but never accepted. That ‘tolerance’ allowed for a culture and society to see itself as superior. The notion of equality between Muslims and non Muslims, to this day, remains incomprehensible in the Arab world.

This is no small matter. Irrespective of a non Muslim’s achievement, status, education, political or even social standing, every Muslim was superior to the non Muslim. Every Muslim could abuse any non Muslim as he saw fit, and for the most part escaped serious consequence. Leaders of failed Muslim nations and failed, backward societies needed to have their populations feel superior to something or some group, anywhere. It was always in their best interests to cultivate the weeds they would refer to as a garden.

That tiny nation was born because of technology. The mass of killing Jews, every bigoted tyrant’s dream, became a reality. Discriminating against Jews became or killing Jews became the perfect weapon of tyrants, bigots and those dysfunctional leaders that would suppress a nation. Why? Because antisemitism is the vitamin of choice for despots, guaranteed to provide longevity for failed regimes tyrannies. Tyrants always make lots of populist promises. They will ‘deliver’ their nation from the clutches of evil, they say. They will restore the once great status of a people long in decline. They will restore greatness. They will fight the ‘oppressor,’ those responsible for victimizing the people. Entire populations and societies, long failed and long oppressed, want to believe the leader. They want to be anointed with greatness. They believe it is their due.

The promises made by those tyrants around the world and throughout history have proved to be intoxicating. Whole populations want to blame someone else for their problems. The Jews have been the perfect victim, small in number and visible examples of hard work, study and fidelity to faith, family and community. Israel’s Arab neighbors were no different. The persecution of Jews in their own nations, where the community of Jews has often predated Islam is long and time honored tradition.

What the Arab world could not abide was a level playing field. Persecuting the small minority of Jews in their own countries and declaring themselves as heroes, was something a in which persecuted and oppressed Arabs might find comfort, by way of venting pent up rage.

Fighting Jews on a level playing field, was something else entirely. In a culture where shame is the dominant and underlying motivator, humiliation at the hands of Jews became intolerable. In every single field of endeavor, from the classrooms to the battlefields, the Jews have outperformed their Arab cousins in a way that is clear and decisive. As we have often noted, the only Arab world class achievement has been in the arena of Jew hatred.

The creation of the State Of Israel could not be explained away, denied or hidden. As far the Arab world was concerned, the establishment of the Jewish state, in their neighborhood and on their watch, was indeed a catastrophic event. In fact, it was cataclysmic, because Israel was undeniable evidence that the rise and domination of the Islamic world, led by the Arabs was indeed over. Notwithstanding Arab failures for over a thousand years, the establishment of Israel was a truth that not even the Arab world could deny. That catastrophe worsened as Israel ascended into the first world and they fell even further behind. In the same way that Da Vinci and Galileo were to stun the church with scientific truths, Israel stunned the Arab world with the successes that could only serve to highlight a millennium of Arab failure and darkness. The divine law, given by God Himself, that gave Muslims dominion over all mankind was upended- and by Jews, no less. The magnitude of the event cannot be understated.

In a shame culture, the success of the other only deepens the sense of failure and humiliation. In most cultures, in order to overcome a sense of shame, huge efforts are expended to correct and then exceed and excel.

In the Arab world, pride can be regained not by excelling or achieving, but rather, by destroying. If the source of humiliation is no longer visible, then the humiliation no longer exists. No matter the cost to the society, culture, individual or community, destruction is preferable to achievement. Why? Because in order to achieve, you have to fail before you find the formula for success. That is the price of achievement- decades, and sometimes a lifetime of hard work. That is a formula that remains a mystery to most Arabs in the Middle East. They believe they are entitled to the successes that elude them.

Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others had asserted their own dominion and authority and that had long been a source of resentment for Muslim populations. With the creation of the State of Israel, a nation destined from it’s very inception to succeed, was the final outrage. While there were billions of Christians, Buddhists and Hindus, there were only a few smoldering Jews. That the Arab world could nor defeat a broken people on a level playing field was more than they could bear.

What was contempt for Jews- and all non Muslims- became an irrational and narcissistic fury on the part of Arab individual, religious and nationalistic/political identity.

The floodgates of self destructive behaviors, ideologies and religious expressions were opened. The genies were let out of their bottles, never again to be recorked under current Arab cultural norms. There are some things that cannot be fixed.

Arafat, Saddam, Osama, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah, et al, are examples of leaders, regimes and organizations that have exploited the cultural failures of the Arab world. As a result, we have seen an explosion of terror, 9/11, violence against civilians, racism, and hate become a part of Arab world reality.

With the help of dysfunctional and shrewd tyrants, Arab world shame has been converted and directed into hate. Rather than be ashamed of economic, educational, social and cultural failures, the Arab world has instead chosen to be be humiliated by an enemy they cannot vanquish in any field of endeavor. They have chosen victim status, and in doing so, they have chosen the rage that blinds them to their failure and the road of salvation they must travel if they are to ever emerge as a viable culture and society . See Shrinkwrapped’s Pity The Poor Anti Semite.

The creation of the State of Israel was also a post war balm to a world still in shock. Israel was to represent hopes and dreams, not just of a burned people, but of a world that had just extinguished the conflagration that had consumed 50 million souls. Israel was to be proof that victims of hate might embody hopes and dreams of world that had just gone mad.

Their neighbors are still harboring dreams of darkness and hate that darkened the world.

In writing of the recent tragic events at the Virginia Tech campus that

A quick survey of all the Arab world news outlets (up to the time of this writing) that have reported on the Virginia Tech massacre, have one curious omission in common. Despite the world wide coverage of the Holocaust survivor’s heroism in saving the lives of many students, not a single Arab world news source has reported on that reality.

In their world, heroes kill. In ours, heroes save lives. In their world, heroes are mass murderers (“we’ll finish what Hitler started”) . In our world, heroes come to liberate and give life.

What shame there must be in the Arab world when it is necessary to deliberately avoid the reality of a Jewish hero who saves lives- because that heroism and expression of universal humanity can only shame them by way of comparison. Contrast professor Professor Liviu Librescu with the ‘heroes’ who strap suicide vests on mentally disabled teenagers or the ‘heroes’ who kept 14 girls locked in a school engulfed in flames and allowed them to burn to death.

The contrast in how heroes are defined cannot be more clear or crisp. That contrast also helps to defines the the chasm of differences between cultures.

Our heroes liberate, theirs enslave. We celebrate Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. They celebrate Assad, Saddam and turn a blind eye to butchers in Sudan and the slave traders in Mauritania.

Dr Sanity, in This Says It All, quotes VDH on the relationship between the Palestinians, Saddam and the west.

Nothing was more evident of the moral impoverishment of the Palestinians than their collective lamentation over the fate of this mass killer of the Kurds and Arabs. We gave the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions of dollars for housing, schools, and security and they hate us; Saddam gave them a few thousand dollars as bounty for suicide murderers and they loved him.

As Israel celebrates her Independence Day, it bears remembering that nation marks not only an anniversary of time, but one of commitment to the ideals of freedom, democracy and the commitment to the elevation of man, even in the darkest corners of the world.

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